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30+ Of The Greatest Anime Characters Who Are Christians

Some Anime writers do not treat Christianity any better than Shintoism or any other religion.

Some writers use them for visual, conceptual, or comedic factors, but they usually do not bother with authenticity or accuracy.

That is why you don’t have to expect much from Christians, priests, and nuns to follow Christian traditions.

So here’s a list of Anime Characters who are Christians.


1.) Canute (Vinland Saga)

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History credits Canute’s grandfather, Harald Bluetooth, with converting Denmark to Christianity.

In real life, Canute was a Christian. Regarding Canute and his religion, this would also be consistent with history and the period’s growth of Christianity.


2.) Father Willibald (Vinland Saga)

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Willibald was a devout man who enjoyed drinking a lot. When sober, he typically preaches about the Lord; only a powerful drink may calm his rants.

He thinks that true love is inclusive to all.


3.) Fumiya Ninomiya (Hourou Musuko)

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Saori meets Fumiya, a chatty guy one year older than her when she begins attending a Christian church. Despite Saori’s frequently bitter or abrasive personality qualities, Fumiya is drawn to her.

Fumiya believes that his dapper and subdued demeanour will help him win the hearts of women, but Saori can see right through his disguise and won’t fall for his bait-and-switch tactics.

Fumiya is constantly attempting to get Saori’s thanks and attention; tenacity is one of his strengths.


4.) Kate Takayama (Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends)

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She is a nun at St. Chronica’s Academy and Maria’s older sister. Kate resembles a “matured Maria” in terms of her striking appearance. She and Maria have a similar appearance.

She thus has several characteristics in common with her younger sister, including lavender-silver hair, blue eyes, and a fair complexion. Her physique is well-endowed.


5.) Katri Ukonnemi (Katri, Girl of the Meadows)

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Katri, a young girl from the countryside of Finland, is destitute but cheerful and active.

She lives and works on her grandparents’ farm because her mother travels for work and her father has left the family, but when she is still a young child, sad events force her to strike out on her own and support herself.

Katri must rely on her fast wits, charming personality, and loyal dog buddy to help her find her way in the world because the odds are stacked against her.


6.) Kirei Kotomine (Fate/Stay Night)

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The son of Risei Kotomine, who received Kirei as a gift while on a pilgrimage, Kirei Kotomine was born on December 28, 1967. Risei gave him the name Kirei, which means “prayer,” for him to be pure and attractive.

He developed in line with Risei’s expectations, displaying morals and common sense early and being wise enough to come across as young to others.

He has been actively connected with the Church since he was little and frequently visited holy sites with his father. From a young age, he worked diligently as an Executor-in-training around 10. He was once selected as an Executor.


7.) Langa Hasegawa (SK8 The Infinity)

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When speaking, Langa usually uses the fewest words necessary and maintains a neutral or occasionally even austere demeanour.

When Langa is introduced to his students, the teacher must remind him to share more information about himself than simply his name. To the class’s amazement, Langa adds that he is from Canada.


8.) Maria Takayama (Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends) word image 134303 8 |

Maria, a ten-year-old nun, is the moderator and supervising teacher of the Neighbor’s Club. She has tremendous intellectual talent but can become childish and harsh when irritated.

She grows close to Kodaka, who frequently packs her lunches, and they have a sibling-like connection. Much to Kobato’s displeasure, she also says she wouldn’t mind marrying him when she is older.


9.) Masamune Date (Sengoku Musuo)

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Future Date Masamune and Christian Samurai Bontenmaru. Because of the rumours that she is a demon child, Bontenmaru wears an eyepatch. She has blonde hair and heterochromatic eyes—one is chestnut, and the other is blood red.

She frequently dons black outfits embellished with Christian symbols. Last but not least, it has been highlighted that she has mixed ancestry and is both Asian and not, something that her peers are aware of.


10.) Momoko Koigakubo (Ghost Stories)

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Momoko has lavender-colored hair, brown eyes, and light skin. Her normal school uniform comprises a grayish skirt with white trim, blue knee-high socks, and brown loafers, all nautically themed.

Her long-sleeved, white shirt has a blue collar and a yellow bow. She wears a big, pastel pink bow to hold her hair back in a ponytail. She has long curtain bangs as well.


