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10+ Of The BEST Josei Anime Shows You Shouldn’t Miss

Are you a lady and looking for an anime to watch?

Are you around the ages of 18 – 30?

There are a couple anime that are targeted for that category but could be watched by anyone.

These anime could be from romance to even violence.

Here are some recommendations that you should look at if you’re in those two categories since that’s what Josei is about. 


1. Gokusen 

gokusen anime cover

Gokusen is a good anime to watch. I’ve watched a few episodes of the anime back then and it was good.

Basically it’s about a teacher who teaches students that are bad kids. However she teaches at a all-male school.

The teacher, Yamaguchi, is part of a family yakuza. It’s enjoyable as it has drama, comedy and somewhat a life lesson.

Anyone could watch it, but there’s violence within the anime. 


2. Loveless 

loveless anime cover 1

I can see how Loveless could be a josei anime as Soubi, one of the main characters, looks a little bit feminine type.

Loveless is about a fighter – master unit, Soubi lost his master and is a fighter while Ritsuka, who is Loveless doesn’t have a fighter as he is the master.

Soubi also somewhat ignores or follows Ritsuka’s directions, but not all the time. It’s a good 13-part story, but there really isn’t an ending as it could be continued. 


3. Chihayafuru 

chihayafuru anime main characters eyes

It’s about a girl named Chihaya who becomes involved in a karuta card game. If you like card games, you should definitely check this out.

This anime is targeted for a female audience, but it could be watched by anyone.

The graphics and storyline is pretty good with an involved story and engaging main characters.

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4. Natsuyuki Rendevous 

Rendezvous anime natsuyuki 1

This is a good, beautiful anime to watch. It’s made by Doga Kobo Studios.

Besides being a beautiful anime, it’s also a supernatural anime that involves spirits and ghosts. And a man in love and the unusual relationships characters have with each other.

It’s a short anime but I think this is an anime that someone would love and like to watch. Especially if you like Golden Time or Anohana.


5. Super Seisyun Brothers 

super seisyun brothers anime characters 1

Technically, the anime is about two sisters and their younger brother.

It’s telling their everyday lives and you can really see why it’s s josei anime. If you like family time, this anime may be for you and it doesn’t have to be targeted to women.

It’s targeted to women because women like family time – get togethers, being with your siblings time-to-time, etc. 


6. Hakuouki Otogisoushi

Hakuouki Otogisoushi anime chibi 1

It’s about a girl named Chizuru who is looking for her father. The designs of the anime itself is cute since it’s chibi style!

However it is also based on the video game titled: Hakuoki.

The storyline and graphics look good and the original anime is titled: Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom, it’s something to consider watching. The original isn’t in chibi style.

Chizuru was also ranked as the most sexiest anime character in the original anime, although I forgot what number she was. 


7. Nodame Cantabile

YouTube video

Nodame Cantabile is an anime that blends music with romance, under the guise of Josei.

The main character: Chiaki Shinichi is a musician who can play a lot of instruments, but specializes in being a conductor.

Megumi Noda is the girl who falls for Chiaki, who specializes in playing the piano.An instrument  that gives her life balance.

It’s one of the best Josei anime there is as far as ratings and the way the story’s written.

The comedy is nicely done too along with the authentically drawn Japanese style characters.

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8. Paradise Kiss

paradise kiss anime characters

Paradise Kiss, made by Madhouse studios is like the Josei version of Nana. It’s also a slice of life, rom com like Nana.

You can expect some violence and mature themes in this type of romance/josei series.

There’s an element of business here too (like Spice & Wolf) with designers, models and careers of that nature shown throughout the anime’s story.


9. Usagi Drop

usagi drop cute 3

The main character is in his 30’s , works a job, but doesn’t have any direction in life. You can think of the main character the way you would Kaizaki Arata from ReLife.

This leads Daikichi (the MC) to a mysterious girl after his own granddaughter dies.

He takes her in and essentially adopts the girl since she’s being treated badly by her own family, who ostracize her.

This is the root cause of the anime’s wholesome episodes and warming slice of life themes that come into play.

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10. Strange+ 

strange anime series episode 1

Beautifully drawn characters that are intended for women.

A character named Kou goes to a city to look for his brother and is determined not to go home till found, however, he found him easily enough within the city.

It’s a short anime, and you’ll probably like it because it’s mysterious and has to do with detective work.


Can you add any honorable mentions?

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