The Problem With Anime Sexism NOBODY Wants To Admit |
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The Problem With Anime Sexism NOBODY Wants To Admit

As usual, the proud social justice warriors of the west won’t rest with their critical complaints of anime. And the industry being so-called “sexist” in its TV shows.

This argument’s been going on for so long you’d think the topic is ancient like the coliseum in Rome. But it’s a tired belief of western society trying to control everything they dislike.

Especially when it “hurts” their feelings and they’re so self-righteous that it’s pompous..

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We know people in the west coddle women like 6-year-old children. Always in need of protection when their feelings are hurt, as if they’re incapable of helping themselves.

And western media in particular is known to bend over backwards to their politically correct, pie in the sky demands.


But that will NEVER happen in the anime industry

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This is what makes SJW’S so mad and uptight about anime characters and anime in general. Because no matter how loud they scream, Japan can’t hear.

I guess their headphones are turned up too loud (for good reason).

Jokes aside – I wanna talk about the MAIN problem with this so called “sexism” in the anime industry. And why it’s based on a false notion born out of hypocrisy and bias.

So let’s get to it!


The Problem With Anime Sexism:


1. Nobody will admit there are DOUBLE STANDARDS at play

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But sexism is a term that ONLY refers to women! It doesn’t apply to Men because nobody gives a f*ck, right?


This is the line of thinking of anime feminists and anyone who complains about sexism in the anime industry.

You see, we all know how convenient it is to complain about females being “exploited” in the anime industry, because most people will take it as gospel in the west. As if it’s an act of evil.

But how about when BOYS are exploited in anime for the female audience?

Why is that never an issue?

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I’m not a fan of fan service myself, at least not to the extremes and when it’s overused, but I’m not about to sit here and act like it’s a bad thing.

Same thing with stereotypes.

While anime is aimed at boys for the most part since guys are the main demographic, it swings both ways.

Guys just don’t complain about it the way women do.


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Let’s use this video as an example.

How many of us have seen comedy anime where the girl PUNCHES the guy for entertainment?

A lot the time the male protagonist doesn’t even do anything out the ordinary. But the girl will punch him in the face at every chance she gets for “looking” at her the wrong way.

Sometimes it’s about some type of hierarchy that dictates “women are more important than Men”, or “if a women hits you, shut the f*ck up and suck it up”.


Why isn’t this form of comedy looked at as “sexism” in the anime community?

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Or how about male fan service that appeals to women. There are plenty of anime like this. Food Wars being one example.

Many times in Food Wars because of the type of anime it is, guys get “practically” naked and fan service is taken to the level of extreme. And yet nobody bats an eye.

But the moment females pop up on screen and they’re the ones being “exposed”, the USA in particular starts b*tching about it.


Let’s take it a step further

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You may or may not have seen Shimoneta, produced by J.C Staff. It’s an Ecchi series so fan service is a given.

In the 4th episode of this anime, the male protagonist Tanukichi Okuma is RAPED by the female character Anna Nishikinomiya.

The whole scene revolves around Anna’s insecurities, extreme jealousy and possessive nature (Yandere traits).

After stalking him and everything that follows, Anna rapes Tanukichi in a scene I can only describe as one of the cringiest episodes I’ve watched.

And this is all in the name of comedy!


Where were these social justice warriors back in 2015?

Even though this anime is controversial in its themes of perversion and sexual tendencies, I don’t remember anyone getting bent out of shape about Shimoneta.

All these sexism activists (if we can call them that) were nowhere to be found. And I haven’t seen a single website or SJW report on this at all.

There’s a good reason for that.


Social justice warriors only show up when it fits their agenda

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Equality doesn’t exist among these “people”. And they know exactly what they’re doing. They’re selectively stupid.

They know when it comes to the portrayal of women in the west, and how sensitive people are on these topics, if they cry about it everyone will come running to their rescue.


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That’s why when Goblin Slayer aired back in October 2018 and the rape scene involving Goblins was shown, they rushed to Twitter to cry about it.

But when the gender roles are flipped not only don’t they give a F, they don’t lose any sleep over it either.

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2. Anime sexism swings both ways

I already mentioned this but it’s worth saying again: Anime sexism swings BOTH ways.

You can’t just cry about sexism on one side of the argument, and then turn your back when the SAME thing happens to the opposite gender.

All this proves is how hypocritical you are and how you’re really promoting a false narrative about anime being something it’s not.


There’s a reason people believe anime is sexist

Gender Range Pie Chart Anime Motivation Company

The majority of anime’s audience is MALE. That’s no secret.

It’s similar to the Video Games industry when it comes to demographics.

Because of this fact a lot of anime are geared towards a male audience… Not surprising because anime studios are giving people what they WANT. It’s called “doing good business”.

Simple as that.

The problem begins when you as an anime fan (or just a plain SJW who doesn’t care about anime) starts to see the majority of anime highlighting certain themes involving women.

The more you see something, the more you start to associate it with THAT thing. That’s why stereotypes exist, and they’re usually blown out of proportion because of bias and habits.


It’s just like the “Yaoi” genre of anime

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This genre is designed for girls. Why? Because it’s about GAY male anime characters.

Guys kissing. Guys falling in love with each other. Gay relationships. The list goes on.

This is what the Yaoi genre is for. Not a lot of guys will watch it for obvious reasons. Mostly women watch it because that’s its purpose.

No different to how guys will watch anything with lesbians or just regular anime targeted towards them with female fan service.


And that doesn’t mean I’m discrediting sexism when it’s relevant

But the fact of the matter is, a lot of it isn’t grounded in reality or common sense. Just petty feelings coming from people who have nothing better to do online.

Some people just wanna complain because they can. That’s what the internet allows people to do.


With that in mind – let’s stop b*tching about “problems” that aren’t even real

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At the end of the day – Anime is Japanese. And guess what? It’s OK to dislike it.

Sh*t, you can even hate it if you want to. But don’t bring any of that politically correct nonsense into the picture, just because you don’t like it.

I don’t like reality TV shows or mainstream media that promote propaganda, all day everyday. And yet somehow they exist because people can’t help themselves from latching onto it.

I don’t see anybody protesting or making a big deal out of sh*t the Daily Mail, Fox News, and so many other propaganda-driven businesses get up to.

So all this political correctness surrounding anime sexism? You can put a sock in it.

REAL justice doesn’t pick and choose when it’s convenient. So it’s time we put this topic to BED.


I’ll end it with THIS video on anime sexism

YouTube video

Remember – this isn’t about HATE, but food for thought and discussion.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.



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