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20+ Lazy Anime Characters Who Just Can’t Help Themselves

Gintoki Lazy Gintama Anime
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Are you in search of lazy anime characters from various anime shows?

Characters of this type have different traits, but many that define their laziness and attitudes at times. Like finding ways to do things faster, using their smarts to lessen the workload, etc.

Are the traits and personality can be similar or the same as people in real life.

Here is a list of characters from different anime series that are lazy and that you may not even have known.


1. Nagi Sanzenin (Hayate The Combat Butler)


She’s a cute kid but don’t let her looks fool you! She’s rich coming from a rich family and she’s the only one for the inheritance besides her grandfather.

Nagi wants to stay at home and not go out and make friends. She’s antisocial and likes playing video games making her lazy and not willing to do anything.

However she started to have a crush on her butler, Hayate and even got a part-time job to give him a birthday gift.

Nagi is at a young age where she has plenty of time to learn and not be cut off from everyone.


2. Subaru Ichinose (Space Battleship Tiramisu)

subaru e1646566284256

Subaru doesn’t like talking to other people, he would rather stay in his cockpit and battle. When viewers see Subaru, they’ll see that Subaru is quite handsome and could be flirting with other people when he first meets them.

He lives inside the cockpit of his ship and never really goes out to meet other people, he lives and eats within there.

Nothing really is much on Subaru Ichinose as he is antisocial and lazy but does battle when he needs to.


3. Mokeo Motegi (Yu-gi-oh GX)


Motegi will sleep any time without warning, he is part of the Obelisk Blue dormitory and has the ability to speak with Duel Monsters. He was set up to play against Jaden Yuki but in the end, it was Jaden who won the duel with his ecstatic excitement and being hyperactive rather than laziness like Motegi.

Besides speaking with Duel Monsters, Motegi has the ability to be able to make other people fall tired that’s nearby him even during a duel.

He uses a dragon deck and Motegi returned to Obelisk Blue during his second year.

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4. Yuyuko Tanaka (Shoujo Conto All Starlight)

tanaka e1646566320742

Tanaka goes to Rinmeikan Girls School as the courses are going into recognition with the decrease of students.

She likes Japanese performing arts and thus she is in the Performance Department in her school. However she doesn’t like school very much as she would stay up late and doesn’t put any effort into her academics.

Despite not being into school, she would study secretly even though she doesn’t like getting up early.

You can see that she’s not into school as she would even bring a pillow to class and just fall asleep.


5. Shikamaru Nara (Naruto)

Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru is part of team 10, Team Asuma’s team. A smart but lazy kid that was genin but became Naruto’s right hand man in Boruto.

If there was something boring to him, he would usually yawn and that would be most of the time throughout the series in Naruto.

Shikamaru’s special move is the Shadow Possession Jutsu and he is able to do the Ino-Shika-Cho formation with his teammates.

Not only that he is a genius and a smart kid, he is quick on his thinking every time there is a battle. Shikamaru may be lazy, but he was able to do a lot of things.


6. Konata Izumi (Lucky Star)

konata e1646566361830

Konata goes to Ryoo High School which is a private school where students are allowed to pass the entrance exam. Her grades are not that high and she barely studies for exams, trying to cram everything the night before rather than ahead.

Konata procrastinates but does have a part-time job at a cafe in Akihabara.

She likes playing video games, reading manga and watching anime thanks to her father. Konata tries her best in school and at work, she debuted in episode 1 of Lucky Star.

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7. Yui Hirasawa (K-On)


Yui goes to Sakuragaoka High School and is a private school for girls. She’s the lead vocalist of her band: After-School Tea Time, all the band members are a part of the Light Music Club.

Her grades in school are on the border line of failing, she doesn’t really study for classes. She would rather lay in front of the fan all summer rather than study.

Yui tries her hardest in both school and music, there are times where Yui would get tired in either in class or even band practice.

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8. Umaru Doma (Himouto! Umaru-Chan)


Umaru Doma has two personality modes: outdoor and indoor.

Her outdoor mode is where everyone could see that Doma is a good student and that she would do her best on being the perfect student than anyone else. However, it is the indoor mode where Doma would change into her chibi form and that is where her personality changes.

Her indoor mode is childish and lazy where she doesn’t want to do anything, it is the form that it’s in secret where she doesn’t want anyone to see except her family.

Both modes are completely opposite from one another and she is close to her brother with either mode.


9. Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)


If you’ve seen the Sailor Moon series, you’ll know that Usagi starts out as childish but throughout the series, she’ll become a more mature adult.

She procrastinates during her homework and more importantly during math and English. She would rather sleep or play video games rather than do those two courses.

Usagi cares about her friends and protects them, she even has a boyfriend and future husband in mind. Usagi is able to transform into the sailor guardian whenever she has to if she has a device near her to be able to help others.


10. Kiyotaka Ayanokoji (Classroom of the Elite)

classroom of the elite protagonist

Kiyotaka seems somewhat lazy because he doesn’t want to do much. For instance: he doesn’t want to do social activities or socialize, he was able to get an average score on the entrance exam, and he doesn’t want to draw attention from other people.

Not much is known about Kiyotaka before he took the entrance exams and so it remains somewhat of a mystery.

