A Collection Of Gunslinger Girl Quotes To Give You A Blast From The Past

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Gunslinger Girl is an anime about kids who are given another shot at life. But it comes at a heavy price.

If you’re a fan of anime like Gakkou Gurashi, Madoka Magica or Black Lagoon, you’ll love Gunslinger Girl (produced by Madhouse)..

Especially for the quotes and the meaningful story that carries you through from beginning to end.

With that said – let’s get into the quotes!


The Best Gunslinger Girl Quotes:


1. Rico Quotes

rico gunslinger girl quotes

“Every morning, when I wake up, the first thought I have is: “I wonder if I still have my body.” What a relief! It still works. I can’t describe in words how wonderful it is to have a body that works. I love my life at the Social Welfare Agency very much.” – Rico


2. Henrietta Quotes

henrietta gunslinger girl quotes

“Is a girl with a mechanical body ordinary? I’m super strong and can kill a man with my bare hands. I do bleed, but the pain goes away fast. Since I’m a cyborg and have to protect Jose… I can’t be an ordinary girl.” – Henrietta


3. Triela Quotes

triela gunslinger girl quotes

“You never know who you can trust.” – Triela


triela gunslinger girl quotes 1

“It’s not like I hate Hilshire, it’s all the rest of you irresponsible adults I can’t stand!” – Triela


triela gunslinger girl quotes 2

“Death is our fate. But we don’t have to just accept it. There’s no reason for memories to just disappear into nothing without coming back.” – Triela


4. Claes Quotes

claes gunslinger girl quotes

“I love the dusk. The setting sun is full of melancholy. It’s like an eternal farewell.” – Claes


claes gunslinger girl quotes 1

“I enjoy cooking, painting and playing music. There are so many books to read here… But sometimes, the most fun comes from just doing nothing. I think someone close to me taught me that a long time ago. Maybe my father.” – Claes


5. Claudio Raballo Quotes

claudio raballo quotes

“I’ve been training you to look after yourself. But seeing how you’ve become… it’s got me worried. You can’t just pull the trigger, Claes. You have to think. And unless you’re on a mission, you mustn’t use force. When you have those glasses on, I want you to be good, alright? That’s not an order. It’s a promise between you and me.” – Claudio Raballo


6. John Doe Quotes

john doe quotes gunslinger girl

“Teaching is fun. It’s like making a little copy of yourself to leave behind.” – John Doe


7. Rachelle Quotes

rachelle gunslinger girl il teatrino 6.26

“Victor… I’m glad that I got to meet you… I just have a request… protect the girl… My hope and wishes should live on in her… But maybe she’d hate me for it, giving her such a burden.” – Rachelle


8. Rosanna Quotes

rosanna quotes gunslinger girl

“I never had a passion for only one thing. To like everything is the same as to like nothing in particular.” – Rosanna


9. Roberta Quotes

Chapter 98 Roberta

“Perhaps there are people who live for others. Even if that kind of life is dim maybe there are fires that are meant to burn for a long time.” – Roberta


10. Giacomo Dante Quotes

Giacomo Dante Chapter 73 1

“Violence is the way of the world. I am simply playing along.” – Giacomo Dante



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