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32 Anime Characters Who are Student Council Members

And while there are student councils in every nation, Japan places a lot of value on them, giving the president of a student council a lot of influence over their fellow students.

Of course, anime also reflects this.

Therefore in this article, we’ve decided to track down a few of these presidents or student council members for you.


1.) Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)

word image 132545 1 |

The only thing that rivals Lelouch’s brilliant intellect is his unwavering will to get revenge on the Empire of Brittania.

He only cares about other people since they might aid him in achieving his objectives, except his younger sister Nunnally and his best buddy Suzaku.

To assist him in his endeavour, C.C. inserted a Geass into his left eye, enabling him to direct a target to carry out any action, regardless of the results.


2.) Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats!)word image 132545 2 |

Kanade Tachibana, the stern student council president, is the SSS’s enduring foe.

Kanade is continuously at war with the group, fighting them with magical weapons that kill easily, although it is unclear what her true motivations or feelings are. Yuri and the gang declare her to be a manifestation of God.


3.) Misaki Ayuzawa (Maid-Sama)

word image 132545 3 |

Young Misaki has a typical height and physique for her age. She has black hair that is shoulder length and light brown eyes with a golden tinge and brown eyes.

She frequently wears it in a ponytail while working out. She is thought to be physically pretty attractive despite her gruff demeanour.

Her side bangs are pulled away from her eyes by two silver bobby pins placed on the left side of her face when she is wearing her school uniform or the Maid Latte uniform.

She seldom wears makeup, and when she’s not donning her maid or school uniform, she prefers to dress comfortably in jeans and t-shirts.

After working at Maid Latte, she frequently appears wearing a white long-sleeve hoodie and dark blue trousers.


4.) Kallen Stadtfeld (Code Geass)

word image 132545 4 |

Young Kallen has fair skin, a thin yet powerful frame, and a youthful appearance.

Her most distinctive attributes are her large blue eyes and red hair, which she usually keeps combed down at school but spikes up for fights or private moments.

She is normal in height, standing only a hair above C.C. Kallen wore a vest and shorts while battling in her first Knightmare, a dated Glasgow.

She dons a magenta outfit that zips up to her neck when she begins to pilot the Guren Mark II. Sometimes, Kallen is spotted donning a typical Black Knights outfit.

She covers her head when working with the Black Knights by donning a red headscarf.


5.) Yuki Sohma (Fruits Basket)

word image 132545 5 |

Yuki has a highly nice and lovely attitude and is seen as a perfect, untouchable prince by most of his schoolmates, yet he is also awkward, bad at cleaning and cooking, and lazy around the house.

Yuki also suffers from a wide range of problems due to the abuse he endured as a youngster, including extremely poor self-esteem, feelings of loneliness and isolation, a fear of rejection, a tendency to keep people at a distance, and difficulties in naturally expressing his genuine emotions.

Yuki also exhibits a highly aloof and closed-off demeanour due to his keen awareness of his behaviours and how others may view them.


6.) Chika Fujiwara (Kaguya-sama: Love is War)

word image 132545 6 |

Chika is a cheery, odd girl who smiles nearly all the time. She frequently suggests bizarre events and ideas that amuse herself and the other student council members because she is constantly eager to have fun with them.

She tends to be unpredictable, ruining many of Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane’s plans to force the others to confess.

Ai Hayasaka, as Chika, is a threat to her job because she is largely unaware of the energy in the room.

She is viewed as simple-minded by many of the council members, especially Kaguya, because of her lax attitude and infantile actions.


7.) Kaguya Shinomiya (Kaguya-sama: Love is War)word image 132545 7 |

Before joining the student council, Kaguya was chilly and logical, but she gradually transformed.

She thought of Miyuki Shirogane as someone she would be okay with being in a relationship with if, and only if, he confessed first. Therefore she frequently uses trickery to try to get him to confess during her early days in council.

Her acts later in the series suggest that she is beginning to acknowledge her sentiments like Miyuki, though she won’t say so out loud.

Being a member of a prominent and wealthy family can make Kaguya appear arrogant and overconfident in her brilliance and extraordinary abilities.

However, only this particular version of her appears outside.


8.) Ayato Naoi (Angel Beats!)word image 132545 8 |

Naoi is a young man with fringes that are slight to the right and chin-length dark green hair.

