The Best Dubbed Anime Shows That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

25+ Of The Best Dubbed Anime Shows That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

I’m hardcore when it comes to dubs, so this post was bound to come sooner or later.

Do you know what I’ve noticed about dubbed anime shows? There’s an endless amount of fans who HATE dubbed anime.

At least that’s what I’ve noticed from being part of the online anime community.

Why do fans hate anime dubs? I don’t know, and I’m not here to debate it. But what I am here to share is the best-dubbed anime shows I’ve ever seen.

So let’s jump straight into it, heads first!


1. Maid Sama

Maid Sama anime e1588416407490

Maid Sama? With a name like that, this must be a harem anime featuring sexy maids!

Maid Sama is a romance/comedy series focused on the two main characters: Usui Takumi and Misaki Ayuzawa.

I have to say: It’s one of the best-dubbed anime shows I’ve ever witnessed.

It’s the reason I’ve come to discover so many great anime shows on my journey. Especially in the genre of comedy and romance.

Unlike similar shows in its category, it’s so unique you can taste it. Each episode encourages you to take another bite at it.

An anime that can make me laugh, tell a story and keep me interested deserves my praise. 100%.


2. Nodame Cantabile

27 Of The Best Dubbed Anime Shows That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Nodame (on the left) and Chiaki (on the right) are the main characters of the show.

Nodame Cantabile is an anime about musicians on a mission to pursue their passions… While still in college.

I’m surprised I’ve never seen this anime recommended by anyone (one person maybe).

The dubbing is decent. The voices play so well with the characters. And of course, the anime itself is a star in its own right.

Nice mixture of comedy/slice of life and romance all mixed into one. Without too many cliche’s seen in similar shows.

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3. It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Popular

The Best Dubbed Anime Shows That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Watashi (in Japanese) is a slice of life anime focused on one main character. And that character is Tomoko Kuroki (with the black hair above).

If you think you’ve seen all the slice of life shows there are to see… Just wait till you watch this.

Watashi is the most awkward, depressing, cringe-inducing anime series I’ve seen.

Tomoko Kuroki tries to make friends and socialize with others. But fails so miserably that it kills to even watch.

I think it’s this aspect of the anime that makes it shine. Because there aren’t many slice of life shows that express the “ugly” side of a character’s personality and shortcomings.


4. Barakamon

Barakamon kawaii

This anime reminds me so much of Nodame Cantabile. They’re both so alike in a lot of ways.

The dubbing is good in both shows. But even better in Barakamon.

Barakamon is a slice of life series focused on the calligrapher: Seishuu Handa. A 23 year old who’s sent off to live on an island to change his behaviour. And work on his personal development.

Barakamon will have you laughing almost every episode. And even better than that, you’ll love the personal development.

One of the best traits of this anime is how it steers away from fan service and “harem” aspects.

Goes to show you an anime doesn’t need all that foolishness to prove how good it is.


5. Interviews With Monster Girls

The Best Dubbed Anime Shows That Will Make Your Jaw Drop
The main characters in one image.

Interviews With Monster Girls, an anime released in 2017. The story is based on its original light novel series.

It’s yet another slice of life anime series that’s fun to watch, avoids common cliches, and has a good dub.

The 4 main female characters are Demi-Humans. Each with its own individual abilities, drawbacks and challenges.

As you watch the anime each student goes through the challenge of making friends with ordinary human beings. And trying to fit into a society that doesn’t understand them for who they are.

it’s not a fast-paced show, and I like that about it.

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6. Claymore

The Best Dubbed Anime Shows That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Claymore is an action/fantasy show full of extreme violence, dark, and emotional moments.

It’s one of the first few anime I ever watched.

The story focuses on Clare, a Claymore. This means she’s a modified human being whose goal is to destroy Yoma.

You can think of Yoma as a type of demon/beast with superhuman strength.

Of all the surprising and shocking scenes I’ve witnessed in many shows, Claymore stands out.

The voice-casting fits the role of each character without trying too hard or sacrificing quality.

