My Hero Academia Outrage Continues As Fans BURN Manga | #APOLOGIZE_HORIKOSHI

my hero academia war crimes death threats

My Hero Academia is NO stranger to backlash and public outrage.

Ever since this anime started airing – there’s been:

  • Outrage
  • Backlash
  • Criticism


Every year seems to get more intense than the last with the complaints and the loud minority of SJW’S.


But this time it’s different

The drama surrounding this incident comes down to this in a nutshell.

But to explain it even more:

Maruta shiga mha

mha drama war crimes

As we can see – Shounen Jump issued a statement about it.

The author has made a ton of tweets ever since.


But “changing the name” wasn’t enough for MHA fans

This is a small example of the RUSH of fans burning and throwing away their Manga. And sending death threats to Horikoshi, the author of My Hero Academia because of this misunderstanding.


A touchy subject

Someone wrote an article breaking down why Koreans are angry. And Chinese.

Understandably – because of the connection that’s been made to WW2, people are losing their minds.

Naturally it’s gonna be a touchy subject because of the bad memories it brought up (regardless of it being a misunderstanding).

But I agree with people saying “death threats” and all the other dramatics is pushing it too far.

It’s clear as day the My Hero Academia author didn’t INTEND to do this. But no one’s listening because of how emotional they are about it.


As this Tweet shows – whether you agree with it or not, there’s a strong reason why the backlash is so extreme.

Though I won’t sit here and act like “some” of these people aren’t the same SJW’S who cry about stupid sh*t in My Hero Academia. Which they’ve done historically over the years on Twitter.

YouTube video

What do you think about the:

  • Death threats
  • Outrage
  • Backlash

surrounding My Hero Academia?



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