7 Types Of Fans That Make The Anime Community TOXIC

Mayaka Ibara disappointed face hyouka
Written by Theo J Ellis

I’ve been in  “the anime community” for over 2 years now.

Before that I was a casual watcher of anime, but never got into forums, blogging, business or anything of the sort.

I’m surprised and even baffled at how a large part of the anime community can be so… toxic.

Or what I should say is – the minority who ruins it for the majority.

In fact – no later than yesterday I experienced it first-hand. So let’s talk about that.


Fans Who Make The Anime Community Toxic:


1. The “know it all”

I see it all the time.

The type of fan who “bashes” your opinions and then goes on to explain why they’re “right”. Despite having no knowledge about what they’re talking about.

I’ve seen people go to lengths to prove they’re right, and even go as far as belittle, insult, and then treat ME like I’m the problem.

please tell me again willy wonka meme

I’ve also had people argue about how big the anime industry is, and use a video game to make their point, not realizing a video games success has nothing to do with the anime industry.

That’s how caught up these people are in trying to be “right”.

It all comes from a place of insecurity and wanting to feel important.


2. The “elitist”

YouTube video

Similar to point #1, the elitist will do whatever it takes to belittle, argue, and make you feel “small” to make themselves feel more important.

I’ve seen it enough times that it makes me wanna throw up.

Like the “sub” elitists (the worst kind) who claim:

  • You’re deranged.
  • Stupid.
  • Have no idea what you’re talking about.
  • Or how “there must be something wrong with you” for not liking a subbed anime series.

The same fans who have the audacity to believe: if you like a certain anime, they’re somehow better than you. Because only losers like SAO, right? 😉

Sorry mate, you’re not fooling anyone.

You have no self esteem, that’s why you’re so desperate to stroke your glass-ego.


3. The “I don’t wanna admit you’re right, so I’ll argue about something that’s irrelevant”

I’ve answered 1000’s of questions about anime online.

Almost always someone will comment with something like “but the MANGA says….” even though the question has nothing to do with Manga.

I’ve also seen people comment something out of context just because they don’t want to agree (even if it’s based on statistical facts).

Is being right REALLY so important? I mean sh**. If I’m wrong, I can admit it.

That’s how I learn. That’s how you build confidence.

The false premise of needing to be right is only proof of an insecurity these trolls are hiding.


4. The “self-righteous” cry baby

On Quora – I answered a question about the types of anime I would not recommend.

Tons of people took it as a personal attack, as if I was targeting them specifically… and went out of their way to “sh** on me” as one loser put it.

And on here (and elsewhere online) I’ve been attacked for disagreeing with a series. Or “not” bowing down to public opinion when I don’t agree with it.

Wake up call: the world doesn’t revolve around you. Which takes me to my next point…


5. The “sheep” who criticize you for being honest

anime sheep dolls

What bothers me about society in general, is how politically correct most people are.

When did the world get so fu*** soft?

It’s entertainment for F sake, it’s SUPPOSED to be about your opinions of what you think is good or bad.

It’s not scientific.

Some anime fans play it safe and only talk about anime shows that “everybody else likes” to avoid criticism.

But the flip-side is – when you give an honest opinion about an anime (especially if it’s popular), these same fans demonize and belittle you for it.

It’s stunning how anime fans care so much about what others think, that they’ll belittle you just because you have the GUTS to share what they’re too afraid to say.

And even worse: they’ll “only” talk about anime people agree with to avoid criticism, even though they themselves dislike the anime they’re recommending.

Even some anime sites and blogs do it.

What’s up with that? I see this behavior on Reddit as well.


6. Racists

There’s a major issue with racism in the 21st century. It’s what they call “institutional” racism, which means: racism that happens in the background, so you can’t verify it.

It’s subtle but dangerous. And people pretend it doesn’t exist, which makes it justified.

One example is an anime site that used to “share” and even link to Anime Motivation.

Strangely – the moment I signed up to their website to contribute content (my face was visible), not only was it never published… they stopped sharing and linking back to Anime Motivation all together.

This was long before Anime Motivation gained any popularity at all.

It makes sense when you consider there’s almost no black people with large websites in the anime community, besides myself.

And of those anime sites run by black people – almost all of them “hide” their identity.

The same is true of anime fans and creators of other races and cultures, too.

So yes – it does happen, you just don’t see it because it’s not made public or done vocally.

Instead it’s proven by people’s actions.

This is even worse in the “cosplay” community from what I understand.


7. Sexism

anime sexism case study

Where are all the women in the anime community?

Don’t misunderstand what’s being said. I know there’s a “small” portion of anime sites run by women, though few of them are big enough to mention. Which tells a story in itself.

And I know there are female anime fans on forums who share their thoughts and opinions.

