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11 Of The Best Anime Where The “Hot” Guy Has No Love Interests

You’ll always find a “pretty boy” in an anime series. No matter what type of show or genre we’re talking about.

And even though almost every anime character is unusually good-looking compared to real life, there are those “elite” few who’s looks are undeniable.

Let’s talk about those male characters, who have no interest in romance


List Of Anime Where “Hot” Guy Has No Love Interests:


1. Food Wars

soma yukihira from food wars |

In Food Wars – we have Soma Yukihira. A male protagonist considered “good looking” among female anime fans (and male’s, if you’re honest).

He’s the typical dense protagonist who’s so inept and naive when it comes to romance, that he’s unable to notice it.

And that’s not even the main reason he has no love interest.

It’s because:

  • Soma is too busy putting in the work and developing his cooking skills.
  • He cares more about becoming a master chef than he does love or romance.
  • He’s in love with his work, and has no room for any other “love” in his life.
  • And of course – he’s too focused for all that “romance” stuff.

So it’s only natural that Soma, even though Megumi and Erina are interested, doesn’t have no love interests, whatsoever.

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2. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto!

sakamoto gif anime |

Sakamoto is another anime character who’s got the looks, charm, swag and personality to woo all the girls.

But unlike your average egotistical guy, Sakamoto doesn’t have the energy or the time for any of that sh**.

Even if Sakamoto turns down the girls who fall for him, he has a tactful way of dealing with it, without breaking girls hearts or causing them emotional pain.

It’s an art in itself how he goes about his everyday life, dealing with the attention like a BOSS.


3. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

kusuo saiki coffee jelly moment |

Now – you might argue that Kusuo Saiki isn’t as “hot” as other characters, but that’s not true in the universe he’s based in.

Depending on how you look at it, Saiki does have the looks, and charm of a “hot” anime guy (plus the pink hair).

It’s just he’s so laid back, chilled, and barely changes his facial expression… that it doesn’t look that way because he doesn’t care.

All Saiki K wants is peace and quiet. Doing whatever it takes to avoid drawing attention to himself, even if it means erasing someone’s memory.

Or doing some crazy sh** with his insane powers.

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4. Rokudenashi

glenn radars frog in mouth rokudenashi e1547739546124 |

Glenn Radars is a class clown. The type of man who doesn’t take too much seriously unless the situation calls for it.

He’d rather playfully make fun of the girl who likes him, than get all lovey-dovey and put all his energy into romance. Because at the end of the day – he’s not interested.

But that won’t stop him from shamelessly marring a woman for the sake of money and fortune (he jokes about this, but it seems true).


5. Death Note

light yagami death note anime 1 e1547739897988 |

Light Yagami has the typical “hot anime guy” look. Maybe it’s those cliché drawings of his eyes that makes him qualify. A trait you’ll notice after watching 100’’s of anime shows.

But back to the point: Light Yagami is too busy “serving justice” with the Death Note itself, to give a damn about romance or love.

He’s so wrapped up in his own world and ideals, that romance is beneath his shoes. It has about as much importance as dirt to a guy like Light.

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6. Bleach

You could argue that Bleach has tons of hot anime guys. And you’d be right to a degree.

aizen from bleach anime |

Sosuke Aizen, the antagonist of Bleach, is one of those characters who has no love interest for any woman.

He never has. Not even in his back story of being a Soul Reaper.

He’s too concerned with world domination and taking over the Soul Society to care about trivial love or romance.


byakuya kuchiki bleach captain gif |

And then there’s Byakuya Kuchiki. One of the “pretty boys” of Bleach.

Though in his case, despite his cold demeanor and attitude, Byakuya has a legitimate reason.

In his past he had a wife who’s the older sister of Rukia. And after her death he’s never been the same man

Looking at it from that point of view, it’s easy to see why Byakuya Kuchiki gave up on love and romance all together.

He’s more concerned about gaining strength, and upholding the honor of what it means to be a Soul Reaper.


7. Yona Of The Dawn

Yun from yona of the dawn gif |

Yun, A.K.A – “beautiful boy genius” is another anime guy who’s got the looks by far. And the intelligence to charm your average girl without even trying to.

As cocky as he is sometimes, he’s well aware of his good looks and talents. Which shows he has self-awareness, rather than blatant arrogance.

Despite all this, Yun has eyes for no one in the world of Yona Of The Dawn.

He see’s Princess Yona as a good friend, and nothing more.

And no other character throughout the series has that kind of effect on him, in terms of love or romantic interests.


8. Assassination Classroom

karma akabane smiling |

Karma Akabane. The ex-delinquent with more intelligence than you’d expect from a guy of his nature.

And the good looks to go with his persona.

He leans a little on the “crazy” side and doesn’t take no B.S from anyone. As he’s no stranger when it comes to violence or fighting.

But what’s even better about Karma is – once the anime makes major progress, he does too. And he still doesn’t develop (or have interest) in romantic feelings for anyone.

That’s just how he is, it’s not what he’s focused on.


9. Black Bullet

rentaro satomi sad black bullet |

Rintaro Satomi – he’s affiliated with the civil security corporation. With the title of “promoter” in Black Bullet.

Even though he’s good friends with Kisara Tendou in Black Bullet, Rentaro isn’t interested like that.

In fact – there’s no character in Black Bullet he has feelings for. Or develops feelings for.

After all – the war and the threat of Gastrea’s (a type of creature) is too important to ignore. And it’s his job, along with others,to put an end to it once and for all.

So he has no time for all that romance and cuddly stuff.


10. Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun

nozaki from monthly girls nozaki kun anime e1547740400515 |

Nozaki Kun is the “hot” type of anime character who’s too dense and naive to see love, even if it stared him in the face.

Chiyo Sakura, one of the main protagonists falls for him. But in this comedy series – the anime doesn’t allow Nozaki Kun to notice.

Neither does the anime allow Nozaki Kun to get distracted enough to start paying attention to romance.

He’s a Manga Artist, and that’s where he pours his heart and soul, emptying the whole bottle of it.

So there’s no space for anyone else alongside his passion for Manga.

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11. Ghost Hunt

kazuya shiba from ghost hunt anime |

Kazuya Shiba is the CEO of a company that “Hunts ghost” and investigates paranormal activities.

As a guy in his LATE teens, romance is the last thing he cares about. He’s a workaholic and nothing stands in the way of his research.

Similar to Yun from Yona Of The Dawn, he’s aware of his good looks and natural charm with girls. And has a bloated ego because of it.

Hence why Mai Taniyama gives him the nickname: “Naru” the narcissist.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Monster.
  • The Royal Tutor.
  • Psycho Pass.

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