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25+ Anime Characters Who Wear White Shirts (Best)

Have you ever wondered who wore white shirts in the anime series? Could it be a major, minor or even a supporting character?

Not everyone in the anime series wears white shirts.

That said, here is a list of characters who fit the description!


1. Inui Sadaharu (Prince of Tennis)

Inui Sadaharu Prince of Tennis |

Inui is one of the regulars in Seigaku Middle School in the anime Prince of Tennis. He is one of the top three strongest on the team, right after Fuji and Tezuka.

He got booted out of the team when Ryoma Echizen transferred to the school and played tennis as a freshman.

It was then that viewers would see Inui wearing a white t-shirt when he was in training. Inui is a good mentor to Kaidoh Karou.


2. Tai Kamiya (Digimon Adventure Tri)

Tai Kamiya Digimon Adventure Tri white shirt smiling |

Tai is the leader of the original DigiDestined in Digimon. He is now in high school and his uniform consists of a white shirt with a navy blazer, tie and light blue jacket with dark pants. Throughout Digimon Tri, Tai is seen wearing a white shirt underneath his clothing if you see it carefully.

He is the older brother of Kari Kamiya and has a Digimon partner named: Argumon.

Tai’s growth in Digimon Tri becomes apparent as he didn’t want to fight at first seeing that it’s starting to get real out there in the real world unlike when he was a kid before.


3. Jessie (Pokemon)

Jessie Pokemon white shirt |

Jessie is part of a team called Team Rocket and her group consists of James and Meowth. Team Rocket is an organization that steals Pokemon from other trainers. Jessie’s Team Rocket uniform is a short white shirt and white skirt.

The shirt consists of a big red R on the front that is the meaning of Rocket. When viewers see Jessie’s Pokemon at the beginning, it consists of Ekans and then later evolved as an Arbok.

She’s not a good trainer as she gets blasted off every time Ash Ketchum defeats her with Pikachu.


4. Kagome Higurashi (Inuyasha)

Kagome Higurashi Inuyasha white and green shirt |

Kagome was your normal middle-school student in modern Japan. It wasn’t until the day she turned fifteen that her life changed forever. Throughout the entire anime series, Kagome has worn her school uniform: a white shirt and green skirt.

There were some times that her clothing changed in the series but normally, she would be wearing her uniform.

When she started living in the Feudal Era, Kagome became a priestess and her clothing is almost the same except the colours are white and red.


5. Solomon Goldsmith (Blood+)

Solomon Goldsmith Blood white shirt |

Solomon was part of Diva who was supposed to kill Saya Otonashi. Solomon is a handsome young man and catches the eye of women around him.

It was during the ball dance that when Solomon brought Saya to dance with him, every person in the room was staring at them and watching. Solomon wears a white tuxedo for most of the anime series.

Unknown to outsiders, Solomon has a transformation from to chiropteran. Solomon didn’t want to kill Saya because he was in love with her.


6. Sanosuke Sagara (Rurouni Kenshin)

Sanosuke Sagara Rurouni Kenshin white shirt |

You don’t really know Sanosuke until a few episodes within Rurouni Kenshin because he could be a good or bad person. He can be very straightforward and talks without thinking whenever he has a conversation.

He wears an open white jacket where he shows off his abs.

With the abs showing, you can tell that Sanosuke is a fighter and protects people that he cares about. Sanouske wasn’t really good friends with Kenshin right away.


7. Ryouya Kozuki (Sukisho)

Ryouya Kozuki Sukisho white shirt |

When you see Ryouya in the anime series, you’ll see him wearing a white shirt.

He has his own psychiatric clinic, and loves kids but is somewhat of a minor character. He doesn’t show up until like the middle of the series but he does help the main characters.


8. Boruto Uzumaki (Boruto)

Boruto Uzumaki Boruto white shirt |

Boruto is the son of Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki. The first time you see Boruto, you see that he is arrogant and that the only thing that he wants to do is to become stronger than his father. He didn’t want to become like Naruto when he became Hokage.

His behavior changes throughout the series and his attitude changes for the better.

Throughout the series, you will see that Boruto wears a white shirt behind his black jacket. Boruto is part of team 7 and his teammate consists of Sarada and Mitsuki, along with Konohamaru-sensei.


