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The 9+ Best Zom 100 Life Lessons That Are Surprisingly Educational

Zom 100 is a comedy series with horror, making it a bit of a whacky series.

On one hand, there is violence, horror, and sad moments because of it, but there is comedy and humour that brings up the spirits.

The unique experiences that happen in between are what make this anime full of life lessons, many of which are realistic and true to life.

Let’s talk about it.


Zom 100 Life Lessons:


1.  Luck plays a small role in how your life turns out

Akira Tendou |

Akira Tendou worked at a job he hated but was optimistic about when he arrived in Tokyo. But he soon realized how depressing it was when his boss was an asshole, the demands were high, and the stress was brutal.

Still, he kept that positive attitude somehow.

Then the pandemic happened, everyone turned into a zombie, and Akira finally got the chance to live life on his own terms now and quit his job forever.

Luck plays a massive role in Akira’s eventual happiness without question.  It’s the same for real life despite the fact that people downplay luck and highlight other aspects (hard work) which isn’t enough by itself.


2. Dream big and set goals that get you excited

Akira Tendou notebook |

Akira Tendo dreams big in this anime and that is one thing you can’t take away from the guy. He makes a list of things he wants to do before he turns into a zombie (100 things) and many of those things seem insane or impossible.

But somehow, some way, he manages to tick his list off bit by bit, though at times he admittedly almost dies in the process or faces some major setback or challenge.

That’s the nature of life though. Who doesn’t face setbacks when going after the BIG things they want?

If you don’t dream big or aim high, you have nothing to strive for, be excited about, or be driven to accomplish, or the resultn’t be enough to change your life and give you satisfaction.

It helps that his friend KENCHO is also on board, adding to the motivation.


3. Make a list of the things you want out of life

zom 100 characters e1704569881674 |

Continuing from the last point, Akira adds to his list and it makes things exciting, but friends like:

  • Kencho.
  • Shizuka.
  • Beatrice.

Start adding to the list of things they want within his notebook, and they all get excited at the thought of achieving it together.

People are so afraid of writing a list of things they want because they:

  • Underestimate.
  • Downplay.
  • Fear.

And have already decided they’re not good enough to have it, achieve it, or they care too much about what people think.

It’s no life and no way to live it.


4. Family is everything

zom 100 ep 10 dreadlocks |

We see that Akira wants to meet his family along the journey of the series and go back to his home village where he grew up. He does this, and doing so changes his life in some way.

The closure it brings to Akira to see that his family is still alive and breathing during a zombie pandemic, and the fact that they’re still healthy is a massive relief.

It’s the same in real life when you’re travelling like I am, or you’re away from family, etc, because of whatever it is you doing in your life. Seeing them again and seeing they’re OK is everything.

It’s one of the most important aspects of a person’s life.


5. Don’t work yourself to the bone doing things you hate

akira tendou work life |

Akira worked himself to death, and at the beginning of the series, we can see he doesn’t seem like the extrovert we see after the zombie pandemic hits.

He lacks energy, seems depressed, is stressed, and looks like the equivalent of a SHUT-IN who has no life, no desire, no energy, and no motivation.

This is what happens when you do work you HATE for long enough, and let your excuses and fears keep you stuck in that job forever instead of jumping ship, learning no skills, doing whatever it takes, and making necessary life changes.

If you deserve better, prove it. Luck helps, but action guarantees the possibility of change.


6. Fear is imaginary

zom 100 episode 7 akira |

During one episode in the Zom 100 series, Akira and his friends are corned off and basically forced into a temporary “slave” situation, where they are working for people who have leverage over them.

Akira meets his former boss in this place, and he still has his fears and trauma from his job and is still terrified and submissive towards this man who abuses other people he sees as weak.

But at some point Akira snaps out of it and realizes his fears are unfounded, then grows a backbone, and speaks his mind, putting his anxiety and old fears behind him once and for all.

It’s the same with the character Shizuka who seems comfortable entering shops to get necessities during a pandemic with a calm demeanour, or Beatrice who seems to have no fear at all when it comes to dealing with zombies.

Action gets rid of fear, and so does understanding which Zom 100 characters prove many times over.


7. Have a plan but don’t overthink it

shizuka mikazuki backpack |

Shizuka is the planner of the series and the one who does a lot of the thinking, strategizing, and coming up with tactics.

Her plans are solid and she is a  clear asset to the overall team because of her intellect and analytical skills. But sometimes she can overthink which is proven when the others just “do that crazy thing” without thinking and it happens to be the best choice of action.

Plans should be flexible, not fixed, and that’s the point.


8. Life should be fun, so make it a priority

kenchirou zom 100 |

KENCHO might be the most fun person in all of Zom 100. He knows how to have a good time, smile, have a laugh, make others feel good, and bring up the energy in the room.

That’s his personality.

Even if it’s not your personality, like Shizuka for example who’s an introvert, she clearly starts to be more laid back and not as uptight, and it has an effect on her mood overall.

She smiles more, is happier, and starts to feel more comfortable and at ease.

There is a time for seriousness, but FUN should be a priority that you can’t forget about.


9. You can’t hold onto the past forever

shizuka mikazuki flashback |

Shizuka has a past with her father as we see in the flashbacks, which shapes her personality a lot based on what she LACKED during those critical times in her childhood.

Akira has a past and he eventually overcomes it relating to his boss and the anxiety he put him through.

Kencho has a past, but it’s not as explored as others yet, same for Beatrice. But the point is you can’t hold onto the negative elements of your past forever.

You need to move on at some point or else you’re stuck in the past and can’t move forward, achieve more, get more, and live life on a higher plane of happiness.

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