25+ Heterosexual Anime Characters From Various Shows

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There are a lot of Heterosexual/Straight characters in the Anime World. Both are beautiful and handsome characters.

Sometimes, it’s hard to choose who you want to have a crush on. Well, there isn’t a limit to that.

Stick with me as we go on in our list of 25+ Heterosexual Anime Characters!


1.) Astro Boy

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There’s no denying that despite Astro Boy’s cartoonish appearance, he appeals to kids. A character who told tales for Japanese children who had witnessed war (even Astro’s “father,” Dr. Tenma, goes insane from the anguish of losing his son) lies behind those long lashes and that adorable smile.

Astro, a youngster who was both more human and less human, led young readers through morality tales with nuanced character motivations, difficult-to-solve social issues, and characters capable of tremendous deeds of both good and evil.

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2.) Vash

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Vash is known as “the humanoid typhoon” because he often leaves nothing but damage in his wake and because there is a significant price on his head.

He is humanity’s covert guardian angel on the far-off, dangerous planet of Gunsmoke. He is a “Plant,” a being with extraordinary power that few can fathom. He is the world’s best shot, and none of the crooks he encounters can hope to compete with him.

Vash’s genuine heroics are revealed in this struggle when he must defend the world from his “brother” Knives. Great stories are told about Vash’s early years and his mother, Rem, as well as about Knives’ development into Vash’s complete opposite.


3.) Lelouch Lamperouge

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One of the best illustrations of a hero gone astray is Lelouch. His noble intentions opened the door to a terrible location, as is common in dramatic tales.

He lived by the maxim “the aims justify the means,” but in trying to correct wrongs and make the world a better place for his sister, he ended up becoming the very despot he was trying to fight against.

As his pride and arrogance cloud his judgment and cause him to miss what was vital, his rise and fall are almost Shakespearean.

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4.) Light Yagami

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Light Yagami was the driving force behind Death Note and why it became a phenomenon. He was evil and cunning and intended to change the world in his image.

The manga was immensely compelling and impossible to put down primarily because of author Tsugumi Ohba’s expert use of cliffhangers. The brilliance of Light and the many layers that made up his plans were crucial to the plot.

The Light had a promising future ahead of him as a strong student and police officer like his father. But as soon as he obtains the Death Note, he starts a spectacular transformation into a sinister mastermind who becomes the world’s judge, jury, and executioner.


5.) Princess Vivi

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Vivi, the daughter of a deposed monarch, joined the terrorist group that caused unrest in her realm.

She was able to save her father’s kingdom from devolving further into anarchy with the aid of her newfound allies, the Strawhat Pirates, thanks to her tenacity and fierce love for them.

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6.) Loid Forger

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The handsome Loid has light skin, short blond hair, and blue eyes. Depending on the situation, he frequently wears his hair back in various ways. He has a muscular frame, is rather tall, and has large ears.

Although his background and appearance suggest he is in his late 20s, his exact age is unknown. Loid frequently dons a light green three-piece suit and a crimson tie while outside.

He has a dagger-shaped pin with the word WISE on his left lapel. He typically wears a simple t-shirt and long black jeans at home. He covers his shirt and ties it with a lab coat, the attire of a psychiatrist.


7.) Roronoa Zoro

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Is there a character more excellent than Roronoa? Given that he resembles a samurai pirate with green hair, epic scars, and his signature three swords, it isn’t easy to come up with many examples. But that’s not the only reason he made our list.

He is a devoted counsellor to Luffy and one of the most formidable fighters in the Straw Hat Pirates. His restrained demeanour conceals a grave and sincere heart that will support his boss. But that does not imply that he will always be content with it.

Aside from when he’s fighting, his characteristically out-of-control temper is the only time he completely loses control. Roronoa, like the finest cantankerous characters, has a kind side that frequently manifests when it comes to assisting those in need, even total strangers.


8.) Levi Ackerman

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Levi Ackerman is seen as a hero by those who live inside the walls of the Attack on Titan universe, but his savagery isn’t just reserved for the enormous creatures he hunts.

He was based on one of pop culture’s most notorious and violent anti-heroes, Rorschach from Watchmen. Therefore, it makes sense that he is a complex character.

Levi is a strategic superpower and one of anime history’s sharpest and most methodical thinkers.

The fact that Attack on Titan has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon is not overstated, but Levi is the only character to make our list.

