40 Of The BEST Anime Characters With Ice Magic Abilities

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Few elements are more closely identified with a particular personality type than ice, even though numerous anime characters use diverse elements for various reasons.

Shounen anime and anime ice users in action frequently feature lone wolves who maintain their composure in the face of chaos. Because ice is one of the most adaptable elements to deploy, they typically offer both offensive and defensive help in combat.


1.) Shiba Miyuki

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Miyuki is a gorgeous, attractive girl who enchants anybody who sees her. Her legs and arms are thin without appearing overly sickly.

Mayumi remarked that Miyuki had so many perfectly balanced features that it was overpowering to the point that “her trust in herself trembled.”

This could be because Miyuki is a mighty and well-balanced magician. According to Miyuki, her features are not the same as those of her relatives.

Over her first two years at Magic High, her body has grown more defined and curvy, and in her final year at First High, she has also developed a much more mature appearance.


2.) Geten

Geten mha

The skilled ice manipulation expert Geten needs to be adequately presented in the My Hero Academia anime, but manga readers know him. Geten played a significant role in the Meta Liberation Army and afterwards joined the PLF.

Geten can perform extensive ice manipulation. His skills can create substantial ice constructions that may be used offensively and defensively.

Many My Hero Academia anime viewers will be surprised by his skills in the upcoming Paranormal Liberation arc.


3.) Emilia

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One of the series’ key characters, Emilia, is an isekai that stands apart from the majority of works in the category.

Since most significant events are connected to Emilia, the protagonist of the series’ romantic interest, she is unquestionably the main character. Emilia is a skilled magician who performs the Ice Brand Arts, enabling her to forge ice-based weaponry.

Emilia controls these weapons, making them the ideal offensive and defensive tool. Her most potent ice ability is absolute Zero, which enables Emilia to freeze everything around her instantly.

The heart of this spell is so potent that time temporarily stops there.


4.) Lyon Vastia

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Lyon Vastia should be allowed, even though Gray Fullbuster is one of Fairy Tail‘s foremost authorities on ice manipulation.

Gray and Lyon received training from Ur. Sadly, after losing their teacher, both students parted ways.

Unlike Gray, who followed his master’s instructions, Lyon adopted the Ice-Make practice and disregarded Ur’s basic precepts. Lyon’s ability to generate ice is comparable to Gray’s ability to use ice to forge items and weapons.


5.) Brook

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Brook is a Straw Hats Pirates member, a group that strives to locate the One Piece treasure and is led by Monkey D. Luffy. The pirate band’s musician, Brook actually died and was brought back to life again using the Yomi Yomi no Mi Devil fruit.

Despite being the group’s musician, Brook is a great swordsman who is capable of using ice in a commanding way.

His sword strikes are endowed with ice qualities that cause his victims to become frozen after being struck by him.


6.) Karim Flam

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A supporting figure from the Fire Force series is named Karim Flam. He is thought to be a Second Generation Pyrokinetic, able to freely manipulate and control the heat energy that is already present.

Additionally, he is the only ice user in the franchise, thanks to an extraordinary power called heat-sound refrigeration.

He is renowned for his ability to manipulate ice into weapons that may be thrown at adversaries or used to paralyze Infernals.

The effect of Karim’s musical instrument, paired with a bell utilized to reduce the amount of heat emanating from a potential enemy or an infernal, enhances his abilities.

He can swiftly end many firestorms thanks to his Second Generation abilities and high level of control.

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7.) Isaac McDougal

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Easily one of the strongest characters in the Fullmetal Alchemist series is Major Isaac McDougal. He is famous for his ability to create liquid- or water-based alchemy.

His abilities are a complex alteration that enables him to control any liquid, including his blood, and transform it into various shapes and forms. It is a skill supported by an endless supply of resources.

He has access to a limitless supply of ice-based weaponry moulded into various sizes and shapes thanks to the enormous amount of ice that his transmutation rings can produce.


