Strongest Characters In Dragon Ball Super In Ranking Order

The 11+ Strongest Characters In Dragon Ball Super, In Ranking Order

Dragon Ball Super has been on hiatus for a good while now with the ANIME in particular. Only the manga has been ongoing.

So in this post, we’ll only talk about the anime series and not the manga when looking at strength.

We’ll also ignore characters who are angels and Gods of destruction. Or Zeno and his guards.

With that in mind, the characters covered include:

  • Piccolo.
  • Gogeta.
  • Goku.
  • Vegeta.
  • Jiren.
  • Kefla.
  • Cell Max.
  • Beast Gohan.
  • Broly.
  • Golden Frieza.
  • TOPPO.
  • Android 17.
  • HIT.

Let’s rank them in descending order (strongest to weakest).


Strongest DB Super anime characters (strongest to weakest):


1. SSB Gogeta/Vegito

SSB Gogeta or Vegito scaled

Source: Reddit

I don’t think there’s any denying it. Whether it’s Vegito or Gogeta in their SSB forms after the Broly and Piccolo/Gohan movies, no one is coming close to their level of power right now.

They’re officially the strongest anime characters in the DB Super series as of 2023.

This also applies to the manga since Goku and Vegeta have gotten even stronger (and are the strongest when fused) compared to anyone other than the Gods and Angels, or Zeno, etc.


2. Beast Gohan

Beast Gohan red eyes

Beast Gohan is exactly that – a BEAST when it comes to strength in the DB Super series. Even if you take the manga into account, Beast Gohan is still leagues above anyone else.

For starters – Beast Gohan is close to SSB Gogeta in power. Not that he’s stronger, only that he’s near it.

That makes Beast Gohan the 2nd strongest realistically, and it’s unsurprising if you watch the movie and understand the mechanics.


3. Broly

Broly legendary ss

Broly’s power never stops growing which is typical of the legendary super Saiyan (even before Broly was made a Canon character).

This was clear when he fought against Gogeta in the movie, which is also canon.

With his ability to keep rising in power and adapting, and given his strength in general, he’d overcome Cell Max and Orange Piccolo in a serious fight to the death.


4. Cell Max

Cell Max rage

Cell Max even in his weakened state was able to manhandle Orange Piccolo, who is strong in his own right. But not enough tod defeat him.

This version of Cell has already been shown to be so powerful so it’s not a stretch to say he’s stronger than Jiren. Maybe not more skilled, but definitely more powerful which is the point.

No contest.


5. UI Goku (or Vegeta)

UI Goku or Vegeta

Ultra Ego Vegeta is only in the manga, but for comparison’s sake, we’ll throw him in with UI Goku since they’re about equal anyway (anime or otherwise).

UI Goku gave Jiren the beating of his life before things changed in the battle because of Goku not finishing the job when he could have.

Though Jiren is a beast, it’s clear Goku is the superior fighter and that UI Goku is NOT as strong as other characters mentioned like Broly, Cell Max, and so on.

Same for Vegeta.


6. Jiren

Jiren alien

Jiren was seen as the most powerful back when the tournament was ongoing. The tournament that determined the fate of the universe because Goku insisted on tempting Zeno.

But after the tournament of power, Jiren is no longer number 1 and can’t be classed as number 1 by any DBZ fan with a serious face.

Still, he has the potential to rise and most likely will if he shows up again in future episodes and seasons.


7. Kefla

Kefla ss e1693492133624

Kefla is a female Saiyan, and she’s shown that she can somewhat keep up even with the OG Saiyans like Goku and Vegeta.

This is even true when they’re difussed as Caulifla and Kale, who are strong in their own right.

Kefla was out of her league when facing UI Goku who wasn’t even fully mastered at the time, but given the fight she gave Goku, it’s fair to say she’s not on Jiren’s level or anyone above Jiren.

Also, I’d say she’s stronger than anyone outside of that.



toppo db super

Toppo already proved how powerful he is after his transformation. That’s when shit got real. He went up against multiple opponents and was the last standing out of all of Jiren’s allies.

If we take the anime into account, it’s clear TOPPO still is a powerful fighter. But nowhere near the others on the list as far as the latest movies went in 2023, etc.


9. HIT

hit db super

Hit showed his skills in the tournament yet again but he was outclassed given the fact he went up against Jiren, the so-called silent warrior (initially).

Still, Hit’s skill sets, training, his potential, and what he could possibly bring tot he table in later seasons make him a relevant fighter. And still one of the strongest in the DB franchise at the moment.

I’d put him above Frieza (not black).


10. Android 17

Android 17 db super

I almost wanted to tie HIT with Android 17 because they’re about equal in a lot of ways when you round up their strength, endurance, and everything else into one bow tie.

17 was one of the MVPs of DB Super in the later half. Based on the tournament alone, we know he’s more powerful than expected.

I’d say he could defeat Frieza in a fight because of his stamina.


11. Golden Frieza

Golden Frieza alien e1693491935809

Golden Frieza is last on the list, but that doesn’t make him weak either. In fact, Frieza proved how strong he was during the tournament with his fight against TOPPO and others.

Since we’re talking about the anime and not the manga, Frieza’s ranking is accurate.

If you choose to take the manga into account, then of course Black Frieza is even stronger than Goku and Vegeta and would be ranked on this list above Cell Max, maybe Broly but doubtful, but no one else.

In the end, this list might be based on analysis, but everyone’s gonna have their opinion on who the strongest Dragon Ball super characters are, whether in the anime or the manga (or both).

As more content from DB Super is published in the anime, especially when it catches up with the manga, this post will be updated to reflect it.



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