11.) Nicholas D. Wolfwood (Trigun)

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Wolfwood is a tall man with broad shoulders, black hair, and medium brown skin.

His eyes are typically midnight blue, yet official images have occasionally depicted them as gray, dark brown, and black. Wolfwood often sports a short black suit, a white button-down shirt underneath, with an undone collar.

He is dressed in a suit and dark golden brown shoes.


12.) Pollyanna Whittier (Ai Shoujo Pollyanna Monogatari)word image 134303 12 |

She has left an orphan at an early age, and now she must live with Polly, her maternal aunt, who seems to want to punish her because she isn’t the young lady the Harrington family expects her to be.

Instead, she is an upbeat, joyful, and vibrant young woman who consistently finds the positive aspects of both people and things. Pollyanna meets is touched by how she sees the world and changes.

Pollyanna is impacting people’s hearts.


13.) Saori Chiba (Hourou Musuko)

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At the start of the series, Saori, also known as Saorin, is a girl enrolled in Shuuichi’s fifth-grade class. She shows an early interest in pushing Shuuichi to cross-dress, even going so far as to buy her a costly birthday dress that she later returns to her chagrin.

Saori has few friends because she finds getting along with most people difficult, yet she develops a close friendship with Shuuichi. She frequently expresses her thoughts to people without consideration for how they could be received.

Saori’s aloofness and stoicism increase as she ages, and she even develops a strained relationship with her teachers.


14.) Seira Mimori (Saint Tail)

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Thirteen-year-old Seira Mimori attends St. Paulia’s Private School and works as a nun-in-training at the school’s Church. She is Meimi Haneoka’s best friend and classmate and the only one aware of Saint Tail’s true identity.

Seira works as a nun at the chapel after school, where she listens to people who come to her with concerns that frequently involve lost or stolen property.

She informs Meimi/Saint Tail of this information and requests that she assist these individuals in reclaiming their priceless belongings. When Meimi/Saint Tail is in trouble, she can also assist her.


15.) Jesus (My Last Day)

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In the movie’s first scene, a prisoner observes Jesus being whipped in Pilate’s courtyard from behind prison bars. He ponders why they are harming an innocent man in light of Jesus’ admonition to “give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.”

He is horrified when he recalls his crime: they are in an alley with a wealthy man. Using a knife to hold him up, he tries to seize a box of cash and other items. The thief struggles to pursue the man because he is uneasy.

He engages in combat with the box. Coins start to fly. During the scuffle, the thief unintentionally stabs the victim. He runs off after gnawing on the coins.


16.) Alexander Anderson (Hellsing)

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He represents Iscariot and is a priest from the Vatican. He acts as Alucard’s counterbalance in the TV anime and OVA series, as well as the series’ adversary and sort of anti-villain. He is Alucard’s fiercest adversary and an experienced monster hunter.

Although his nationality is unknown in canon, he is depicted as having a Scottish accent in the English dub of the anime and OVA. He runs an orphanage outside of Vatican City while residing in Italy.

Anderson’s body has undergone genetic modification to become a Regenerator, a superhuman capable of battling supernatural beings.


17.) Ewan Remington (Chrono Crusade)word image 134303 17 |

When he returns on a mission, Father Remington, a field agent for the Magdalene Order’s New York chapter, usually reports to Sister Kate.

He is a decent yet enigmatic man who takes his job very seriously.


18.) Sentarou Kawabuchi (Kids on the Slope)

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The mother of Sentarou, an American soldier, is Japanese. Later, his grandma reveals that his mother had left him with her relatives. He is shunned by his grandmother as a result. Then, he is raised by his uncle and aunt, whom he looks up to as his parents.

The priest at the Church reveals to Karou more about Sentarou’s past following his absence, proving that this claim is incorrect.

Sentarou was left in the Church until he was three years old, according to him, which is why his birthday falls on Christmas.


19.) Rosette Christopher (Chrono Crusade)

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Rosette, a sweet and vibrant young woman, is frequently the main cause of controversy at the Magdalene Order branch in New York. She deals with Chrono to find her brother Joshua since she is determined to do so.