8.) Judar

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Judar, commonly known as Black Magi, is a formidable ice-welding mage from the Magi. His arsenal of weapons includes a gravity sword, a shower of ice spears, and wind magic. Judar is exceptionally skilled at both offensive and defensive ice magic.

Judar is not limited to manipulating ice as a part of nature. He can also change time, space, and gravity while transforming his Magoi into lighting magic. However, he manages to bring it all together with his ice magic.

His variety and might are equally as dreadful as the beauty he displays when using them.


9.) Haku

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Haku of the “Ice release” is an anime-manga character from the well-known Naruto series and a member of the snow clan. Haku matches the anime theme about how appearances can be deceptive nicely.

Although he appears to be a typical fifteen-year-old, his strategy of killing his opponents in silence renders him extremely dangerous. Haku is a prime example of how appearances can be deceiving.

Haku’s powers involve ice crystal-made demonic mirrors with the superhuman speed that seem to tear through space. He has incredible absolute speed, which gives him an advantage over foes. However, it is merely a fast-foot technique combined with manipulating the wind and water.


10.) Shoto Todoroki

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An essential figure in the My Hero, Academia series adaptations is Shoto Todoroki, also known as Shoto. He placed second on the Quirk Establishment Test, making him one of the school’s most gifted students.

Despite using two powers, his ice quirk is not one to be laughed at. In addition, the mastery of his half-cold element gives him more striking strength. Shoto can also produce ice blockades or waves quickly covering significant areas.

He can even use the pressure of an intense ice wind to his advantage, angling it far enough to enable flight briefly.


11.) Rukia Kuchiki

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The fictional Gotei 13: Rukia Kuchiki captain is a member of the 13th division and appears in the anime Bleach. Rukia is skilled in swordplay, hakuda combat, and shunpo.

She developed her Shikai dance abilities through perseverance and extensive training, and her mastery of the sword was combined with the sleeves of white snow (Sode no Shirayuki).

Her Shikai ability is a dance of many techniques that can create a floating path in midair or remotely freeze a victim. Until the final chapter of the Bleach manga, when she could bring her immediate surroundings to zero, Rukia resembled the average ice-wielder.

Rukia has earned a spot on our list simply because of her incredible talent.


12.) Esdeath

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Esdeath is a well-known character from the anime Akame ga Kill, the leader of the Jaegers and an active member of the assassination team. She is well-liked and one of the franchise’s top competitors.

She is one of the most deadly ice users in anime history thanks to her ability to mould ice into any shape, manufacture ice spears, and instantaneously freeze a large area.

Esdeath’s ruthless nature is well known, and she has no mercy for anyone she targets as an enemy. Esdeath’s icy, brutal attitude makes the ice ability the ideal choice for her.

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13.) Gray Fullbuster

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A wizard with superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, and magical abilities, Gray Fullbuster. He’s one of many main characters in the anime Fairy Tail, Gray, has ice power and the ability to defeat ice demons.

Ice magic is incredibly adaptable because of his facile ability to create and shape it into any structure. Gray can also produce a wide variety of goods, including weaponry.

The biggest strength of his gift is that the ice he forges cannot melt, giving any enemy caught in one of his traps access to an ice prison.


14.) Toshiro Hitsugaya

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Toshiro Hitsugaya is a significant figure in Bleach, the captain of the 10th division and a member of the Gotei 13. Toshiro is skilled in many things, including Bankai regeneration, ice puppet creation, building the shield of ice wings, hailstorms, ice jails, ice daggers, ice flowers, and zekku.

His abilities are sufficient to destroy a thousand-man army in a single minute, leaving a terrifying landscape of devastation in its wake.

He is anime’s second-most lethal ice user because of his capacity to deal damage without exerting himself.


15.) Aokiji

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One of the most dangerous ice users is the Blackbeard pirate Kuzan, also known as Aokiji, which translates to “Blue Pheasant” or “Blue Pheasant.”

His capacity for ice management and leadership is immense. When in action, he paralyzes and holds opponents in place by lightly touching them and instantly freezing their bodies.


