20+ Anime Characters Who LOVE To Wear Tracksuits

anime tracksuit wallpaper

Ever wonder why anime characters are wearing tracksuits? Occupation? Status in the anime series: major, minor, supporting character?

Or maybe the creator just wanted the character to wear a tracksuit and be something different?

Tracksuits are like a cliche for anime characters nowadays as you start noticing them.

Check out the list below and see if it will surprise you who wears the tracksuits.


1. Naruto Uzumaki (Shippuden)

Naruto Uzumaki tracksuit

In the 2nd part of the Naruto series, viewers are able to see that Naruto Uzumaki has changed his clothing into a more noticeable tracksuit style.

It’s quite catchy rather than his orange jumpsuit. It’s both black and orange coloured, it goes well with the ninja headband that Naruto wears every day.

Even though Naruto isn’t training every day, he wears the same clothing every day but he isn’t the only one that does. The tracksuit goes well for Naruto.


2. Inui Sadaharu (Prince of Tennis)

Inui Sadaharu

Inui Sadaharu is a tennis player for the Seigaku middle school team.

He is a genius and collects data during the gameplay with his double’s partner, Kaido Kaoru. He wears the team’s uniform tracksuit blue and white. However, he does take off the jacket if he goes training or even has a tennis match with someone.

Inui is the 3rd strongest on his tennis team right after Tezuka and Fuji.


3. Katase-Sensei (Okusama wa Joshikousei)

Katase Sensei

Katase-sensei is not that much known in the anime title: “Okusama wa Joshikousei.” She is practically a supporting character and thus is needed when she is needed. She wears a tracksuit and is usually seen in gym class.

Unlike the manga version of herself, Katse’s role has been downgraded to one of her peers.


4. Boruto Uzumaki (Boruto)

Boruto Uzumaki tracksuit

The sequel to Naruto Shippuden as the protagonist is the son of Naruto Uzumaki. Just like his father, Boruto wears a tracksuit throughout the entire anime and manga of himself.

His outfit does match his ninja headband. Unlike Naruto’s dream, Boruto wants to become stronger so that he could beat Naruto one day as he is a foreshadowing of his father.

In the beginning, Boruto seems like a brat but his behaviour has changed.


5. Itsuki Ameno (Hoshiai no Sora)

Itsuki Ameno

Itsuki is part of the tennis team for his school which is Shijo Minami Middle School.

He followed in his older sister’s footsteps named Namie Ameno. However, unlike his sister, Itsuki doesn’t get into the spirit of tennis unlike Namie, who plays her hardest. Itsuki has a tough past as his parents divorced when he was at a young age.

There are times that Itsuki would play with or against his sister during a practice match. He wears a tracksuit just like the rest of his teammates when it was time to play tennis.


6. Asuka Yuri (Petopeto-san)

Asuka Yuri Petopeto san

Not much is known about Asuka except she wears an orange tracksuit as she could be a teacher or something in the school.


7. Kyouko Houin (A Child’s Time)

Kyouko Houin

Not much is known about Kyouko, except that she is a colleague of the teacher: Aoki.

She tries to tell him how she truly feels, but it is usually interrupted by a student named Rin, who gets jealous of seeing someone with Aoki.

Anyone would be jealous if they see Kyouko on how she looks in her tracksuit.

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8. Asuka Okita (Rin X Sen)

Asuka Okita tracksuit

Little known is about Asuka Okita. Her physics would make any boy drool even if she wears a tracksuit as she is the gym teacher in her school.

Her ex-husband had a debt and thus Asuka had to pay the price.


9. Katie (Pokemon – Hoenn)

Katie Pokemon Hoenn

Viewers of the Pokemon franchise would see Katie later during the Ever Grande Conference where she would be battling Ash. Katie’s battling style is different from other trainers and thus she lost against Ash during the conference.

Katie is a strong trainer if she was able to be matched against Ash Ketchum. She comes from Lilycove City and is only seen for a minor role in the series.