But… you’d be surprised how few do that, and how the male-dominated communities treat women anime fans in particular.

Worth reading:

Sexism in the Anime Fandom: A Case Study of a Tumblr User

Why are a lot of otakus sexist?

Even here on Anime Motivation, where anyone’s welcome to leave comments, most comments are men, not women.

And yet I know they exist, because around 36% of my audience are women!

Gender Range Pie Chart Anime Motivation Company

Maybe it’s fear-driven, or bad experiences in the past?


In a nutshell – toxic anime fans are those who:

  • Think they’re special.
  • Think they’re “too superior” to give credit where credits due.
  • Belittle others to justify their insecurities.
  • Argue for the sake of arguing because they have nothing better to do.
  • Treat others like lesser-human beings.
  • Are racists, elitists, or sexists in secrecy, or occasionally in public.

Sometimes It doesn’t even feel like a community because of this.

Almost nobody wants to support each other (they’d rather belittle or get “one up” on you).

It’s almost as if people prefer to belittle and criticize, but never want to take the time to praise and support you.

But hey – haters gonna hate.

It’s a fact of life. It’s just a shame the minority (I’m being optimistic) ruins it for the majority, so often.


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Im wanting to become a gatekeeper……… The anime community makes me to just stop watching anime l swear, like anime got popular and now Every1 is acting like they r the biggest weeb that ever existed like dude l want to tell u that Every1 heard of haikyuu my dude and its popular ye know? Stop acting like u watched the anime when u didnt? Do u mind not being sensitive that l aint agreeing w u? Maybe u could not attack people for bc u dont like the r opinion, anime used to be such a big thing for… Read more »

Reply to  Boiiiii

I already stopped because all their toxicity and negativity pilled up on me to the point I became depressed. I also watched so many anime before entering the forum communities and twitter but with so much ease and positivity on mind. They just ruined it for me and I can’t see anime the same way as before. If I knew things was going to turn this way I’d never evolved myself in any kind of fandom, fanbase or community ever; I would’ve watched it solely for my own entertainment. It sucks.

Reply to  Boiiiii

I completely agree with this one..
They think they are the biggest weeb after watching Haikyuu, HxH, KnY, BnH, YbC, and those other popular animes.
Even my friends did those!
I love the anime but NOT the fandom.
and they are embarasssing as f*ck like geez, stop deifying anime like that
(kurapika supermacy, nagito supermacy etc)
My friend even made fun of Ash’s (Aslan’s) death from bananafish and she didn’t even watched it yet :


Am a new anime watcher I just watched anime 8 months ago (march 2020) and what I think about the anime fanbase are kinda rude and toxic. I don’t even mark myself weeb and they said “eW fAkE wEEbs” I just turned my friend to respect anime more and I think it’s a terrible thing lmao She didn’t even respect Japan and mark herself the biggest weeb, she keep sharing anime status on her Whatsapp, Instagram etc. Anime fandom is really sensitive too, they attacked my just for shipping Levi and Petra lmao. I don’t know but this is my… Read more »

Reply to  kou-kun

Psst. I ship Levi and Petra too. We exist


true, i’m arguing with someone on youtube that’s literally calling me dumb, and saying how i “sHouLd uSe THe fEw bRaIncEllS i HaVe” just bc i stated my opinion about the dabi theory. like this are one of the reasons why i keep my thoughts about manga/anime to myself bc anime fans are quick to call you names out of nowhere.

Reply to  asui

Are You Indian?

Reply to  Deepak

You forgot to mention the people who force ships, some are so gross, it makes me sick.
And yeah its funny that women aren’t that active but in Japan, audience is more women than men


bro , you forgot about the the only ” I can watch anime fans” , those people who only think they can watch anime and when their friend or relative watches . they criticized them about , you are so much behind in anime , you don’t know most character names , lemme give you a spoiler ,hahah you just watching because of trend , watch explained videos , and they jealous that their also watches anime even if they don’t understand anything . I have such a friend who I watch anime with ,but my other friends who started… Read more »


I really enjoyed reading your post! Regarding sexism, I’m active on twitter and follow a lot of One Piece fan accounts that share their opinion about the anime. I’ve only started watching it some weeks ago but I feel like as a female it is harder to be accepted. Especially in the OP fandom there are a lot of men who belittle you and your opinion, because they feel like they are more suitable to talk about a Shonen anime. That’s why I don’t like to share my opinion on certain things. I just don’t feel like I’m allowed to… Read more »


Dahaha completely agree! Thats why i prefer to read novels. Novels community is much better. Also guys if you ever going to read i reccommend to do it on wuxialib.net
No ads and top novels

Reply to  sylviedragon

I am not a fan of novels thought, but I can really tell the fandom is good. By just seeing you all from a far