The 17 Most Disappointing Anime MOST Fans Seem To Love

Misaki Ayuzawa Maid Sama

If this post hurts your feelings… I understand. That’s not my intention.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll change my opinions on these over-hyped, disappointing anime shows.

The thing with entertainment is: we like what we like, and that’s just how it goes.

We don’t get to choose what we like, as we’re drawn to certain things because of “how” we are.

Anyways enough of that.

Let’s talk about 12 disappointing anime that most fans sing praises for.


Disappointing Anime List:


1. Attack On Titan

most disappointing anime ever

You heard me right – ATTACK ON TITAN.

This anime is SO hyped that it disappointed my expectations.

I think that’s the danger of anime like this. When it’s too hyped, if you dislike it then you hate it even more.

It’s not that I think AOT is the worst anime, far from it. But it’s average at best, and nothing worth shouting about.

The only exception I’ll make is the animation. It’s some of the BEST I’ve seen.


2. Steins Gate

most disappointing anime ever

Steins Gate has an interesting theme… If it keeps you interested for long enough.

While I understand the “deep” themes behind it, the entertainment was too boring for me.

Eventually it gets stale, and so you won’t see me singing praises for this anime.

I don’t understand the hype behind it. I preferred the anime series Robotic Notes, which is similar.


3. Angel Beats

most disappointing anime ever

Apparently Angel Beats is one of the “saddest” shows ever created.

Or at least there are bloggers and fans who claim it is. And how Angel Beats “will make you cry”.

Cry? OK. I don’t understand the hype and praise of Angel Beats.

It doesn’t even come close to romance like Clannad or Orange as far as “sad” anime series.

The characters in Angel Beats are some of the most forgettable I’ve witnessed. And very few add real “meaning” to the story.

And the action is nothing to get excited about, even if the music is decent.


4. Your Lie In April

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Your Lie In April may legitimately be a sad series, but I didn’t get to witness it.

I just couldn’t get through the entire series as I lost interest.

So despite the story of Your Lie In April, It wasn’t enough to carry me though till the end.

The anime’s initial stages isn’t enough to pull me through and make me “want” to see what happens later.

Maybe one day. 😉


5. Durarara!!

most disappointing anime ever

Like Your Lie In April, Durarara didn’t do it for me.

This anime seems so interesting when you first start watching.

A headless rider in a black motorcycle outfit. A dark, mysterious undertone. These are the themes I love.

But again, the anime bored the sh** out of me, and I couldn’t force myself to keep watching.

That’s the problem with anime that take too long to get you hooked.

I almost lost interest in anime shows like Toradora and Log Horizon for the same reasons.

Luckily for those anime they turned out “interesting” a lot faster than Durarara did.


6. Noragami


I watched ALL of Noragami. I like the story and the underlying tone.

It’s meaningful, and proves even gods themselves live through disparity (even if it’s fiction).

Yato’s circumstances are ruthless, all things considered. And his personality is actually one of the “highlights” of Noragami.

He’s a good character.

But “good characters” who female fans fawn over… isn’t enough to make an anime worthwhile.

For me, Noragami is just another anime that I feel could have been better. But in the end it wasn’t enough.

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7. Deadman Wonderland

The 17 Most Disappointing Anime MOST Fans Seem To Love

Deadman Wonderland is easily the most vomit-inducing series I’ve laid eyes on.

I couldn’t bare to stand the main character (his VA is awful). It’s like scratching a chalk board with your finger nails listening to the main characters voice actor.

To me, it was a terrible choice to choose him as the protagonist.

And the violence is an excuse to give the anime appeal for the sake of it.

In the end, I couldn’t even finish Deadman Wonderland. And that’s despite the anime being so short (12 episodes).

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8. The Seven Deadly Sins

most disappointing anime ever

When it comes to perversion, groping and sexual harassment, fans will argue that “anime is JUST fiction”.