If gore and violence are the shows you’re into (like AOT or Akame Ga Kill), give the dubbed version a try.


7. Amagi Brilliant Park

The Best Dubbed Anime Shows That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Amagi Brilliant Park is a short anime in the comedy/magic genre.

The story focuses on a magical amusement park on the verge of going bankrupt if it can’t bring in enough customers.

I thought the dub was alright. And some of the roles certain characters play had me laughing.

The dialogue is pretty sharp.

I like the business aspect of this show. Along with the fact, there’s comedy and magic blended into it.

It’s not the most popular show but it doesn’t have to be

I’d recommend it if you’re a lover of comedy anime. And would prefer a series that’s short (13 episodes).


8. Black Lagoon

The Best Dubbed Anime Shows That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Black Lagoon is the most gangster-infested anime show you’ll ever watch.

It’s doubtful you’ll find an anime that can compete within the same genre, let alone beat the quality of this series.

Black Lagoon features 4 main characters: Revy, Rock, Benny and Dutch.

Simple names, right? That’s what makes their names easy to remember.

As you dive into the series you’ll start to see just how dark, twisted, deep and gritty it is.

The thing is: the way this anime plays out is so realistic that it’s comparable to real life. To a degree anyway.

The anime does more than a good job of showcasing deep issues in an animated fashion. And that’s why it’s one of the best series for me.

And when you consider how the English dubbed version is so on point,… It only makes Black Lagoon so much more legit among dubbed anime out there.


9. Hyperdimension Neptunia

The Best Dubbed Anime Shows That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Hyperdimension Neptunia is a parody/comedy anime series based on a world of gaming and CPU’S.

The anime series is taken from the video games on the PlayStation 3 and PSP.

Compared to other shows on this list, Hyperdimension isn’t the greatest. Especially not as far as story-telling, quality and all that jazz.

But the dubbing, voice casting and dialogue are PERFECT.

I can’t get over how funny this anime show is at times. Or how the creators managed to pull out such an entertaining dialogue throughout the series.

Every now and then I’ll watch an Anime show that I feel has so much potential… But it doesn’t live up to it.

And at the same time manages to feature characters who I love so much that it’s unreal.

The mockery of typical clichés and tropes is another one of its strengths.

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10. Full Metal Panic

The Best Dubbed Anime Shows That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

You can tell just by looking at the image this anime is from another planet. And as you start to get into it, you realize it IS from another planet altogether.

Full Metal Panic is one of the FEW mecha anime I rate highly.

Season 1 starts out at a slow-ish pace. Focusing on the main character: Sousuke Sagara. Who has a Militant background and works for an independent Military group.

The other main character: Kaname Chidori, is a student council president who’s responsible, popular, and humble, but is in danger of being kidnapped.

Aside from the great dubbing, voice-casting and dialogue, Full Metal Panic is a strange show. Meaning the first series got me interested but didn’t leave me “flawed” by how good it is.

The second season blew me away, and I couldn’t believe the 2nd series was so much better than the first.

The 3rd “side-story” season shocked me yet again with how good it is. I can’t even name an anime series with a season 2 that outclasses season 1 by this much.

It’s unheard of in almost all forms of film and entertainment to this degree.

Season 4 is another solid season as well.


11. Shiki

The Best Dubbed Anime Shows That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Shiki is a horror/mystery anime series comparable to Higurashi: When They Cry.

Compared to Higurashi, Shiki starts off with a slow pace. In fact, as I got into a couple of episodes I started to doubt whether it was worth watching.

But then the pace starts to pick up and each episode started blowing my mind out of my skull. Piece by piece.

The dubbing, voice casting and dialogue are spot on. The storytelling is one of the best I’ve ever seen (even if slow).

Realism is beyond belief. Shiki is one of the saddest, most cruel and most thought-provoking anime created.


12. My Hero Academia

The Best Dubbed Anime Shows That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Superhero/supernatural anime series are so commonplace and typical in the anime community.