This is because his arsenal of abilities, commitment to defending his people, and complex yet ethically ambiguous heroics make him a remarkable addition to the anime canon.


9.) Kakashi Hatake

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Throughout his development, Kakashi has often saved Naruto’s skin. While Naruto was formulaic and predictable, Kakashi had several unexpected qualities that let him steal the show (including his habit of reading erotic love novels).

Kakashi has a colourful past life with sorrow, grief, and vengeance. Kakashi’s history is a central theme in some of the most moving tales in the Naruto canon.

Kakashi has consistently shown many stories to tell despite his reserved exterior, including the narrative of his father’s suicide, the story of how he obtained the Sharingan, and the tale of his eye scar.


10.) Guts

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His life didn’t get any simpler after being born from a body left hanging from a tree. Guts experience so many difficulties that it is challenging to track them all. He eventually loses an arm and an eye after witnessing the brutalization or death of his loved ones and friends (or both).

In that kind of world, you had to be either a badass or a bootlicker to survive, and Guts chose the latter. However, Guts’ true greatness lies in the fact that, despite spending most of his time swinging his big-ass sword around, he is intelligent.

In many of his battles, he uses a lot of tactical thinking, and in the few moments between them, Guts spends a lot of time talking and listening.

As a result, we see the story through the eyes of a man who has every reason to hate the world but still fights to preserve what is good about it.


11.) Monkey D. Luffy

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He is one of the finest combatants, and the founding captain of the feared and formidable Straw Hat Pirates.

He has told only his brothers and crew about his secret dream: to discover the famous wealth left behind by the deceased Gol D. Roger and become the Pirate King. Being the Pirate King, in his opinion, entails having the most significant degree of freedom possible.


12.) Yor Forger

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She is a pretty, tall young lady with upturned red eyes, long black hair, and fair skin. When she wears her hair down, she lacks the customary two thick locks of hair, which only reaches approximately mid-back.

She divides her hair into two pieces and crosses it over her head, tying it with a headband and making two thick locks that extend below her chest.

Yor often dress casually at home in a red off-the-shoulder sweater with black tights, a red skirt, and brown ankle boots. She is sporting a white headband and a pair of spike-shaped gold hanging earrings.

She covers her garments with a long, beige coat with black buttons when she goes outside.


13.) Mikasa Ackerman

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Mikasa is a physically fit, a well-toned woman with muscles along her arms, legs, and tummy. She is also fairly tall. Her hair is shorter and trimmed up to the back of her neck by the year 854, although her bangs are substantially longer.

She has grey eyes, pale skin, and shaggy black hair that was long until she cut it to chin length despite Jean assuring her it was lovely.

She is of mixed Asian ancestry.


14.) Tanjiro Kamado

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Tanjiro’s narrative begins with a terrible catastrophe, like the stories of many of the most influential heroes. When he was a little lad, the death of his entire family by the King of Demons shattered his life. Almost all of them that is.

Kibutsuji Muzan changed his sister into a half-demon as a final slight. He promised to become a Demon Slayer, heal his sibling, and overthrow the Demon King at that point.

Tanjiro is kind and charming, despite his dark past, and his bravery is motivated by both love and retribution. He has an advantage because of his empathy because he can develop relationships with the monsters he kills.


15.) Sailor Moon

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Sailor Moon was one of the first anime characters many American children encountered, and her influence has never diminished.

Sailor Moon has established herself as one of the most adored anime heroines of all time thanks to her immortal slogan, “In the name of the Moon, I’ll punish you!” and her delightfully familiar outfit.

She is strong, hilarious, and immensely relatable. The reluctant young heroine can be seen eating snacks and taking naps just as frequently as she’s kicking cosmic butt, which contributes to the longevity of her fandom.

It also helps that Sailor Moon and other iconic characters created by Naoko Takeuchi are among the trendiest and most energetic in animation history.


16.) Vegeta

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The natural creative outlet for author Akira Toriyama was frequently Vegeta. Goku’s journey as the leading hero and shining example of virtue was relatively simple, whereas Vegeta travelled down a different path with numerous turns and detours.

Throughout his history, he changed sides and went from being the stereotypical lousy guy to becoming a cautious friend, a frenemy, and also a devoted father. However, he could not stop being evil overnight, and there were occasions when he reverted to his old behaviour.

Although he was the ruler of the Saiyans, he was constantly eclipsed by Goku, which was the foundation of all his evil deeds.


