The Appeal of DANDERE Characters: Here’s Why Fans Love It

The Appeal of DANDERE Characters Heres Why Fans Love It
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Dandere anime characters aren’t the most popular type of Dere, but they are one of the most liked.

The appeal of a Dandere comes down to:

  • Their mannerisms.
  • How they act and behave.
  • Their tropes and cliches.
  • And how it separates Danderes from other deres like Tsundere.

Here’s a list of examples to make the point.

Let’s get to it.


1. Silent types who are curious

mio nishizono parasol

Curiosity kills the cat, and it’s the same with dandere characters since they’re the types of characters that make you curious about who they are.

Dandere’s are the silent types of anime characters you’re bound to come across. They don’t speak for the sake of speaking, and they don’t go out of their way to keep the conversation flowing just because it might be awkward.

Not usually.

But once you get to know them, they’re the types of people who will open up more and share more of what is on their mind rather than keeping it in and being with their own thoughts like they tend to do.

Just like in real life, people who make you curious always have a lot to offer, and that is part of a Danderes appeal.


2. very relatable characters

kosaki onodera smiling e1704640319523

Dandere anime characters are some of the most relatable there are because of their characteristics.

These include:

  • Introversion.
  • The way they think.
  • And how they think about life in general.

Kosaki Onodera is one of many dandere characters proving this point. She has shy traits and can be reluctant to share her thoughts at times because she thinks about others and has high empathy (instead of solely putting herself first).

At the same time, Kosaki is also a very loyal person and one who can be a friend or a partner for life because of her high standards and moral compass.

The same can be said about characters like Homura Akemi. She’s a dandere who cares about Madoka more than anyone in the world, and she reverses her time just to save her or attempt to.

But in real life, to the average person, she’s quiet, aloof, doesn’t share her emotions much, and comes across as dead serious. A person with no sense of humour.

Many can relate to these traits and behaviours.


3. They have depth

homura akemi tea

Continuing with Homura Akemi from Madoka Magica, she is a character that has a lot of depth to her personality as a Dandere.

On the surface, she appears cold, aloof, serious, and doesn’t laugh or smile too much. But this can change once you get to know who the person is below the surface, and if the person bothers to want to know them at all.

This depth is a likeable trait for anime fans because it’s relatable for one, and number two, it means the character has a lot more to offer than someone who’s bland and surface level for obvious reasons.

We like people with a story and a lot to offer, especially those who are complex with a lot of layers to them, and THAT Is why depth is an appealing trait of Danderes.

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4. Characters who can be mysterious

kotomi ichinose purple hair cute

Kotomi Ichinose from Clannad can be classed as one “Mysterious” character in the dandere category.  When Tomoya, the MC, first meets Tomoya as he sees it, she’s strange, quiet, and in her own world.

Many say this about Kotomi who always hangs out in the library at school, and is seen by herself with no one with her.

This kinda makes Tomoya curious about Kotomi, and very slowly but surely, she starts to open up at her own pace. And her strange but unique personality starts to reveal itself more.

As does her story and the mystique around her.

This is a classic dandere appealing trait but it doesn’t apply to all danderes.


5. The “why” behind their closed off personality

kotomi ichinose kid flashback

Danderes can be closed off to other people, like in the example of Kotomi Ichinose from Clannad who always hung out by herself and didn’t talk to anyone pretty much.

It’s not that she, other danderes, or people in real life are ignorant or they don’t care about other people’s existence, it’s more like they’re so introverted and enjoy their alone time so much that it appears that way to those who lack understanding.

This is why they’re hard to approach, but that same “closed off” energy is what makes them appealing and attractive not just as a trope in anime, but in general with people who have these personalities.

The “why” behind their motives also tends to be deeper and more relevant (no fluff usually), which ends up being part of their appeal. Kotomi Ichinose’s “why” was quite deep for example.


6. Not knowing what they’re thinking

Mai Kawasumi kanon

This goes back to the curiosity factor in point #1. When you don’t know what a person is thinking, it can go one of two ways.

  1. You’re annoyed about it so you judge them.
  2. You’re curious so you want to know them more.

The #2 point is obviously an appeal to dandere anime characters, though it translates to the real world as well.

Mai Kawasumi from the anime KANON is a perfect example of this.

Even after the MC gets to know her and talks with her while they eat, routinely, in their special spot, knowing what she is thinking and why she seems to think more than talk is an ongoing challenge.

But not in a negative way.

People who think more than they talk will always be appealing, especially in an anime context.


7. Intellegience and smarts

Mei Misaki from the anime Another is a good example of this type of Dandere appeal. She is clearly smart and intelligent and has a good grasp of other people through self-awareness and observation.

She’s no fool and the wool can’t be pulled over her eyes.

She is of course quiet, aloof, and appears to be cold.

We see this same appeal(being smart and intelligent) with Kotomi from Clannad, or Yuki Nagato from The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Kanade Tachibana is also another example from Angel Beats who have brains, but is silent, and quiet, and only speaks when she feels it’s necessary or she feels strongly about a topic.

In the end, there are many reasons to like dandere characters.

These are just 7 of them, but they are relevant and agreeable on some level.



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