They’re one of the most (if not the most) popular types of anime shows on the planet. Like DBZ, Fairy Tail, and so on.

That being said – this anime caught me by surprise.

I’m the type of guy who after hearing about an Anime too much, tune out and become uninterested. Because there’s nothing worse than an Anime that can’t live up to the hype.

But My Hero Academia is in a league of its own. Proving that you don’t need “originality” to make something a masterpiece.

The dubbing is legit, the voice casting is accurate, and the execution is sharp. Plus the story grabs your attention from the first episode.

Out of all the dubbed anime shows out there, My Hero Academia deserves to be on this list.


13. Owari No Seraph

The Best Dubbed Anime Shows That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Owari No Seraph is another anime that filled me with doubts. But I went ahead and gave it a try anyway.

It’s an action/fantasy series similar to Black Bullet and Akame Ga Kill.

The first episode starts off like Attack On Titan. Meaning it’s filled with emotions, sadness and pain.

After watching both seasons 1 and 2, I can say it’s a pretty decent show. The voice actors did a solid job matching the vocals to the characters.

So that’s a win as far as English dubbing goes.

The anime itself isn’t the most action-packed I’ve seen. Nothing like Akame Ga Kill or Fate Zero.

The story, the characters, their roles and their personalities more than do it for me though.

What makes this show stand out is the characters themselves. And the family-like bond they build together.

If there’s ever a season 3, I’d jump at the chance to see it.


14. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

The Best Dubbed Anime Shows That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Another 2017 Anime series with “slightly” similar aspects to Interviews With Monster Girls.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a slice of life/comedy with weird, powerful, over-the-top dragons.

The dubbing “fits” in this anime just like Interviews With Monster Girls. The voice cast is great, and the dialogue is comical.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid for me is one of the most relaxing, yet funny as F anime. It’s the type of show you can watch without being too serious about it.

And to me, that’s one of the anime’s best qualities. I think they did a sound job from start to finish.


15. Kill La Kill

The Best Dubbed Anime Shows That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Kill La Kill is an anime series that at first, seems ridiculous and over the top.

From the outside in it’s an anime that tries too hard and is a little unconventional. For how Ryuko’s outfit looks erotic and over-exposed when she powers up.

And the “transformation scene” looks a lot like Sailor Moon.

That being said, this is another anime series that proved me wrong.

As I said earlier, originality doesn’t matter. As long as the execution is on point, and it’s well-done like fried chicken, that’s all that matters.

That said, there’s a deeper story under the surface of Kill La Kill which explains the whacky comedy, outfits, and fan service.

You’ll struggle to find an anime like Kill La Kill with a strong English dub. Great voice casters. And a hilarious but memorable dialogue.

I’ve seen plenty of dubbed action anime and almost none of them come close to Kill La Kill’s quality.


16. Fate Zero

The Best Dubbed Anime Shows That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

I can’t go without mentioning Fate Zero on this list. An anime in the fantasy/action genre.

Before watching Fate Zero I tried Fate Stay Night. The anime is pretty decent.

I expected Fate Zero to be just as good. But that was impossible because Fate Zero blew my expectations sky-high.

I enjoyed the dubbing, voice casting and dialogue so much more in Fate Zero. The main thing that makes Fate Zero so much better than Fate Stay Night, is the action.

It’s almost like comparing an anime like K-ON to something like Attack On Titan. AOT is too violent and K-ON is too cute for either to be compared.

So If you’re looking for a fantasy English dub, try Fate Zero.


17. Michiko To Hatchin

michikio to hatchin anime girls

You can think of Michiko To Hatchin like Black Lagoon. It’s similar to strong female characters, a grimey story and characters with a tough background associated with crime.

In this case, there’s a little twist between the main characters lifestyle’s and how they mix.

The anime’s not just underrated, but the voice actors and dialogue are on point.

Michiko To Hatchin deserves more credit than it seems to get.


18. New Game!

new game anime aoba suzukaze

New Game! is a favourite slice of life for me. You can compare the quality to something like Shirobako, as well as the story and how people come together to make “art” a reality.