16.) Rem

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Rem has wide light blue eyes, and medium-length sky blue hair that covers her right eye. giving her a stylish look to her aesthetic. Not to mention youthful features.

In addition, she has a maid’s hairband, a flower-shaped ribbon, and hair clips in the direction of the left side of her hair. She resembles her sister almost precisely, except for the colour of her hair, eyes, and ribbon.

Since her chest is a little bigger than her sister’s, she secretly alters the uniform’s proportions to cover it up when she wears it as a maid.


17.) Puck

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In general, Puck is a good spirit. He is often quite upbeat and cheerful and frequently stands by Emilia’s side to keep her safe while calling her “Lia” or “my daughter.”

He also occasionally displays his silly side, as seen during the 2nd Arc’s events, when Puck casually teases Subaru and Emilia without seeming to have any mercy. Furthermore, Puck and Beatrice get along particularly well.


18.) Ur Milkovich

ur fairy tail teacher

Ur is the Senpai/teacher of Gray Fullbuster and Lyon in Fairy Tail. She’s why they ended up becoming the men they are and having the powers they possess despite eventually reaching or surpassing her power later in life.

Ur was so powerful as a mage she was considered one of the 10 wizard saints as far as power level, putting her far above the average mage in the series.

Having to fight an overly powerful demon like Deliora was unfortunate.


19.) Arthur Leywin

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Arthur had pale, light blonde hair like King Grey. He wore a pale-yellow robe or tunic, long white pants that ended just above his calves, and brown sandals.

Due to his extensive training, he had a large build. Grey frequently appears in full-body armour during conflicts. When he was born, Arthur Leywin had short, red-brown hair and big, clear azure eyes.

His mother typically wore solid-coloured clothing for him, and he had a small, round face.


20.) Roxy Migurdia

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Rudeus Greyrat’s previous magic teacher, Roxy, is a gifted mage of the Migurd race.

Roxy is a petite, young Migurd woman with pale skin, long, water-coloured hair, and the same-coloured eyes as her hair.

She typically wears a magician’s hat and robe.

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21.) Diablo (Sakamoto Takuma)

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Takuma was a member of the Cross Reverie team who played the role of @Diablo-13, also referred to be the real Demon Lord.

He always held back because he was too strong, losing to opponents with superior tools and overwhelming skills. But one day, he was summoned into another world in the form of his alter ego, Diablo, where he encountered two girls—a Pantherian and an elf—one of them claimed to have summoned Diablo and that he should be their slave.

However, thanks to the magic-rebounding power of his ring, they were forced to serve him as his slave.

Takuma speaks as his character to communicate since he lacks good social skills; this comes across as dumb because he doesn’t learn to stop doing it, even if it causes more issues than is necessary.


22.) Sypha Belnades

Sypha Belnades ability

As a speaker and the granddaughter of their leader, the Elder, Sypha makes an appearance in the anime series. She is endowed with extraordinary magical abilities and mastery over the elements, which quickly grows stronger as the story continues.

She became Trevor Belmont’s companion and accompanied him on his quest to thwart Dracula in his battle against humanity after he saved her from being petrified by a Cyclops.

She persuaded the hunter to join her on her quest to discover the alleged “sleeping soldier,” who, if the legend were absolute, would undoubtedly help them if they were to defeat the vampire and his army.


23.) Sylphiette

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She used to have elf ears and short green hair. Rudeus thought she was a guy at first because of her tomboyish appearance. Her hair became white following the Mana Calamity.

She developed a more feminine body, but her narrow features and clothing gave her a more masculine aspect. Spoilers Following her union with Rudeus, she started wearing more feminine attire and letting her hair grow longer.

Her elfin heritage causes her body to age more slowly than a human would.


24.) Shizuku Kurogane

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She has short silver hair that falls near her nose, many bangs that cover her entire forehead, and jade-green eyes. She uses a black headband with white-pink flowers on both sides to pull her hair back; in the anime, the flowers are both pink.