He is the only SSS member at the Anti-Angel Headquarters who doesn’t wear the usual SSS uniform; instead, he wears the afterlife school’s standard outfit, which consists of black pants and a white polo shirt is worn under a black gakuran.

Additionally, he sports a Mao cap version that mostly features black and dark blue. Every time he makes his rounds through the school’s classes, a few NPCs frequently follow him.

Except for his Mao cap, he wears the same costume as in the anime.


9.) Nao Tomori (Charlotte)word image 132545 9 |

Nao is a young woman with long grey hair who periodically appears in the episodes as pale blonde or white.

She has huge blue eyes, and her hair is done in two tails with brown hair ties.

Her uniform, which consists of a red jacket with a yellow bow tie and a reddish-brown pleated skirt, is something she frequently wears.

In addition, she wears brown boots and grey knee-high socks as part of her school uniform.


10.) Yu Ishigami (Kaguya-sama: Love is War)word image 132545 10 |

Yu is a handsome, slim-built teen lad with a melancholy attitude.

His chin-length black hair covers the left half of his face, and his black eyes usually give him a glum aspect.

Yu had previously referred to himself as a jock. He had short hair similar to Tsubasa’s and an athletic frame. However, his muscle was lost as a result of his prolonged inactivity.


11.) Kaname Chidori (Full Metal Panic!)

word image 132545 11 |

Chidori’s upbringing as the daughter of a UN diplomat caused her to spend a significant amount of her formative years in Japan and the United States.

Chidori’s upbringing as the daughter of a UN diplomat caused her to spend a significant amount of her formative years in Japan and the United States.

As a result, she experienced bullying in both countries. The resulting personality seeks to convey a sense of assurance and control. Still, she is also irritable and quick to lash out, creating a façade to conceal her vulnerability, loneliness, and uncertainty.

However, her fellow Jindai Municipal High School students appear to have accepted and embraced her, perceiving her as someone everyone respects but no one wants to date.


12.) Sastsuki Kiryuuin (Kill La Kill)

word image 132545 12 |

Satsuki is a tall, thin woman who shares her mother’s angular face.

She had blue eyes, thick eyebrows, thigh-length dark-blue hair with inward diamond-shaped bangs cascading over her forehead, and a huge bust. Although she occasionally smiles, she has a habit of always scowling.

While Satsuki’s hair was trimmed a little shorter as a teenager, she eventually let it grow back out. She trims her previously long hair to a page boy shoulder-length style in Episode 25.

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13.) Miyuki Shirogane (Kaguya-sama: Love is War)word image 132545 13 |

Miyuki is a hardworking student who persevered and worked to the top of his class despite coming from a low-income family.

Miyuki highly regards himself and works hard to keep up his ideal persona.

He is a typical example of a workaholic, enjoying his part-time job while frequently putting his health at risk for the sake of his profession. He is a typical example of a workaholic, enjoying his part-time job frequently.

He was putting his health at risk for the sake of his profession. Due to his humble upbringing, Miyuki rarely discusses money, avoids wasting anything, and detests extravagant gifts.

14.) Seijuurou Akashi (Kuroko’s Basketball

word image 132545 14 |

When Akashi initially appears in the anime, she is depicted as having a very scary and arrogant disposition.

As their leader, he can influence the Generation of Miracles, who all comply with his demands. Akashi has complete faith in the talents of his comrades, past, and present.

Akashi had a strong winners-mentality because of how he was raised; he thought that those who succeed in life receive everything, while those who fail are left with nothing.

Victory is bestowed upon him because he has never experienced defeat.


15.) Shirley Finette (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)

word image 132545 15 |

Shirley is frequently described as happy, kind, smart, gregarious, and extroverted.

She participates in the Swimming Club, which keeps her physically active, and the Student Council, which keeps her socially engaged.

She also achieves the highest marks in her Ashford Academy class.

He actively exhibits concern for Lelouch throughout the book due to her affection for him, partly because of his gambling with nobles at the start of the story.


16.) Yuu Otasaka (Charlotte)

word image 132545 16 |

Yuu wears a variety of clothing throughout the series. However, he is most frequently seen in his Hoshinoumi uniform, which consists of a black jacket, a white undershirt with a dark blue shirt below, black pants, and brown shoes. He also has dark brown hair and maroon eyes.

His peers and friends also think he is attractive.

The summer version of the outfit, consisting of a white shirt, black pants, and brown shoes, is what Happiness, You Did Not Notice, is wearing when he is depicted.