Aoba Suzukaze is a character that gamers in the industry will be able to relate to. Since she has dreams of working in a gaming company and succeeds.

Other characters like Umiko Ahagon (a programmer) are relatable for people who do “that” side of things when it comes to games.

But either way – New Game is a unique anime with its own flavour and enough good characters to enjoy. Along with the solid dubbing.


19. Sword Art Online

sword art online 3rd season

SAO is one of the most hated anime of all time. And the Isekai that gave life to the genre we know today.

Sword Art Online since the first season has had some of the greatest anime voice actors. And that’s true even with the latest alicization series.

It’s one of the reasons SAO is successful both with the subbed AND the dubbed version since the quality is so good.

And of course – with so many seasons, SAO has plenty of content for fans (or new fans) to get into and try.


20. The Quintessential Quintuplets

The Quintessential Quintuplets anime girls

The Quintessential Quintuplets is an anime that hit me with surprise. Harem anime tend to be average, sh*tty and full of enough cliches to fill a fish tank.

Somehow this anime has a certain appeal that allows you to “get past” the thing that would turn you away.

Each character (sister) is relevant and has enough uniqueness to stand out without being forgotten. And of course – the dubbing only helps because it fits so well.


21. Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple

kenichi the mightiest disciple anime characters

Kenichi seems like a forgotten anime these days that no one talks about.

It’s an absolute classic in the shounen genre and one of the more quality shounen ever made.

With a theme that focuses on bullying, how to overcome it, personal development and martial arts, it’s already an anime that’s different.

The quality of the dubbing here, with some of the greatest VAs in the industry, is something worth shouting about.


22. Madoka Magica

madoka magica squad

Madoka Magica is an anime that destroys magical girl cliches and recreates them with its own set of rules and flavour.

Each character has a purpose. Even the side characters. And you feel like you “know” each character by the time you’ve finished the anime.

Studio SHAFT is the one behind this unconventional magical girl series, and it seems the VAs chosen for it were the perfect fit for each character’s vibe.


23. Samurai Champloo

samurai champloo characters

Samurai Champloo is another anime too many don’t mention these days.

It has a similar feel to Cowboy Bebop and that’s not a coincidence when you know who’s behind it.

Two samurai help a girl find a man who smells of sunflowers, and the anime picks apart their past, and secrets, and gives you a taste of samurai action that looks good.

With so few characters it’s easy to see why the VAs are solid in Samurai Champloo. They were chosen carefully and it matches the anime’s reviews and ratings.


24. Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World

re zero subaru and emilia cute

Re:Zero, made by studio white fox is not just one of their best shows, but it’s one of the stand-out Isekai anime.

It’s the type of psychological series with powerful protagonists (for their impact), and realistic elements that make the characters come to life. Especially the MC.

Few anime can compare for how relatable characters can be in Re:Zero. And the dub makes it all better to top it all off.


25. A Certain Magical Index

A Certain Magical Index touma index moments

A Certain Magical Index (and the railgun series) have solid dubs and VAs. Index has 3 seasons so far, and will have more to come in future from the light novels.

It’s about Touma Kamijou, a guy who seemingly has bad luck and a right arm that’s able to cancel, negate, or destroy magic and supernatural powers.

The other MC is Index, a girl who essentially drags Touma into the dark side of the world involving magic, religion, and more that Touma was ignorant of.

For a franchise, there are very few anime that can compare. The fanbase is strong and the world is expansive.


Other English dubbed anime worth mentioning:

  • K-ON.
  • The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna.
  • Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends.
  • D. Gray Man.
  • Tamako Market.
  • Kokoro Connect.
  • Witchblade.
  • Spice And Wolf.
  • School Rumble.
  • Lucky Star.
  • Love Live.
  • Snow White With The Red Hair.
  • Code Geass.
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun.
  • Inuyasha.
  • Gunslinger Girl.
  • The Devil Is A Part Timer.
  • Squid Girl.
  • Dragon Ball Z.


What’s your favourite anime dub?



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