10. Mamori Anezaki (Eyeshield 21)

Mamori Anezaki

Mamori goes to a private high school which is Deimon High School. She’s the club manager for the Deimon Devil Bats which is the football team for the high school. Mamori is a good manager for the team but bad with computers.

She is a childhood friend of Sena where the two met at a cooking class. Mamori is one of the protagonists of the series and after high school, she protects Sena whenever she can.


11. Katsu (Android Ana Maico 2010)


Not very much is known about Katsu except that she’s the grandmother of Kacchin and wears a tracksuit when viewers see her.

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12. Yukino Miyazawa (His and Her Circumstances)

Yukino Miyazawa tracksuit

When viewers first see Yukino in His and Her Circumstances, they will see that she is like a picture-perfect student. As the anime progresses, she has another side of herself.

Instead of wearing her uniform, Yukino is sometimes wearing her tracksuit at home where she is different from herself in school. It’s like Yukino has two different sides: the one where people see each other in school and the one at home.

Yukino meets another student that is just like her and that is where romance blooms.


13. Subaru Natsuki (Re: Zero Starting Life In Another World)

Subaru Natsuki tracksuit

Subaru is the main protagonist in the anime – Re: Zero. When seeing Subaru in the anime, he is wearing an orange and black tracksuit. As the anime progresses, Subaru has changed his clothing style to more comfortable clothing.

He has several nicknames and aliases, not only that but he is a magic user. He became a magic user when he got transported to a fantasy world one day and that’s when he ditched his tracksuit.


14. Ship Leesoo (Tower of God)

Ship Leesoo tracksuit

Ship is either a supporting or minor character for the anime: Tower of God. Not very much is known about Ship and that he was in the series from beginning to end.

He wears a purple tracksuit as he is the team leader and the scout for the team after making it to the second floor. Ship is determined to be at the top.


15. Yato (Noragami)

Yato tracksuit

Yato is a God from the anime Noragami. He used to be the God of Calamity but he is now the God of Fortune. Hence the name God of Fortune, Yato wants to get money and he doesn’t want to spend. He has a lot of skills and abilities as a God.

He hasn’t worn the tracksuit back in the past, he has worn something like a kimono. Yato is a young adult trying to aim to be the wealthiest God there is.


16. Machio Naruzo (Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru)

Machio Naruzo tracksuit

Machio helps people at the gym where he works which is the Silverman Gym. Not much is known about Machio as he is a supporting or minor character of the series.

He encounters the girls from Koyo Girl’s Academy and he begins training them. Unknown to Machio, he is oblivious that some of the girls he trains have a crush on him.

Machio doesn’t seem to have muscles on him but he actually does during a tournament.

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17. Shark Fujishiro (My Bride Is A Mermaid)

Shark Fujishiro tracksuit

Shark is a P.E. teacher at the school of Nagasumi. He is part of Seto’s Group and his race is the Merfolk.

He transforms into a shark and when he talks, his question is like a statement and vice versa.


18. Kumiko (Gokusen)

Kumiko Gokusen

Kumiko seems like the nerdy type of teacher as she wears a tracksuit for no apparent reason. She becomes a teacher one day at Shirokin High Private School to teach math to students.

Kumiko became the teacher to the bad students of the school and unknown to the students, Kumiko is actually a heiress to the Yakuza.

Everything about her is just a decoy to cover up her true identity. She wants a normal life and she is actually very good at fighting while protecting her students.


19. Mio Akiyama (K-On)

Mio Akiyama tracksuit

Mio goes to Sakuragaoka High School and there she wears her school uniform most of the time. However, she wears a tracksuit during P.E. that is mostly white coloured and the colour of whatever year she’s in.

She plays the Bass Guitar but is also the vocalist in her band. She stayed in Sakuragaoka from Elementary to High School.

Mio played the lead role in one of the plays even though it wasn’t her comfort zone.

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