And while there’s truth to that, personally I couldn’t deal with The Seven Deadly Sins.

Meliodas, the main character shoves his head up a girls skirt. And squeezes her boobs while she sleeps in the early episodes.

And what does she do? Nothing, because she’s a “nice” girl.

The 17 Most Disappointing Anime MOST Fans Seem To Love

It was a little too much for me. Fan-service ain’t the right word for that sh**.

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9. A Certain Magical Index

most disappointing anime ever

I watched Railgun before Magical Index, and loved the Railgun series.

For a spin-off it’s surprisingly good. Which is why I couldn’t believe how bland the original A Certain Magical Index is.

The momentum was too painfully slow to endure, so I dropped it.

Like many anime shows I’ve dropped, Magical Index feels like watching a turtle run around a race circuit 10 times.

The action is by far so mediocre that It’s laughable when compared to Railgun.

Even the 2018 version of Magical Index seems to have been a disappointment.


10. Your Name

most disappointing anime ever

Like AOT, Your Name was SO over-hyped that it crashed and burned my expectations to the ground.

I can’t fathom how the average review claims it’s emotional, sad and so-called depressing.

The only sad thing is the fact the two characters struggle to see each other. Which by the way, the execution is so poor it hurts to watch.

Besides that, what’s so sad and compelling about this movie? The main characters are empty shells that offer nothing in terms being able to relate, emotionally.

Clannad After Story makes it look childish in comparison.

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11. 5 Centimetres Per Second

The 17 Most Disappointing Anime MOST Fans Seem To Love

Like Your Name, 5 Centimetres Per Second was a huge disappointment.

In fact – this movie is even worse than Your Name.

The story centers around two “childhood” sweethearts who were unable to keep up their relationship.

The execution of 5 Centimetres wasn’t so bad, but the story is empty and lacks emotional appeal.

My Bride Is A Mermaid was more emotional than this crap. And that anime is a PARODY in comparison.


12. Serial Experiments Lain

most disappointing anime ever

Like Steins Gate, Serial Experiments Lain looks and feels interesting.

There’s obviously no anime like it as far as uniqueness and animation.

BUT… it starts to get old and rusty a little too fast.

I almost finished the series, but it wasn’t enough to get me excited to see more.

It felt too repetitive and bland for my taste buds. Again – it’s too slow. And unbearable to say the least.


13. March Comes In Like A Lion

The 17 Most Disappointing Anime MOST Fans Seem To Love

Plain, boring, and I’m not a fan of the animation.

I’ve watched tons of “slow” anime, but this anime was sooo slow I had to drop it in the end.

I couldn’t get into it no matter how much I watched it. So I can only feel disappointed with it.

Plus the animation feels out of a place and awful, but I do respect the creators for trying something different.


14. Mushishi

The 17 Most Disappointing Anime MOST Fans Seem To Love

The pacing is painfully slow and stale. I couldn’t take it anymore.

It’s not even like Mushishi is a terrible anime series. In fact I was drawn to its appeal in the first episode.

The wildlife concept and how things work in this anime – I loved the ideas in Mushishi.

But again – it’s hard to watch a series that takes too long to get interesting. So like March Comes In Like A Lion… I dropped Mushishi.

Which is disappointing.


15. Angels Of Death

The 17 Most Disappointing Anime MOST Fans Seem To Love

Opinions changed. Mine certainly did.

Earlier in 2018 I recommended it. I even wrote an “anime like angels of death” post.

But after watching almost the entire series, I noticed how it started to become predictable, repetitive and stale as the series progressed.

That “spark”  from the first few episodes started to vanish.

It starts out as an anime series that seems clever and dark like Death Note or Higurashi.

But in the end – comparing this to either show is an insult.

Disappointing. Especially since J.C Staff is one of my favorite studios.

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16. Zombieland Saga

The 17 Most Disappointing Anime MOST Fans Seem To Love

Like Mushishi I can see the appeal of this series… But it never got me interested enough to watch all the way through.

