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A Collection Of The Best Alderamin On The Sky Quotes

Alderamin on the sky quotes taken from:

  • Ikta Solork.

Alderamin On The Sky is an anime series made by Madhouse, and adapted from a light novel.

This fantasy/military series is only short, but has some quotes worth sharing.

Let’s get started.


1. Ikta Solork Quotes

Ikta Solork quotes |

“People started growing crops because going hunting without knowing if you’d catch anything was a pain. People dug wells because going all the way to the river was a pain. Laziness is the mother of human progress.” – Ikta Solork


Ikta Solork quotes 1 |

“A barbarian punches someone when he feels like it, a soldier attacks when it’s time to attack, and Ikta Solork says everything he wants whenever he wants to say it.” – Ikta Solork


Ikta Solork quotes 2 |

“Chasing someone is tiring, and being chased is mentally exhausting. But making someone chase you can be fun.” – Ikta Solork


Ikta Solork quotes 3 |

“I’ll give you some wise words, Shining Sleepless General. All heroes die of overwork.” – Ikta Solork


Ikta Solork quotes 4 |

“If you think unconditional kindness is good, and any sort of kindness that comes with conditions is hypocrisy, you should reconsider. People can only achieve as much as the situation allows.” – Ikta Solork

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