9. Jounouchi Katsuya (Yu-gi-oh)

Jounouchi Katsuya Yu gi oh white shirt |

Jounouchi was an unknown duelist and even though he didn’t get an invitation to the Duelist Kingdom, he still became one of the top duelists.

Jounouchi’s clothing changes at times but you can see that most of the time, he wears a somewhat white shirt. He wears a white shirt whenever he wears the school’s uniform as it is a part of it. However, outside of school, there was one time he wore a white shirt with blue colours on it.

Jounouchi is best friends with Yugi Muto and has a sister named Shizuka.


10. Kaoru Saionji (Gakuen Heaven)

Kaoru Saionji Gakuen Heaven white shirt |

Kaoru could get mistakenly called a “girl” because of his shoulder-length hair. He wears a white-sleeved jacket and is the head of the treasury/accountant department.

Among the students at Bell Liberty Academy, Kaoru is called the “queen.” Kaoru Saionji and Omi Shichijo have been best friends since Elementary School.

Tetsuya Niwa teases Kaoru by calling him “Kaoru-Chan” because he looks like a girl.


11. Takaya Ougi (Mirage of Blaze)

Takaya Ougi Mirage of Blaze white shirt |

At the beginning of the anime, you’ll see that Takaya is wearing his school uniform: brown pants, jacket, white shirt and brownish-red tie. It remains that way throughout but there are some times that he would just wear another white shirt that’s more for going out or home.

Takaya is also the reincarnation of Lord Kagetora, according to Naoe. Takaya becomes stronger with his abilities because of his reincarnation and he goes to Jyohoku High School. Mirage of Blaze is one of those underrated anime.


12. K (Gravitation)

K Gravitation white shirt |

You think K may be a bad guy in the anime Gravitation, but he really isn’t. There are some scenes of him being friendly to others and he tries to help Shuichi with his romance with Eiri Yuki who is the manager of Bad Luck.

K’s full name is Claude K. Winchester but mostly everyone in the Gravitation anime calls him “K.” He wears a white button shirt and rarely changes his clothes throughout the series.


13. Kaoru Asahina (Junjou Romantica)

Kaoru Asahina Junjou Romantica white shirt |

Not the main character in Junjou Romantica, but he is an important supporting character in the series. Kaoru has been Isaka’s best friend since childhood, he became his assistant soon after and then the two of them eventually became lovers.

Unlike Isaka, Kaoru is more gentle and his behaviour is good among people whenever there’s a conversation. He wears a white button shirt in formal attire because he works at the book publishing office most of the time.

You’ll see Kaoru as inseparable from Isaka.


14. Al Hawkray (Lost Song)

Al Hawkray Lost Song white shirt glasses |

AI dresses sort of weirdly in the anime, Lost Song. He isn’t one of the main characters but a supporting character who tries and helps out everyone.

AI is an inventor and he wears a white blouse while on top he wears something brownish somewhat overall, light blue pants and blue socks.

You can tell that he is different from the other characters and could act strangely throughout the series.


15. Yukino Miyazawa (His and Her Circumstances)

Yukino Miyazawa His and Her Circumstances white shirt |

Just like in real life, Yukino has different personalities: the one that she shows in school and the

other side of her just at home. She’s the perfect student at school and she usually wears a black sweater jacket, white button shirt, blue tie, blue skirt, black knee socks and shoes.

That’s her school uniform whereas at home, it’s totally different: she wears a red track jacket and pants. So yes, her clothes vary in the anime but when she wears white, it is usually at school.

Yukino life changes until she meets her future husband, and that’s where things go haywire.


16. Dee Laytner (FAKE)

Dee Laytner FAKE white shirt anime |

Dee is a detective in the New York police precinct where he meets his new partner: Randy (Ryo) McLane. In the FAKE anime OVA, Dee is seen wearing white throughout and during his vacation with Ryo where he wears a white undershirt and a red open jacket.

Dee doesn’t have reliable good manners as he is straightforward and could be a bit obnoxious.

He may be obnoxious, but Dee could be a fine good police officer whenever he wants to be.