Despite her situation, Rosette maintains a positive outlook and gives 100% to every job she is given, even if it means destroying another car.


20.) John Brown (Ghost Hunt)

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A 19-year-old Australian Catholic priest who is Caucasian and learned to speak Japanese with a Kansai accent; as a result, his sentences have an amusingly strange structure.

He assists Mai and Naru in every way he can and is friendly and helpful. Spraying holy water while reading the opening verse of John from the New Testament is his method of exorcism.


21.) Ein (Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom)

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Ein is a vicious killer who appears to be unaware of her background. She is totally dependent on Scythe Master and submits to all of his whims, regardless of how much it goes against who she is.

Her recognizable mask inspires dread throughout the organized crime underworld, earning her the “Phantom.”


22.) Integra Fairbrook Wingates (Hellsing)

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He appears in the Hellsing manga series, as well as the anime and OVA series that is based on it. The leader of the Hellsing Organization and Alucard’s teacher. And the last of her line and a descendant of Abraham Van Hellsing.

After her father’s passing, Arthur Hellsing, Integra, became Bureau Director of the Hellsing Organization while still young. Alucard, the vampire who served Richard Hellsing, freed her from her uncle’s attempt to have her killed so she would take over as his brother’s heir.

She then killed Richard Hellsing. Years later, she defends England and her Queen from supernatural forces as a 22-year-old British noblewoman who is a member of the Protestant Knights and the leader of Hellsing.


23.) Erica Fontaine (Sakura Wars: Ecole de Paris)

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Erica, a sixteen-year-old aspiring nun, works the night shift as a cabaret dancer for Le Chattes Noires. Despite her sincere desire to aid those in need, this devout Christian frequently causes additional difficulties for those who accept her assistance due to her clumsiness.

She occasionally takes her fantasies and dreams for reality and acts accordingly, wreaking disaster. In the game, she repeatedly walks into a billboard, injuring her head.


24.) Jesus (Saint Young Men Movie)

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Jesus has back-length hair that is lengthy. He always wears a crown of thorns around his head and has a part in the middle of his front hair. Moreover, he has a sparse beard and hair on his chin.

Jesus is slimmer and hair shorter than Buddha but has a well-built body.


25.) Satoru (Golden Laws)

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Traveling through time, a young religious student from the year 25 and a young woman from the year 30 see well-known events from several world religions. They witness the exploits of the Greek hero Hermes, the splitting of the Red Sea by Moses,

Shakyamuni Buddha’s miracles, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the enlightenment of the fabled Chinese monk Chih-i.

The significance of these individuals’ connections to one another and to mankind as a whole is explained to the kids.


26.) Shinpu (Black Clover)

word image 134303 26 |

Shiro and Shinpu strike many of the same chords, primarily because of his humble nature.

He’s disappointed that his boys pursued their aspirations in the real world, but he’s still proud of them. And cries uncontrollably whenever they pay a visit.


27.) Index (A Certain Magical Index)

word image 134303 27 |

Index is a mysterious young nun with 103,000 grimoires implanted in her brain. Since she is from a magical planet, many people want to get her secret information, which forces Index to continuously be on the move.

She is feisty and violent, always hungry, and relies on Touma to care for her, even while biting his arm.


28.) Sister (Arakawa Under the Bridge)

word image 134303 28 |

Sister, a British ex-soldier who is 29 years old, oversees the chapel beneath the bridge. Mass is said, and her job under the bridge is maintaining the chapel created in the river basin.

She is nearly always highly armed and comically careless with firearms because her background in the military has made her paranoid.


29.) Sister Lily (Black Clover)

word image 134303 29 |

Sister Lily has dark blue hair with bangs slightly parted to the right and more sections of hair on the left side of her forehead, covering most of her left brow.

Her huge, kind teal eyes are lined with long lashes, and she has a black beauty mark beneath her left eye.


30.) Esther Blanchett (Trinity Blood)word image 134303 30 |

Esther generally wears the nun habit of the Vatican, which is white with blue markings.

She also dons civilized attire and a Kethuda outfit throughout the series as she tries to smuggle Abel and Ion into The New Human Empire. A young girl with red hair and blue eyes is shown as Esther.


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