14+ Great Anime Characters Who Are Born In May (taurus & Gemini)

14+ Great Anime Characters Who Are Born In May (Taurus & Gemini)

It’s been quite the year for anime in 2022. Controversies, anime breaking the internet like Attack On Titan, and so much more.

Now we’ve arrived n the 5th month of the year – May. And Spring season 2022 is still underway and thriving.

Now that May is officially here I thought “why not” talk about anime characters who are born in the month of May… So here we are.

The characters will be a mixture of:

  • Taurus.
  • Gemini.

If we’re talking about star signs since depending on the date a character will be either of those star signs if born in May.

Here’s a list for you.


Anime characters born in May:


1. Choji Akimichi (Naruto)

Kicking off our list is Choji the loveable leaf ninja with an affinity for eating, he was born on May 1st

Choji is definitelty one of the more kind characters of the Naruto series, and isn’t one who wants to see the death of others… Even those who are bad or evil.

This trait makes Choji a great friend and his friendship with Shikamaru only shows this interesting side of the Naruto series.


2. Jack (Beastars)

Loyal and friendly Jack the Labrador brings up the next spot on our list, he is Legoshi’s childhood best friend and ally, he was born on May 3rd 

If we’re being comical he’s basically a dog in a suit and tie with yellow fur, standing at 5’7 and 17 years of age.


3. Izaya Orihara (DuRaRaRa!)

Izaya, the Ikebukuro info broker with a fascination with drama and fur coats is next on our list, this fan favorite character was born on May 4th.

His attitude gives off villain vibes, his honest, straightforward, and direct. This contributes to his unforgettable role in the Durarara series, making him a stand out and memorable character.


4. Conan Edogawa (Detective Conan)

The sharp as a tack boy detective is next, his ever-popular exploits have drawn in fans worldwide and he was born on May 4th.

The Detective Conan series has been running forever now, with well over 1000+ episodes which are still airing today. Making Conan’s journey unique and full of development.


5. Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

The Straw Hat Pirates Captain and Gum Gum Fruit user Luffy sails into our next spot he was born on May 5th. I think his perfect birthday gift would be to become the king of pirates.

That’s his goal, right?

Luffy might not seem intelligent or smart on the surface, but he can be surprising in this way at times and his attitude as a protagonist makes him different in the Shounen world.


6. Deidara (Naruto)

This clay wielding Akatsuki is born on May 5th and seems like he’d love a pottery wheel as a present. “HMPH” is a catchphrase Deidara always likes saying.

All all the Akatsuki members in the Naruto series, Deidara is definitely one of the most famous, stylish, and flashy.


7. Piccolo (Dragon Ball)

Goku’s Rival and Gohan’s Trainer the great fighter Piccolo punches his way into spot number six on our list, he was born on May 9th.

Piccolo was once a villain, but is now a secondary father figure to Gohan. And is considered one of the most underrated characters in all of the Dragon Ball series.


8. Shirou Fujimoto (Blue Exorcist)

Man of many talents and father to Yukio and Rin, this Paladin of the True Cross possessed great willpower and strength, he was born on May 10th.

He’s a great father figure and one of the best fathers in the anime industry. But not necessarily one of the most famous or well known.

It’s his humor that makes his personality light up.


9. Killer Bee (Naruto)

Loud, Proud and always down for a rap battle is the boisterous Jinchuriki of the Eight Tails who was born on May 14th.

Killer B is loved throughout the Naruto Shippuden series in particular. He was one of the unique and easily most powerful Jinchuruki who even Sasuke couldn’t challenge at the time.

He’s also one of the few black male characters in the Naruto franchise.


10. Akari Fujisaki (Hikaru No Go)

Girls Team Vice Captain Akari, a childhood friend and potential love interest of Hikaru makes our list representing her birthday which is May 17th.

When the anime begins she’s only 11 years old but is around 15 years old by the end of it. The anime is made by the same studio as Naruto and BLEACH,


11. Gohan (Dragon Ball)

YouTube video

Smart and Strong are two words you could use to describe this half Saiyan Son of Goku and Chi Chi. He was born May 18th.

Gohan started to gain recognition from his fight against Raditz, being only a kid with a power level over 1000 which was high at the time.

This was shown again in the Saiyan Saga, Namek Saga, and especially the Cell Games. And even again during the Majin Buu arc as Mystic Gohan.


12. Chiba (Assassination Classroom)

Sharp eyed marksman Chiba shoots his way onto this list hitting the mark by being born on May 20th.

He’s on the more serious side and can be considered stoic because of his usual demeanor and attitude. He’s officially a Taurus (star sign).

In a way he looks like a Hentai protagonist because of his hairstyle.


13. Konata Izumi (Lucky Star)

Konata is next on our list, a fan of anime, videogames and all things Otaku. She would probably enjoy reading a list like this one to see if any of her favorite characters share her birthday of May 28th.

This makes Konata a Gemini. Sarcasm, laziness, and quick witted responses is what makes her so loveable.


14. Sosuke Aizen (Bleach)

Aizen is a major pain during Bleach and its anime adaptation, he has insane amounts of speed and power which make him a challenging foe to face.

He was born May 28th. The cunning villain (considered one of the greatest) is officially a Gemini in the zodiac.

He hardly needs an introduction.


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