17. Haruka Nanase (Free)

Haruka Nanase Free white shirt |

Haruka didn’t join the Iwatobi Swimming Club until Makoto wanted to join. He goes to Hidaka University where he became the vice-captain of the swim team.

The school uniform for Hidaka University varies in each season but it consists of a white shirt each time that Haruka has to wear.

He is a freestyle swimmer and is protective against his teammates plus his childhood friend, Mokoto. Haruka debuted in episode 1 of the Free anime.


18. Kenny (Beyblade)

Kenny Beyblade white shirt |

Right away, you can see that Kenny is a genius with his computer Dizzi as both of them would be the problem-solving for the team. He doesn’t beyblade much but he did go up against Tyson one day just to show him a practice match with his new Beyblade that Kenny fixed.

Kenny used to be the only one on the team that doesn’t have Beyblade, but then Hilary joined and would be the one who doesn’t have one.

Kenny’s clothing is a simple design with a white t-shirt, green necktie and brown pants at the beginning of the series. His clothing changes later on but isn’t wearing white in G-Revolution.


19. Eichi Sakurai (Full Moon Wo Sagashite)

Eichi Sakurai Full Moon Wo Sagashite |

You don’t see much of Eichi in Full Moon Wo Sagashite as he is mostly during flashbacks of Mitsuki whenever she thinks of him.

During most of her flashbacks, you’ll see that Eichi is wearing a white button shirt as he plays with his childhood friend. It isn’t until halfway through the anime that you’ll find out what happened to Eichi.


20. Ki Tanmoku (Spirit Pact)

Ki Tanmoku Spirit Pact white shirt |

Ki could do exorcists and he comes from a powerful family as he is the head of it. He meets his spirit shadow partner: Keika You after Keika dies in a tragic accident.

Keika tries to protect Ki whenever he is in danger. Ki wears business attire clothing where he wears a white button shirt,

black pants, tie and coat.

He has a fiance but Keika and Ki act like they’re together throughout the anime even though they deny it.


21. Sesshomaru (Yashahime)

Sesshomaru Yashahime white shirt scaled |

Sesshoumaru clothing from either Inuyasha or Yashahime is almost all white. He wears a white kimono and pants throughout the series and never changes his clothing. He has a younger stepbrother named Inuyasha but the two don’t get along.

Sesshoumaru falls in love with his companion, Rin years later in Yashahime. He is the father of both Towa and Setsuna.


22. Noboru Taki (Hibike! Euphonium)

Noboru Taki Hibike Euphonium |

Noboru is the band director for Kitauji High School and the music teacher. Thanks to his good looks, he became a popular teacher among the girls of the high school and throughout the anime, his clothing does change but he does wear white.

Just like during a concert or in school, Noboru wears a white button shirt over his cardigan or a black formal jacket. Noboru is different whenever he is either in school or outside of school but is somewhat friendly.


23. Onohara Asami (My Wife Is A High School Girl)

Onohara Asami My Wife Is A High School Girl |

Asami is a young student that is graduating from high school soon. Her uniform consists of a white blouse shirt, orange skirt and a brown jacket.

She also wears a red bow tie. Unknown to her classmates, friends and other people, she is secretly married to none other than one of her teachers.

Asami tries to keep their marriage a secret, but it is impossible with all the obstacles that are going through, especially with her friends.


24. Alice Nakiri (Food Wars)

Alice Nakiri Food Wars white shirt |

Alice wears a white chef coat and pants. She was able to cook a temari bento in season 2 of Food Wars that awed the judges and even the audience. She attended Totsuki Culinary Academy so that she could study cooking.

Alice is a talented culinary chef but she can be bossy sometimes but quite intelligent as she puts ingredients on her sushi that awed the judges.


25. Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)

Usagi Tsukino Sailor Moon white shirt |

Tsukino is a middle school student who wears a white shirt, and blue skirt along with a red ribbon in the middle.

Her middle school uniform would be seen all throughout the series. However, when Tsukino changes into Sailor Moon, her outfit is almost the same as her school uniform except for a few minor details and is still wearing white.

Tsukino’s team consists of five girls and the other four girls wear almost the same uniform as Tsukino when they changed to a superhero except for the colours.

It’s very common for an anime character to wear white shirts because of the school uniform. However, there are very few characters that wear white outside of school.



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