Yuu wears a dark red sweatshirt, red undershirt, blue slacks, and brown shoes following Ayumi’s passing (The End of the Exodus).

He has black circles under his eyes at this time, which may indicate starvation.


17.) Kuroyuhikime (Accel World)word image 132545 17 |

Kuroyukihime is an extremely gorgeous and thin young lady who lives up to her reputation as “the most beautiful girl in school.” She has long black hair with two strands that stick out from the top of her brow like a butterfly’s antenna and wide hazel eyes.

Kuroyukihime wore her hair up in a ponytail when admitted to the hospital.

Her typical attire consists of black tights, a dark green skirt with brown trim, a navy blue blazer, and a light blue bow tie, her school uniform.

In her final year of school, her uniform changes to a red bow tie, but everything else stays the same. It’s widely known that she favors wearing black clothing.

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18.) Yuusaku Kitamura (Toradora)word image 132545 18 |

Male student Yusaku is Ryuuji Takasu’s best friend and the student council vice president. He later rises to become the class president, representative, and leader of the school’s boys’ softball team.

He believes he is bad at talking to girls, but Ryuuji points out his dynamic nature. Yusaku doesn’t feel bad about dressing badly in some settings.

On one occasion, he appears to the others to be only holding a towel over his pubic area after forgetting to put his clothing on after taking a shower at Ami’s beach house.

Yusaku is the one who starts the Christmas party off without a shirt on.


19.) Ako Suminoe (Kiss x Sis)word image 132545 19 |

Ako is a very educated, happy, and accomplished girl who is more maternal, responsible, and accomplished than her sister Riko.

She is a model student and housewife. She also makes an effort to keep a refined manner.

Despite this, Ako tends to be sentimental, immature, sad, upbeat, easily embarrassed, and wicked. Ako oversees the operations of her school’s student council as well.

To have some alone time with Keita Suminoe, Ako, like Riko Suminoe, abuses her position of power. She is also not scared to abuse her power.


20.) Shino Amakusa (Seitokai Yakuindomo)word image 132545 20 e1674996711160 |

The president of the student council and a second-year student. She is talented in numerous disciplines and takes her studies seriously.

She even implies that one of her key reasons for being interested in Tsuda is her curiosity about topics not taught in health classes, proving that she constantly thinks of perverted things.

She has a complex about her breast, which is made worse by the fact that Aria is better endowed than she is, and she is also a highly popular girl at school with many female fans.

Later, she starts to feel something for Tsuda.


21.) Ira Gamagori (Kill La Kill)

word image 132545 21 |

Gamagori is a tall, strong young man with short blonde hair and a deeper complexion.

He frequently wears his Three-Star Goku Uniform and has significantly thick eyebrows. He also has enlarged earlobes and a pair of little gold earrings.

He is occasionally represented as a giant, towering over the rest of the ensemble, for aesthetic and humorous effect.

The range of sizes that Gamagori has varies depending on the intensity of his emotions.


22.) Nonon Jakuzure (Kill La Kill)

word image 132545 22 |

Although Nonon frequently puts on a cute and sweet façade, she is a pretty, sassy girl with a very sharp wit.

She is the most blatantly conceited of the Elite Four, which comes out during fights when she acts sarcastically toward her opponent.

She seems to enjoy nothing more than annoying everyone around her with her continual digs at her allies and enemies.

She may have a demanding attitude, but she respects Satsuki Kiry so much that she even brags about knowing her longer than the other Elite Fours.

However, she considers the other Elite Four members to be friends, as seen by the fact that she appears visibly upset by Ira Gamagori’s apparent demise.


23.) Miyuki Shiba (The Honor/ Irregular Student at Magic High School)

word image 132545 23 |

Miyuki is a gorgeous, attractive girl who enchants anybody who sees her. Her legs and arms are thin without appearing overly sickly.

Mayumi said that Miyuki had so many perfectly symmetrical features that it was overwhelming, and “her trust in herself weakened.”

Her powerful and well-balanced magic might be to blame for this, as it is extremely strong. According to Miyuki, her features are not exactly the same as those of her relatives.

For her first two years at Magic High, her body has grown more defined and curvy, and in her last year at First High, she has also evolved a much more mature appearance.


24.) Kirari Momobami (Kakegurui)

word image 132545 24 |

Although on the outside, Kirari appears to be a polished and proper lady, in reality, she is a cold-blooded monster who only cares about herself.

