This Is Why My Hero Academia’s Fandom Is So Toxic!

Deku Concerned Face Mha
Written by Theo J Ellis

My Hero Academia, or “Boku No Hero Academia” is one of my favorite Shonen’s of all time. It’s captivating, and the anime’s been consistent since day one.

I never thought it would be so good. In fact it was so hyped I expected to be disappointed, but I was wrong.

There is one disappointment I’ve come across over the years though, as an observer of the fandom… And that’s the toxic fanbase.

There are plenty of anime shows with toxic fandoms, but My Hero Academia is a special kind of toxic.


Why Is My Hero Academia’s Fandom So Toxic?

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I’m not painting the whole fandom this way, it’s not true. There’s a lot of positive and good aspects to the fandom.

Here at Anime Motivation I’ve done a lot of posts relating to My Hero Academia, usually in a positive light.

But… That doesn’t change the dark side of the fanbase, or how far the rabbit hole goes with it.

Let’s talk about it.

This is why My Hero Academia’s fanbase can be so toxic.


1. Shipping wars

bakugo funny face

Shipping wars are a common thing in all kinds of fandoms. But anime is one of the most toxic, and famous for its shipping wars.

Someone said it better than I ever could one time. They said: “Fans care more about the fandom than they do the anime”.

I’m paraphrasing but it’s the truth.

I’ve never seen an anime fandom so obsessed with the ships. To the point of the anime itself not being part of the conversation, which is weird.

deku x ochako uraraka shipping

Let’s start with Ochako Uraraka and Izuku Midoriya. Or Ochako x Deku.

According to the author, he plans to make the romance sparkle between Ochako and Deku down the line.

Just not yet.

This makes sense when you consider Deku and Ochako’s interactions in season 1,2,3, and 4.

Deku blushes around her, or gets nervous. And vice versa.

And yet…. There’s a sickening amount of fans who seem to HATE this ship. And it’s not an ordinary kind of hate either.

The hate for Ochako x Deku comes from fans who ship gay characters in My Hero Academia.

When the shoe is on the other foot it’s called “gay bashing”, but in this case it’s literally straight-bashing.

These days there’s an attack on masculinity in the west (mostly USA), and a trend of trying to make straight men gay from a portion of women who have a fetish for it.

These are some of the one’s bringing their toxic nature into the My Hero Academia community.

deku bakugo todoroki art

The shipping wars between anime fans stems from Yaoi lovers who ship:

  • Deku x Bakugo
  • Bakugo x Kirishima

And basically anything that involves boy on boy, or gay/yaoi tendencies.

That’s fine. The whole point of shipping is to:

  • Have fun
  • Not take things too seriously

And all that jazz. But there are many of these shippers who take things too far.

They start abusing, criticizing, gaslighting, and trying to shame others for NOT bowing down to their way of thinking.

Toxic Yaoi fans make the My Hero Academia fandom worse by taking straight characters, making them gay, and then getting mad at fans because the ship itself isn’t legit or canon.

Or in other words: arguing, fighting, and trying to force others to pander over some stupid sh*t.

It’s why so many fans avoid the My Hero Academia community all together. They don’t want the headache that comes with it.

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2. Toxic MHA ships

It makes me sick to even point this out, or share some of the pictures. But I’m gonna do it anyway to make my point loud and clear.

Remember what I said earlier about anime shipping is supposed to be fun? Well, this toxic type of shipping takes out the fun and makes it disturbed and deranged.

Take a look.

all might x deku wtf overhaul x eri wtf namu x deku wtf

All you’ve gotta do is look at these ships, and look at what they’re implying.

Let’s start with Overhaul x Eri.

It pisses me off to even write that but this type of ship in My Hero Academia is more common than you’d believe. We’re talking about a KID being shipped with a man.

A man, who by the way, abused Eri in the anime and put her through trauma.

The Deku x All Might is another f*cked up ship that if it were a grown man with a little girl, everyone would lose their minds.

What’s worse is the images I shared are considered “clean”, and aren’t even the worst there is as far as explicit ships that are sickening and paedophilic.

Take a look at the “Google” search results for yourself.

my hero academia toxic ships

Look at those suggestions on Google. It’s so common that Google auto-suggests it, and somehow that’s normal in the My Hero Academia fandom.

This is the messed up side of the My Hero Academia fanbase, and one reason why the fandom is considered to be toxic.

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3. Bullying within the fandom

This is something that’s common in Shonen fandoms more than anything else. And My Hero Academia is no stranger to it.

Fans come into the MHA fandom to e a part of it. Even when they’re new anime fans who got into anime because of MHA.

And then…. The moment an opinion is shared that others disagree with, the bullying starts. And in some cases, that’s followed by being blocked or banned.

I’ve seen it take place, especially on platforms like Twitter.


4. Death Threats

And then there’s the “death threats” version of bullying.

In 2020 there was so much controversy with My Hero Academia. Toxic fans looking for attention were making wild accusations about certain characters.

I covered it here: My Hero Academia Outrage Continues As Fans BURN Manga | #APOLOGIZE_HORIKOSHI

They even went out their way to attack the CREATOR of My Hero Academia, sending him death threats and trying to pressure him.

This is the kind of fanbase MHA is.

