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11+ Types Of Otaku You’ll Come To Know About In The Anime Industry

Anime otaku’s, game otaku’s, they’re both pretty much the same but those are the industries they’re associated with.

The term “Otaku” in Japan is actually insulting and degrading, and not meant to sound or be uplifting.

Since the 2000’s the west adopted this term, turned it into something more positive (like weeb) and now anime fans all over the world call themselves Otaku’s, and even Japan to a smaller degree.

Let’s talk about the TYPE of Otaku’s, some of which blend together.


1. The creative

haruhi suzumiya gif laptop

The creative Otaku is exactly as it sounds. Someone with creative abilities, skills, and talents, and one who spends their time engaging in these activities through anime or manga.

An example: an anime artist who creates and designs their own products, original characters, and similar.

You also have writers or bloggers who consistently produce anime content, and of course – who watch a lot of anime in order to do it professionally.

Or just because they enjoy it regardless of money.

The creative type of Otaku also extends to:

  • Mangaka’s.
  • Authors.
  • YouTubers.
  • Vtubers.

And so on.


2. The cosplayer

anime cosplayers clothing

This one is straightforward. I’ve noticed there’s a group of anime fans who LOVE to cosplay even more than watching anime itself.

Watching anime is secondary, but cosplaying their favourite anime characters is the priority when it comes to anime and being part of the community.

This is also a contributing factor when it comes to anime’s presence on social media, the internet, anime conventions and beyond.

Especially when people do a sick job of getting the cosplay perfectly right. Or they fit the cosplayed character perfectly.


3. The dedicated

umaru doma otaku moments anime

The dedicated type of Otaku is simply a regular anime fan in general. Someone who:

  • Reads anime blogs.
  • Watches anime videos.
  • Streams anime (of course).
  • Takes part in anime forums.
  • Shares their thoughts on anime via social media.
  • Follows anime accounts or figures in the industry.
  • Buys anime light novels, manga, etc.

And things of that nature….

They’re the bread and butter of the anime industry. They make it possible for creatives to come into the industry because of money flowing into it.

They also make it possible for cosplayers since the average fan funds the industry in the ways they do.

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4. The Shounen fanboy

d gray man shounen anime

You can’t get away from the fact that SHOUNEN is so popular, known, wide spread and talked about when it comes to anime.

Shounen by itself is so big you could get rid of some other genres and the anime industry would still be overflowing with money and attention.

The genre, if you can call it that, might not be the most creative, unconventional, or unique. But it’s hype, profitable, acts as a gateway for new fans and more.

Shounen “fan boys” are responsible for the industry’s growth and popularity in a lot of ways. And even the massive sales figures.

Demon Slayer is a recent example of this in action. It’s annoyingly famous and financially successful, which helps the industry.


5. The non-mainstream enjoyer

guardian of the sacred spirit anime cover

The non-mainstream enjoyer is self explanatory. They’re anime fans (Otaku) who watch a lot of obscure anime, underappreciated anime, and anime that go unnoticed and fly under the radar.

These anime tend to be classics, or shows that are so good they’re recommended for their creativity, uniqueness, unconventional approach and fresh ideas or visuals.

It’s not always the case for non-mainstream anime, but it does tend to be that way to a big enough degree.


6. The gamer

konata izumi otaku anime

The gaming Otaku is also self explanatory. It’s the type of Otaku who buys a lot of anime games when they’re adapted, or plays anime games that are original.

This can also extend to Hentai games, Ecchi games, and anime games of that nature.

Of course, gamer otakus can be interested in anime with a “gaming” vibe since they’ll understand the references and dialogue, but it’s not strictly what they watch if talking about anime.

That said, Isekai (many of which are gaming related) appeal to this type of Otaku. But it’s not exclusive.


7. The figurine connoisseur

YouTube video

The figure connoisseur is someone who can’t help themselves when it comes to buying anime figures, PVC statues, Nendoroids, and the rest of the figure types.

This crowd are collectors at heart, and might not even collect anime figures exclusively. They can crossover with otaku’s who are also into games (not just anime games) since they collect other figures from other forms of entertainment.

Either way, the figure connoisseur are easy to notice since they’re YouTubers a lot of times (another crossover), or they talk about and share their love for anime figures online in some way.

Instagram being a platform where this is common.

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8. The Hentai enjoyer

The Hentai enjoyer goes without saying and is the most obvious type of Otaku. In fact this type of fan is specific with their interests.

They might also watch regular anime, but they have a special taste for Hentai and of course Ecchi as well.

A Hentai enjoyer will also play Hentai games, not just watch Hentai movies. And things like fanservice don’t bother them. If anything that embrace it and enjoy it for what it is.


9. The businessman/woman

anime businesswoman suit

This one extends and crosses over with the CREATIVE types of Otakus. In fact both can be the same person. It’s common.

Businessman/woman types of Otakus:

  • Start their own anime or manga businesses.
  • They may even get into the Hentai industry.
  • Manages anime businesses.
  • Contributes to the anime industry through their businesses or other businesses.

And things along those lines of thinking.

This type of person is most driven by the creative/business side of things than they are to “only” talk about, share, or support anime.

They’re driven to be active contributors through their own work in the anime industry.

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10. The elitist

legend of the galactic heroes subtitles anime

The Elitist has to be mentioned. They’re not the most positive type of anime fan, but not everything is supposed to be that way.

If you’re a new fan or experienced, you’re guaranteed to run across this type of Otaku eventually. No if’s, but’s or maybe’s about it.

You’ll see them on:

  • YouTube.
  • Twitter.
  • Reddit.

And other platforms or websites, but usually those platforms more than anything else.

That’s not to say these platforms don’t have people with any sense or modesty, but just that the worst one’s are on these platforms.

Elitists can also lean into the category of racists in the anime community, which is rampant on platforms like TWITTER. And anime fans (Otaku or weebs) who are problematic in general.


11. The anime merchandise fanatic

Again – this is a type of Otaku who sometimes crosses over into other types like dedicated, or even figure connoisseur

They can be one in the same.

That said, some Otaku’s absolutely LOVE anime merchandise as opposed to figures in particular, and tend to wear it when they get the chance.

Anime hoodies, sweatshirts, jumpers, t shirts, or even magnets, stickers, notebooks, posters and more.

You’ll come across that one type of anime fan who’s hardcore about it.

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