Shizuku’s ability to make and control ice, which she derived from her water talents, allows her to confine people by freezing the water beneath their feet.

She can make everyone around her lose their footing by making the entire area freeze, leaving only her free to move.


25.) Sicily Von Claude

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Sicily is a very reserved, soft-spoken, considerate, courteous, and shy girl who occasionally has spontaneous outbursts in awkward situations. Melinda Bowen views Sicily as a charming and gentle young lady.

Despite this, Sicily is prepared to exploit sympathy, hoping Shin will use his good nature to persuade him to assist her. However, she begins to feel remorse after realizing that Shin is prepared to go so far as to enchant her clothes to protect her.


26.) Blue Rose

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Ice may be controlled and influenced by the power of Blue. She can channel her powers without the “Liquid Freezing Guns,” although she typically needs them to channel her powers. The infinity symbol shows when she uses her abilities without weaponry.

Her so-called “Cutie Escape,” which is considered a signature move, entails slipping down the nearest snowy hill to escape a dangerous circumstance; Wild Tiger remarked that she was merely fleeing cowardly.

Since becoming a more committed hero, she has utilized it less frequently.


27.) Rei Todoroki

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Rei is a woman in her middle years of average height and frame. She has straight, white hair that is shoulder length and has rather big bangs that cover her face. Her face has rounded features and displays relaxed expressions in informal settings.

Her brown-grey eyes have pretty length eyelashes and a tired appearance. Rei once seemed to have lighter eyes and shorter hair.

Rei loves simple colours and patterns when donning various civilian attire, such as a yellow jumper and an orange t-shirt. Gallery Rei the younger.


28.) Ludmila Lourie

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Mila was selected as the new Vanadis following the death of her mother since she was born into the House of Lourie, a Vanadis noble family.

Mila was trained to yield a spear at 14 under the pressure of the illustrious family bloodline, and she had an exceptional education in regal mannerism and etiquette.

Her education has finally paid off, and her status is officially acknowledged. Despite their families’ regard for one another, Mila didn’t like Thenardier.

As an ice Vanadis, the majority of Mila’s abilities are ice-based. She can create or control ice or frost that is below freezing. Even a summer heat wave couldn’t melt her ice due to how freezing it is.


29.) Serafall Leviathan

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Her sometimes-exaggerated expressions show that Serafall is best defined as an exuberant, impetuous, reckless, enthusiastic, energetic, and short-tempered young lady.

She is always up for a task because of her fierce tenacity, even if it appears too challenging. People are frequently drawn to Serafall’s positive attitude since she is charming, friendly, and caring.

Serafall is an expert in ice-based magic and can cast spells with enough force to freeze a Bandersnatch and an entire area of the Underworld.


30.) Mikleo

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Mikleo, a mid-range warrior, uses the Water-elemental arts. He uses a long staff instead of the conventional magician’s wand, wielding it like a quarterstaff.

Though Mikleo disputes this when Alisha and Dezel both believe that he picked up the weapon in reaction to Sorey’s more unique build so he could have a more extended reach, a seraph from Elysia confirms that he did so.

His seraphic arts use water in all forms, while his healing arts focus on high-powered, single-target cures. His martial arts frequently entail hurling blasts of water or ice at a target from a distance and spinning physical attacks with his staff.


31.) Rinslet Laurenfrost

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Rinslet is a stunning young lady with emerald eyes and snow-white skin. Her hair is a lavish long platinum blonde. She has a much bigger bust than Claire has. However, when compared to her maid, it falls a little short.

She equips her elemental weapon with the quickest of Team Scarlet members. She is recognized for being a great sniper with her elemental waffe during the blade dance, and she makes outstanding support from a long range.

Her Freezing Arrows have the ability of ice-nine. In contrast to Claire, Rinslet can use a variety of powerful ice to water magic, as would be anticipated from the house of Laurenfrost.