It’s not the only big fanbase, and yet it’s one of the few to send death threats and take part in the hoax of cancel culture.

endeavor arc my hero academia controversy

In a separate incident, they attacked the creator for redeeming a certain character. That character being Endeavor, the father of Todoroki.

We all know he got his arc at the end of My Hero Academia season 4, and much before that in the manga.

Endeavor is known as an asshole of a father, but the thought of having him be redeemable rubbed fans the wrong way so much, they sent death threats to MHA’S creator.

That pretty much sums it up.

My Hero Academia’s a great anime, but the fandom has become progressively toxic.

Choosing to be a part of it is your own decision, but this is something to take into account if you do.



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only thing i hate and the one that annoyed me the most is people who respect gay ships but doesn’t respect straight ships or even worse bash them like these one time i saw someone saying “I think Bakugo x deku is really cute its even better than izuku x uraraka I mean its too obvious it makes the anime Boring” i was like dudeeeee thats just disrestpectful


I am part of the BNHA/MHA fandom and I just want to say a few things about this. 1: Shipping wars. These ‘shipping wars” that fans have are just a friendly thing, and people rarely actually get angry at each other over ships, and these “wars” almost never get hostile. Some people just ship different things and we want to tell people about/convince people to ship some of the things we ship. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s like if two friends were trying to convince each other that some sports team was better than the other. 2: Toxic ships.… Read more »

Reply to  Audrey

MHA fandom:more toxic than light and misa’s relationship


It’s Really Pissing me off that the fact people can’t enjoy anime when these nasty straight-bashers keep shipping.


I agree that the fandom is toxic. But, honestly, there are several things in this article that come off as conjecture or somewhat inaccurate in its assessment. Even so, as a multi-shipper, the thing I find most fascinating here is the fact that you used Izuocha when talking about ship wars. Because, while many people admit that it’s not necessarily their cup of tea, it’s not anywhere near the top of “ships you’re most likely to get harassed for shipping”. That honour has gone to BakuDeku and Kacchako for a long time. My experience with BakuDekus has been largely chill.… Read more »


I ship both boyxboy boyxgirl or girlxgirl i think the ships or cute the fandom also has cute ships some ships i like more than other or other ships that aren’t discussed as much but i think its ridiculous about how shippers are so toxic or forceful its honestly kinda disappointing to have shippers be the reason people cant enjoy the anime.


all of that was straight fax


i like this post alot


kinda agree

New fan
New fan

One thing that makes me really nervous is shipping. Like I personally am a Tododeku shipper, and because i got bullied a lot as a kid I keep my preferences to myself. But when asked who I ship everyone goes THATS DISGUSTING or EW or THATS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN like I get it… but can’t I ship whoever I want? I don’t talk about it and impose my preferences on other people but why can’t people just respect other views? You want them to be gay, fine…. straight, fine…. asexual, fine…. I hate it when people judge and scrutinise… Read more »

I like anime so what
I like anime so what

Why is the fandom soo toxic ps I hate bakudeku

Starry Lights
Starry Lights

Yeah I’m straight but I like the anime, but if I ship a straight ship people call me homophobic and disgusting, and went as far as to say my parents hate me so yeah, a large number of them is toxic.

no, no personal info sorryyy
no, no personal info sorryyy

To be honest, only around 3/4 of the fandom is toxic, ik its a a lot but there are still about atleast a few 100k people inside the fandom who are not toxic, one of them is me, im a huge mha fan but all off this article is straight fax, all of the ships i ship are todomomo, izuocha (it depends who the ship is against but i personally love that ship, i used to hate it tho) thoes are the only ships i fully ship, izuocha is one of my favorite ships, because its just straight up adorable!if… Read more »


To be fair, the fan art you picked of Overhaul and Eri probably wasn’t meant to be a ship. Lots of kids kiss their parents on the cheek, it’s not a romantic thing. I think the Overhaul and Eri cute just meant an AU where Overhaul is a good father, cute doesn’t always mean romantically. Overall this article was pretty good and summed up the fandom


The most thing i really about this fandom(but not all of them is bad) is some of the people from MHA fandom just entered another fandom and destroy the entire fandom, Take a example of Genshin fandom before there were MHA fandom this fandom was fine and friendly but as those people enter the fandom start to ruin, the straight shipper was forced to start be a gay/lesbian shipper also they were accused to hate LGBT communit which is false, they also given death threats.this is what i disgutingly hate about some of the people inside MHA fandom. Thank you… Read more »


(sorry for a long comment I just haven’t talked about my opinion on bnha in a while so I wanted to get my thoughts out this is coming from someone who is bi mlm, headcanons a lot of characters as lgbtq+ and ships both gay and straight ships before anyone calls me homophobic) I hate how toxic the shipping in this fandom is especially the controversy around gay ships, I usually see 2 kinds of toxic shipper 1. The yaoi fan, these are usually cis women who mainly ship gay men ships, usually ignore lesbian ships or push them aside… Read more »

Kai Ju
Kai Ju

I agree with some of your points but the show itself has issues, it isn’t just the fandom. The show sexualises young girls of 15 constantly, even showing off Mineta as a character we are meant to laugh at when he acts pervy. This will only encourage pedos and creeps. As for an attack on masculinity in the West…. I have my doubts. Toxic masculinity yes. Regular masculinity? Maybe a few vocal people online. It depends on what you mean by masculinity and in what context. I like BNHA but it certainly has some unhealthy themes that I would argue… Read more »