The TRUTH About Anime Objectification That Nobody Talks About |
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The TRUTH About Anime Objectification That Nobody Talks About

Anime objectification.

It’s a term you hear more of these days, more so in the west. Or more accurately – in the USA.

With the rise of the #metoo movement, one of the most damaging movements we’ve seen if you ask me, anime objectification is a thing some people complain about.

Only when it’s about a certain “gender” of course.


Is Anime Objectification Even A THING?

The idea behind anime objectification is:

  • Women are being used as OBJECTS to satisfy men’s desires.
  • Women are nothing more than “fan service”.
  • Female anime characters don’t have personalities.
  • Female anime characters are objects and nothing beyond that.

The funny thing about these arguments is – they come from women who aren’t anime fans.

Unrelated websites like Gamespot, IGN, and sites that don’t give a F about anime are some of the culprits on a “industry” level.

And for the microscopic portion of women who are fans, they only focus on one gender. And they forget about some important facts I’ll mention in this post.


The Truth About Anime Objectification:


1. Anime characters are objects by definition

anime girl and guy romance e1573898190324 |

This is a FACT that feminists, SJW’S, and crybabies don’t seem to understand because of their broken logic.

And their self-centred view of anime characters.

Let’s draw a picture.

I’m an anime artist in Japan and I’m working on a new anime project.

I have an idea of what characters I’d like to draw and design, including how they’ll look, what body proportions they’ll have, and how I want them to behave (personality).

Once I’ve drawn and designed these characters with an anime studio, they’ve become objects to serve a purpose.

tsurezure children anime girl and guy romance |

In the anime – Tsurezure Children, you see scenes like the image above between male and female characters.

They’re both objects by definition. Used to please the audience with their romance and the roles they play.


An object can’t be objectified if it already is. That comes down to how you receive it

That’s arrogant thinking on the viewers part because they’re trying to “relate” what they see to their reality. When it’s not even about themselves.

The difference is when a viewer mistakenly judges these characters as “real” people, when in fact they’re fictional and don’t live by human principles.

It’s fiction, so the moment you decided to be “entertained” by it is the moment you accept it as an “object”. Layered on top of your own filter of how you see the real world.


2. Anime characters serve a purpose

yuri on ice gay moments |

One thing I LOVE about this argument is the ignorance and blatant sexism of the subject.

This image above is from Yuri On Ice. A sports anime with a Gay undertone.

This anime appealed, and appeals to women for obvious reasons: Gay male characters.

These characters are put into intentional positions to highlight these Yuri undertones, without actually going “full on” since that’s not the anime’s only purpose.

yuri on ice queer moments |

So what’s going on here? And what’s my point?

These characters are being OBJECTIFIED for the female audience.

The Yaoi themes in Yuri On Ice (and the characters of course) serve a purpose. And that purpose is to satisfy the main female audience who’s into this kinda thing.

According to radicals – this is objectification at its finest (if the shoe was on the other foot).

For some strange reason it’s ignored and disregarded as if one version of objectification is more “holy” than the other.

It’s as if these people don’t wanna accept it and instead – would rather drink from the bottle of hypocrisy because it’s convenient.


YouTube video

You have anime characters and shows that serve a different purpose for “objectification”. Or pleasure in the case of anime.

One of these purposes is fan service.

One Piece is clearly an anime that does this with characters like Nami.

Male fans obviously LOVE it because that’s the point (and the main audience).

Fairy Tail is another anime that does this (on both sides of the gender fence). And while it’s not the main reason it’s popular, it’s obviously a trait anime fans have warmed to.

And yes, that also includes female fans. The kind of women who aren’t in denial or holier than thou.


gray fullbuster demon slayer |

There’s also the purpose some male characters serve to the female audience. Which is being physically fit and perfectly muscular.

The argument here is “male power fantasy” which is a load of drivel that covers up the facts under the surface.

It’s not like there’s anything wrong with this “objectification”.

Anime isn’t supposed to cater to realism or realistic aspects of people: it’s supposed to exaggerate it. Unless that’s not the point the creator’s trying to get across.

Gray Fullbuster from FT is loved by many, and the list of girls online who call him a “hot guy” is endless.

That’s partly the point of his design.


cute anime girl fluffy ears |

And then you have anime characters who serve the purpose of “being cute“. Or Kawaii if you like that word better.

Let’s take this image of a cute Loli with a furry tail and fluffy ears.

Is she an object? Yes, and not just by definition.

Is that a bad thing? NO, because that’s the point and it’s done not to devalue, but to celebrate.

We do the same damn thing with CATS in real life. That’s why there’s so many f*cking videos of cats on YouTube.

Nobody bats an eye or even thinks about that one. We don’t need to either.


cute anime boy ouran high school |

And if I haven’t already said it – this isn’t about gender. Objectification happens on both ends of the stick.

This character in the image is from Ouran High School Host Club. An anime that’s POPULAR with female fans.

It’s not hard to see how male characters are being “objectified” here.

He’s a cute looking boy with big eyes and girly eyelashes.

Should I start an outrage campaign on Twitter about how “Misandry” this is?

Or how this paints “the wrong image of Men” because of the so-called damage it does to teenagers and our society?


bitch please maka albarn meme |

And that’s the problem I see on the internet. More so Twitter. Regardless of the anime community or not.

We deny objectifying characters of one gender, and then BASH people when it happens with another gender.

This is anime for God sake. They’re not being “dehumanized” or whatever clever word critics wanna use.

They’re not human for one, and characters are objects by definition.

The same logic can’t apply unless you’ve got your head in the clouds. Or you have a hidden agenda.


3. Anime characters don’t live by human principles

anime logic magical index vs jojo |

This meme is taken from Magical Index and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

The anime girl on the left is a 30-year-old teacher in the series. With Jotaro in Jojo being 17 years old.

The humor of this meme makes my point loud and clear: anime characters can’t live by human principles.

It’s impossible.


shiki chizuru kirishiki |

The same goes for real world principles as well, and the law of physics.

Just LOOK at the hair on these 2 characters. Zig zaggy, floating and somehow it remains airborne as if it’s being held in place.

This kinda of thing is impossible and it’s stupidly obvious. I shouldn’t even have to point it out.

Fiction is a world of its own, from western media to Japanese and beyond.

Harry Potter is no more real than Little Witch Academia. And that’s the beauty of it all.


What “Twitter” says about anime objectification

As this guy rightfully says – the same thing happens on both sides of the fence.

The only difference is the average man historically won’t b*tch about it, as if it’s a real world problem.


This Tweet sarcastically elaborates on the point I just made. Imagine if we took it this far?


And as the title of this image says: “Society that sexualizes real minors mad that drawings not considered child p*rn in Japan”.

american society sexualizes minrors hypocrisy |

In case you don’t understand the point here – Americans sexualize REAL minors. Be it in the media or otherwise (look at the image).

To put it another way – some Americans objectify REAL women who happen to be minors. And these SAME people went ballistic because minors in anime aren’t considered “Hentai” in Japan.

This is just another example of the hypocrisy surrounding anime objectification.

The original source was Animemaru BUT the article has been deleted:


Now let’s stop trying to use Anime as a scapegoat for “real” issues

It’s a load of BS.

Almost every argument can be destroyed in a heartbeat because none of it is grounded in facts.


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