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Why Anime Characters Are “Technically” Better Than Real People

Anime is fiction, so it’s able to achieve things humans could never hope to. And that’s part of why anime characters are better.

Better in what way? That’s what we’re gonna get into (some of it is tongue in cheek).

On that point, that’s also the reason why comparing yourself to anime characters is pointless.

It’s a figment of someone’s imagination, and should never be used as a measuring stick of what’s achievable…. Because it isn’t.


With that out the way:


Why Anime Characters Are Inherently Better:


1. Anime characters can’t get acne, or other skin conditions

shinoa hiiragi kawaii girl |

Look at Shinoa Hiiragi from Owari No Seraph. No skin issues at all.

 It’s brutal, but when have you ever seen an anime character with BAD skin?

Unless it’s intentional to make a point, anime characters are flawless and represent the impossible. So it makes no sense to use them as a measuring stick.

It is though, a part of why anime characters have a charm about them (skin wise).

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2. BAD people are allowed to redeem themselves

vegeta saiyan saga prince |

I use the term “bad” loosely. It’s more like people who’ve grown up with hardships and took a bad turn.

Vegeta is the perfect example.

Thanks to Frieza, he was forced to help him colonize planets, destroy 1000’s of lives, and ruthlessly slaughter people for his own entertainment.

It was instilled into Vegeta from childhood.

Later on (long story short) he’s allowed to redeem himself, and turn a new leaf. And change his ways.

That kind of thing would be IMPOSSIBLE in real life.

It takes something else to allow this type of person to be “redeemed”, and even though Vegeta is an extreme example, we as humans don’t have it in us to show so much compassion and empathy.

Vegeta in real life would be sentenced to DEATH or get life in prison without a chance of getting out.

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3. The value of family and friendship

fairy tail guild |

No better way to explain this than with Fairy Tail.

The Fairy Tail guild welcomes people from all walks of life, without judgment. Everyone has a story and a past.

Beyond that, the Fairy Tail wizards, especially Natsu and Lucy, are the types of people who almost put friendship on a pedestal.

But more importantly, they take friendship seriously and hold high standards to it.

That’s even if one of those “friends” has done bad things. They’ll fight to bring them back to the light and straighten them out.

fairy tail guild characters |

In the REAL world, back to point #2, we just don’t have that kind of compassion. Generally speaking.

And better yet, a LOT of people don’t have those levels of morals and standards when it comes to friends and family.

People will “pretend” to be your friend and take advantage of you before they’ll do you a favor. And stab you in the back.

Anime characters lead by example and real people just don’t compare.


4. Perfect body’s

YouTube video

In anime, the beach is full of PERFECT people with PERFECT bodies. Men and women.

When it’s not the beach, anime girls and boys in general have flawless skin. No matter the situation.

Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tail (and many FT characters), and practically every anime is like this. Even when the characters themselves aren’t made to be overly sexy.

That’s just the way it is.

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cliche anime harems boy |

Do you really think the average, boring, dense guy could attract SO many girls for doing nothing more than being dumb or saying nice things?

Anime guys don’t even have to try. It’s like moths to a flame.

It’s the same with reverse harems, but that’s less common.

In the real world you’ve got more chance of being kicked in the balls than having girls stick to you like glue and beg for your approval.

Especially if you make NO effort. Which is the way it should be.

But you already knew that. Though not every anime exaggerates this cliche.

6. Every superpower you can imagine

railgun t gif superpowers |

This is self explanatory.

If this were possible, you know the rest….

7. Anime characters tend to age better

yamamoto bleach anime e1610556454503 |

Old anime characters look better for their age than the real equivalent. Even when they’re not even trying to make it that way (unlike with younger characters).

Genryusai Yamamoto is the perfect example of this.

Old anime characters always seem so graceful and good looking no matter their age.

8. Happier relationships

tsukasa and nasa holding hands |

It’s not just because it’s fiction and unrealistic, but because anime characters focus on what matters most, and work through it.

We see this in the anime: Tonikaku KAWAII.

It’s a genuine approach to romance so isn’t exaggerated, aside from the “marriage at first sight” scenario.

Both Nasa and Tsukasa have tough times in their relationship, but don’t resort to childish efforts to deal with their issues.

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9. Better romance

nasa and tsukasa kissing e1610557562180 |

You just can’t compete with anime romance.

It’s made to look more wholesome and jolly than the real world could ever make it.

That’s part of why anime like Tonikaku KAWAII feels so special and charming. It’s unreal but relatable at the same time.

#10 Better expressions

#10 is obviously a joke and tongue in cheek, but had to throw it in there anyway.

Are there more reasons you can think of?



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