She is a complete narcissist who denigrates everyone else and thinks everyone must comply with her rules alone, as was seen when Mary Saotome declined her invitation to join the student council.

She just mocked Mary’s possible justifications, calling them irrational and silly.

When Kirari was a first-year high school student two years before the series began, she was elected student council president. She was responsible for implementing the reform that saw the creation of the contribution and the “dog” and “cat” systems.


25.) Amu Hinamori (Shugo Chara)

word image 132545 25 |

Amu is modest and self-denying, but she is also kind and willing to go above and beyond to assist those in need. Amu also picks up the life lessons that come with living.

Amu plays the tough girl even though she isn’t that way.

However, she can also be a little airheaded and frequently forgets to complete her schoolwork. She is also incredibly kind and responsible.

When her parents are not around, she is entrusted with looking after her younger sister.


26.) Milly Ashford (Code Geass)

word image 132545 26 e1674996773560 |

Lelouch attends Ashford Academy with Milly, a friend and classmate.

She is curious and playful and frequently gently teases her pals over unrelated topics like Shirley’s difficulty in openly communicating her feelings for Lelouch.

She has been seen to harbour some yearning to be with Lelouch. Despite this, she occasionally demonstrates compassion, as seen in Episode 9 (Refrain), as she talks to Kallen about her parents.

She frequently used outrageous means to learn Lelouch’s secrets, including rallying the entire school to go after Arthur when she believed the cat was guarding something valuable for him.


27.) Ayame Kajou (Shimoneta: A Boring World Where Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist)word image 132545 27 |

The daughter of a disgraced former Diet member who unsuccessfully opposed the public morals regulations, Ayame is the student council vice president.

In defiance of the Japanese moral police, Ayame covertly performs outside school as the perverse terrorist Blue Snow (also known as Blue Tundra), covering her face with a panty and uttering crude remarks.

She joins forces with Tanukichi Okuma to form the gang SOX and broaden her operations to encompass the school after kidnapping him.


28.) Shoichiro Yukimura (Maid-sama!)

word image 132545 28 |

Although Yukimura is diligent, sincere, and capable of handling most administrative tasks, she is not athletic, especially compared to Takumi Usui and Misaki Ayuzawa.

Yukimura is a diligent worker who gives it his all at all times. He is sensitive to the fact that he comes out as somewhat weak due to his diminutive stature and delicate, almost feminine manner; he has even lamented his lack of power for his inability to help Misaki more.

Takumi kisses him as a “prize for his hard work,” and he is frightened and in awe of her. He enjoys the daily routine at work and tries to assist Misaki when he can.


29.) Aria Shichijou (Setokai Yakuindomo)

word image 132545 29 |

Aria is not a spoilt child, despite being the daughter of the affluent Zaibatsu Shichij.

She is, in reality, incredibly kind and happy to spend her fortune for the benefit of her friends. She’s taken the Student Council members to various locations at her expense, and on a few occasions, she’s taken even more people.

For example, she once took the Student Council, the Judo Club, Ranko Hata, and Kaede Igarashi to a hotel opening addition to the Student Council.

Aria’s tendency to get airheaded is one of her most noteworthy peculiarities.

This contributes to a “common sense” that is different from other people, probably due to her upbringing, and together they combine to give her a surreal vision of the world and the events going on around her.

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30.) Ritsu Kageyama (Mob Psycho 100)word image 132545 30 |

Ritsu is a brilliant young man who is a student council member. He excels in school and in everything else he does, but having psychic abilities is what he means most to him.

Before awakening his psychic abilities, he yearned for the ESP skills his brother had always possessed and was dissatisfied by his inability to perform tasks like bending spoons. He also harboured resentment toward his brother because he was born with psychic abilities.

Although he strives for perfection, he also has a dark side that primarily manifests after he gains psychic abilities.


31.) Joujirou Takajou (Charlotte)

word image 132545 31 |

A first-year student and member of the student council.

He is capable of moving so quickly that he appears to be teleporting.

To avoid harm, he must wear protective gear under his school uniform because he can’t control where he stops.


32.) Satoshi Fukube (Hyouka)

word image 132545 32 |

Although not in the same class, Fukube attended the same Kaburaya Middle School as Oreki and Ibara. From that point on, he met Oreki due to certain events, and from that point on, they became enemies.

Before joining the Classics Club, Fukube was a part of the school’s Executive Committee and Handicrafts Club.

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