The way its set up, and how the anime’s first episode kicks in (and comes to an end) left me wondering what the “hype” is all about.

Zombieland Saga is overrated, but that’s just me.

It’s almost feels like the anime “Love Live” but a parody version that tries to make itself appealing with “zombie” girls.


17. Kono Subarashii

The 17 Most Disappointing Anime MOST Fans Seem To Love

WTF? How is this even possible!

That might be your reaction right now. Even I’m surprised at Konosuba.

If you know me by now then you know I can’t stand subbed anime. 

I prefer watching the dub because it’s easier, and it’s what I’m used to. But I’ve been dying to try Konosuba for a long time.

So I said F it, swallowed my pride and watched the subbed version of Konosuba (there’s no dub).

Now I’m wondering what the hype was all about (which is why I avoid mainstream shows).

Konosuba kind of feels forced and too repetitive for me to take the comedy seriously.

Megumin’s incessant babbling when performing her “explosion” technique seems out of place.

Darkness’s perverted, masochistic personality is another element that tries its hardest to make you laugh… But instead only managed to make me cringe.

Hopefully when the “dub” comes out, maybe my disappointment will change into appreciation.

But I doubt it.

Which anime series have disappointed you?



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7 thoughts on “The 17 Most Disappointing Anime MOST Fans Seem To Love

  1. len says:

    I can see that most of these you dropped because they “got old” or were “too boring.” No hard feelings, but ever feel like maybe you just have a short attention span? Most of these aren’t even horrendously slow, for example March comes in like a lion is SUPPOSED to be slow because it’s a slice of life/ coming of age story of the slow character development in Rei, because real life character development doesn’t happen in a stretch of a single episode haha. It’s supposed to feel naturally progressive. But it’s fine you can like and dislike what you want but I just honk you should work on that attention span. lol

    • Theo Ellis
      Theo J Ellis says:

      The anime is just boring. I’ve watched more slice of life than you think, and they never bored me in comparison (Flying Witch).

  2. Cordelia diamond says:

    Yeah, I get what you’re saying about most of these, but I have certain reasons for liking some of these animes. For example I like Angel beats because it got me through some hard times I had as a child.
    I haven’t watched it since I was a child and it’s probably not as good as I thought it was. Then there’s your lie in April, which was probably one of the hardest anime for me to even begin to get it to. I ended up skipping to the last few episodes of your lie in April because it was a very boring series in the beginning. So I definitely get what you’re saying about that one. I most definitely respect your opinion. And I think most of these are pretty disappointing. Thank you for sharing this list.

  3. registret says:

    Such a shallow article for views grabbing. You’re just BSing popular anime without giving concrete reasons.

    • Theo Ellis
      Theo J Ellis says:

      It’s a shame you believe that. But that in itself shows you’re emotionally immature because I don’t agree with your opinion. Concrete or not.

      • Nishu Nicodemus Murmu says:

        Well it’s a shame that you don’t understand it. Most of them will not agree with your opinion(neither do I). And don’t try to act smart by degrading such good animes and pretending to be a critic. And don’t even say that I’m immature and childish. So let me know what kind of anime you like if it isn’t one of them you mentioned above. Well that’s your opinion and I respect it but I think most of them will disagree even some critic.

        • Theo Ellis
          Theo J Ellis says:

          Oh I’m not gonna say you’re immature and childish. I’d only say it if it’s warranted.

          That said – you speak as if I’m SUPPOSED to care that “most of them” will disagree. That’s none of my business.

          I don’t share opinions so people can agree with me, or tell me how RIGHT or wrong I am (that’s a fallacy). I do it because I believe in what I’m saying.

          “Approval” is the last thing you need when you “actually” have enough self esteem to not be pressured by WHAT people think.

          That’s the difference between me, you, and these “other” people you speak of. So you can all disagree to your hearts content 😉

          No hard feelings.

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