17.) Goku

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Goku is the series’ cornerstone, even if he isn’t always the most well-liked character in Dragon Ball Z. His bravery, tenacity, and determination make him the ideal protagonist for a children’s program with relatively straightforward themes.

Although he may not be the most complicated character in anime history, he is suitable for the task. However, Goku isn’t ranked as highly here for his intricacy as for his undeniable influence.

He was a figure that, in many respects, defied prevailing patterns and shaped Shonen manga and animation for many years.


18.) Naruto Uzumaki

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One of anime’s most well-known and revered characters is the brave, ramen-loving orphan. As a novice who had trouble getting started, he began his adventure, like many of us, but with hard work and perseverance, he developed into a skilled ninja.

It helps that he has access to Kurama’s chakra, a legendary nine-tailed creature whose power surpasses Naruto’s.

Despite having a link to the strong beast, Naruto worked hard to develop into one of the greatest ninjas of all time and, in the process, became one of the most notable anime characters ever.


19.) Edward Elric

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The precocious Edward Elric took the stage with a novel interpretation of the contemporary Shonen anime hero. He was wildly ambitious, wickedly intelligent, and wise beyond his years.

He wasn’t the beloved but dim-witted guy with a heart of gold like those who came before him. He was intelligent, cunning, arrogant, and the size of a shrimp.

The fact that Edward officially has a disability he lost both his arms and legs in a tragic accident brought on by love and arrogance was the most audacious of all.

We had a character in Edward who was genuinely multifaceted. He might be the sweetest man on the globe, or he might be a total badass. And most importantly, we witnessed Edward learn unfortunate truths about the world.


20.) Annie Leonhart

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Due to her difficult upbringing, Annie has become a lonely, exclusive person; friendships do not come readily to her. She rarely smiles and frequently maintains a neutral countenance.

While Annie generally has a realistic perspective on life, she holds a fascination and even feelings of respect towards people who have a deep sense of duty and righteousness—people who devote their lives to and even die for causes they believe in.

Annie is numb and asleep, with little desire to put effort into meaningless disciplines or activities.


21.) Miyuki Shirogane

miyuki shirogane kaguya sama

Due to his enormous intellect, self-assured demeanour, and success in pursuing a romance with his “way out of his league” crush, Kaguya Shinomiya, he is regarded by the anime/manga fandom as one of the greatest, best-written romantic comedy male leads.

He is referred to as “gigachad,” “king,” and “based.”

The show’s idea is that Shirogane and Kaguya are in love, but neither wants to admit it, so they engage in a game called “the war of love and intellect” to force the other to accept it.

Miyuki, who leads the student council at the esteemed Shuchiin Academy, is shown as having a monster mind and cunning managerial abilities. He has noticeable eye bags, which gives him a rugged appearance.


22.) Armin Arlert

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Large brown and a short, pointed nose, almost always somewhat red, give Armin a boyish appearance. His long undercut, blonde hair is fashioned with bangs that cover his entire forehead.

His developed sideburns and eyebrows show Armin’s mature arrival. He has always had a thin, lacklustre frame with some muscle but not much definition.


23.) Charmy Pappitson

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This adorable Black Bull is just as lethal as her captain Yami. Charmy is a curious-looking girl with a shining forehead who enjoys cooking and eating.

She even has a spell that summons cooking lambs.

Charmy has become one of the more well-liked female characters in Black Clover, thanks to her endearing eccentricities and outlook. One of the series’ more formidable wizards is this young girl, who nobody suspects is hiding a monster inside of her.


24.) Uraraka Ochaco

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One of the most adored female characters in any anime series, Uraraka Ochaco is one of My Hero Academia‘s most beloved female leads.

She is a person who puts a lot of effort into pursuing her aspiration of making a career as a professional hero. She doesn’t have a very impressive or potent ability—she can neutralize gravity on anything she touches—but she is intelligent in how she employs it to win battles.

The icing on the cake is that she’s adorable, lively, upbeat, and joyous. She is enjoyable and encouraging to be around and comes in handy on multiple occasions.


25.) Hinata Hyuga

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Hinata Hyuga established a reputation as a diligent kunoichi in the ninja community despite not being as deadly as her clan, as powerful as her cousin Neji, as ferocious as Sakura or Tsunade, or as strong as herself.

Hinata cemented her reputation as a well-liked female anime character by lending her unwavering and enduring support to the show’s protagonist Naruto and by playing a vital role in the follow-up series Boruto.


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