Kiyotaka goes to Advanced Nurturing High School as it is a good school but somewhat hard to get into.


11. Lucifer (The Devil Is A Part-Timer)


When Lucifer is a human being, he doesn’t like doing chores within the house and just like any boys, he prefers to play video games or go online.

Lucifer was once an angel, however he became a demon and so became a fallen angel. He is part of the demon army and he was even once part of heaven.

In the anime series, Lucifer debuted and was seen by viewers in episode 4 and viewers would also see that the color purple is his color.

His powers down on Earth are limited but he does have great skills on the computer.


12. Gabriel Tenma White (Gabriel Dropout)


Gabriel was once an angel that was smart and angelic, she used to go to Angel School. However that changed when she came to Earth and discovered a computer game where her personality became the complete opposite.

Being a fallen angel, some of her personality may have changed but she is still friendly and loyal to her friends.

Gabriel is a young teen but the way she acts is like any other normal Earth teenager.


13. Echizen Nanjiro (Prince of Tennis)


He was once called “Samurai Nanjiro” , being a prodigy at tennis at a young age. However, that came to a halt when Nanjiro had a young son.

He retired during tennis, but nowadays, thanks to retirement, Nanjiro is just lazing around and looking at magazines that aren’t for kids.

He would try to play tennis while at home against his son, Ryoma, but he refuses most of the time to play against his father.

Nanjiro tries to give Ryoma advice but is also shut down and so he goes back on being lazy.


14. Ryner Lute (Legend of Legendary Heroes)

ryner lute anime protagonist

Ryner Lute doesn’t look like it, but he is a demon god despite being human. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone based on who he is and he doesn’t want to fall in love after what happened with his first love.

He has a “will to live” and he wants to live even though he knows what he is and he is willing to live with it.

Viewers would think that Lute is lazy, but Lute really isn’t as he has been through rather a lot on what he is. He tries to avoid it but he knows he can’t, he has to accept it and try to move on.

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15. Houtarou Oreki (Hyouka)

houtarou oreki smirk smile

Oreki likes to read and nap when he is at home and he lives with his older sister. He likes reading the newspaper and manga, he goes to Kamiyama High School.

Oreki tries not to show emotions and he doesn’t talk much to his peers and friends.

He didn’t even want to join any clubs but due to his sister’s request, Oreki joined the Classic Lit Club as it was a club that was unpopular and was beginning to degrade with students.

His sister tries to push him to be more social and so having that request on the club, the two siblings don’t see each other often but they do have respect for one another.


16. Eiri Yuki (Gravitation)

gravitation anime yuki eiri e1646566631467

Yuki once lived alone in a huge apartment until he met a singer who was beginning his career named Shuichi. It was there that the two kept seeing each other after that first meeting and they started to have a romantic relationship.

Shuichi learns that Yuki doesn’t always meet his deadlines on writing his novel and that he has a dark past. Yuki tries to shut everyone away including family members but Shuichi tries to go to him even though he was unwanted.

Viewers would think that Yuki is lazy because of the missed deadlines, but really, he just wants a break from being so popular.


17. Boruto (Boruto)

boruto e1646566647822

Viewers that are watching the Boruto anime could tell that the main character is lazy in school and with friends. He usually puts his head on his hand as if he’s either trying not to sleep or sleep during lecture.

He plays video games most of the time and is late to school.

Unlike his father Naruto, Boruto seems bratty in the beginning of the anime and he doesn’t really care about being a ninja except to defeat his father.

He tries to become stronger and so became a student of Sasuke Uchiha.


18. Ikta Solork (Alderamin on the Sky)


If you thought you’ve seen someone lazy already, you haven’t seen Ikta Solork who doesn’t go to his classes, takes naps all the time and even chases girls just for the fun of it.

He has no motivation on what he is doing and he has no skills for sword and gun shooting. However, even with the lack of skills, he has good strategies.

Ikta cares for his family and friends, Professor Anarai Khan even taught him science. He goes to Imperial Segal High Grade Academy and he is a soldier.


19. Hachiman Hikigaya (My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong)


Hachiman goes to Sobu High School and is in Class 2F. He feels like he is a loser and is lower than anyone else. Hachiman doesn’t really care about consequences and viewers would see that Hachiman could be sort of a loner and somewhat being lazy.

He may not know it at the time, but Hachiman does help people throughout the anime unwillingly. Hachiman likes playing video games and sleeping, he has multiple game devices that viewers would see.

Hachiman is like a normal real-life teenager where he likes gaming.


20. Gintoki Sakata (Gintama)


Sakata is the founder and president of Yorozuya, he is a highly skilled samurai who fought during the Joui War.

He may be a skilled samurai, but nowadays, he is just reading manga and not really paying any attention to his students even while giving advice to them.

He doesn’t look at it, but he does try to help people with his advice and even his abilities, he just doesn’t have any motivation.

Sakata drinks sake and he even spies on women as he tries to get their attention to even flirt.

A lot of the characters like either video games, reading or sleeping, indicating that they could be lazy. However even though those three are an indication, it doesn’t mean that the person is outright lazy.

Being lazy can mean different things.


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