32.) Sui

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Sui has long, light blue hair and a similar-coloured eye colour. She typically dresses in black tights and a white hooded coat with cat ears. Sui’s hair has grown out and now reaches her stomach after the five-year time jump.

She is dressed in a dark blouse, an open coat resembling her previous hooded coat, and long dark tights—sigil of Souta.

Souta can freeze liquids using Castor Light. He may utilize it with other sources, including water bottles, but he usually pairs it with Sui’s Pollux Light.


33.) Cygnus Hyoga

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Hyoga presents a calm, collected, and cool exterior. However, he is ardent and committed to his principles on the inside. Hyga is a Saint who was born beneath the constellation Cygnus.

He has mastered the foundation of the ice Saints’ technique, which involves stopping the atoms of matter with the strength of their Cosmo.


34.) Aliceliese Lou Nebulis

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Because of her solid astral abilities, Alice can manipulate ice in a way equivalent to a natural disaster. She may utilize her ice to forge weapons like swords or vines that she can use to bind or impale her adversaries.

She also can freeze anything, which caught Salinger off guard when she froze lightning. She can conjure an ice golem just like Rin can. She may utilize her ice to forge weapons like swords or vines that she can use to bind or impale her adversaries.

She also can freeze anything, which caught Salinger off guard when she froze lightning. She can conjure an ice golem just like Rin can.


35.) Shirou Fubuki

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After her mana core was awakened, Kathyln gained a reputation as a prodigy. She carries a staff in her dimension ring and uses it. She is a deviant in ice and a member of the Disciplinary Committee.

She is very talented in magic. Since she prefers strong ice spells, Kathyln rarely utilizes water spells. She can create a vast range of ice-based items, including weapons, spears, spikes, and walls. She can create an ice-shard tornado.

Shirou was taught the close-combat technique “Seraph of Snow” by Vary, one of her most potent assaults. With this power, Kathyln may cover her entire body in frosts that are easily moldable into any weapon.

She also gains ice armour.

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36.) Akitsu

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Akitsu possesses the ability to manipulate ice. She has demonstrated the ability to freeze targets in her area of view, such as Homura’s leg, in the few battles she has participated in.

Akitsu may also fire ice shards of various sizes and forms, primarily jagged icicles, toward her opponents to pierce them from a distance. She has good endurance, is moderately durable, and is relatively swift and graceful.


37.) Silver

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A kind of Devil Slayer Magic that enables Silver to create, control, and manipulate the ice element for slaying Demons. Like other Slayer magic, it gives Silver immunity to ice while allowing him to consume outside ice sources to increase his power and replenish stamina.

Additionally, he gets incredible resistance to his ice, eliminating a potentially fatal weakness. Silver was even demonstrated to negate a spell with the potency of Iced Shell.


38.) Rin Azuma

rin azuma ice mage

When Rin is called forth, she is immediately endowed with incredible magical strength and the ability to connect with all four of the leading magical elements—fire, wind, earth, and water—making her the first and most elusive Quad Magician in the series.

She can create new, highly potent spells that can easily defeat most monsters and formidable foes by using the scientific knowledge she acquired in school.

She is a highly talented magician who casts numerous magic spells simultaneously, even combining spells to form new spells with terrible effects.


39.) Mannen

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Knight of Ice Mannen is the unofficial leader of The Leafé Knights’ younger members. Hajime and Shin, two of his followers, died sixteen years ago while battling the Princess of Disaster and were reincarnated as children.

Shin being used as bait to locate the Prétear is just one of the ingenious solutions Mannen frequently comes up with to help the Leafé Knight.

As a result of the older Knights’ irritation and assertion that he is too young to assist, Mannen frequently disobeys them.


40.) Astaroth of the Cold

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Astaroth is a stunning, slim woman with hip-length black hair dressed scantily. Her face is typically icy. She enjoys all the privileges and rights that come with being an executive member of the Kisaragi Corporation, an evil corporation.

She can control the ice element. Astaroth was given the ability to control ice by Lilith, as seen by the quick freezing of Six’s arms in episode one after he became agitated about her.

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