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A List Of The WORST Anime Fanbases (And Fandoms) Of All Time

nao tomori serious face
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

There’s one thing about the anime community that makes it so toxic: fanbases and fandoms.

I’ve had my fair share of criticism, trolls and straight up hatred from these fandoms. All because I have an opinion that’s unpopular and doesn’t stroke their fragile egos.

I’m sure you as an anime fan have dealt with similar things in the community, assuming you’re not an impulsive idiot who thinks the world shines out your rear-end.

nichijou sigh gif

But with that said, these are the most toxic (and worst) anime fanbases I’ve come across in anime.

There are others, but the fandoms I’ve mentioned here are so big it makes any smaller communities irrelevant.


1. Dragon Ball Z

goku super saiyan blonde

I’m the BIGGEST fan of Dragon Ball Z and the whole franchise in general. So that tells you how much of an awful fanbase DBZ has since I’m willing to admit how bad it is.

Not everyone is a demon in the DBZ fandom, I’m proof of that. I’m not gonna bash you over the head with criticism and call you a piece of sh*t for disliking DBZ or what it represents.

That’s not my style and that line of thinking is for idiots anyway. But this happens A LOT in the DBZ community online.

goku ss charging up

Usually, it comes down to arguments that can never reach a conclusion. Ya know, like “Goku is the strongest anime character in the universe” and sh*t like that.

Being an innovator in the Shounen genre and being the anime to start the trend, I guess people get overprotective like an insecure mother. But it is what it is.

That’s why some fans avoid DBZ all together.

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2. Death Note

misa L and light yagami

Death Note is an anime I watched earlier THIS year or sometime last year. I put it off for years because I got sick of hearing about how “good” it is.

Before watching it though, I noticed every time I never mentioned Death Note in a list of “good” anime, the fanbase would pull out their baseball bats and start swinging at me. As if to say “how DARE you not praise Death Note, you little c*nt.”

death note anime L and kira e1569605005900

And even though I think Death Note is an absolute masterpiece since watching it, the fanbase is awful.

Maybe not 100%, but it’s still obnoxious and full of f*cking snobs who act like hurt 6 year old children.


3. Naruto

naruto stupid face

Naruto has a more “cult” following by far.

Ignoring that for a second, It’s shocking how many sensitive teddy bears are running around in the Naruto community.

It’s almost comparable to the Alphabet Mob who get bent out of shape when they feel “offended”.

naruto kid anime

You can’t mention a Shounen, a classic, or a “successful” anime series without the Naruto mob bursting through your door and demanding you respect it.

Especially if you’re not a fan of Naruto or you don’t “include” it in your list of the best anime of all time.


4. Hunter x Hunter

hunter x hunter anime series

Hunter x Hunter is like a “tame” version of the Naruto fanbase. Or at least the “toxic” side of the fandom.

Hunter x Hunter isn’t as famous or so called “successful” as anime like Naruto or DBZ. But it’s an underground classic with a STRONG following who swear it’s a masterpiece in its own right.

gon hunter x hunter

For an anime like Hunter x Hunter that doesn’t get “praise” compared to more famous Shounen, I can understand the annoyance of it not always being acknowledged.

But even still – is that a reason to sh*t on other anime fans for disagreeing with you?


5. Steins Gate

steins gate anime cover 1

Steins Gate is another underground classic that “looks” mainstream but for some reason, it doesn’t feel mainstream.

And that’s despite its crazy following and undeniable success (plus high ratings on plenty of websites).

One thing I praise about Steins Gate is how different it looks and feels for an anime. You can look at it and automatically see there’s no anime out there that can go head to head for what it does.

steins gate mayuri and okabe

But that doesn’t mean I rate it like that. I feel like it’s overrated actually.

And as expected with these types of anime, the toxic fanbase has their guns ready to shoot down anyone who dares to disagree.


6. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

YouTube video

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is an anime I never knew existed until a few years ago. But now that I know better, I’ve realized how much of a pioneer it is in the anime industry.

I mean – a lot of references in tons and tons of anime are taken from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. And a lot of the modern styles, features and quirks you see in anime today were inspired by Jojo.

jojos bizarre adventure anime

A lot of the time you won’t even know Jojo is the inspiration behind an anime (if you’re under 20 years old). But it’s true.

It’s an underground legend that’s overshadowed by mainstream anime.

That’s the reason the fanbase is so ruthless, emotional, and confrontational when trying to shove their opinions down your throat.

I’m amazed at how Jojo’s fanbase has reacted to what I have to say if they feel like Jojo should have been a part of the conversation.


7. One Punch Man

YouTube video

One Punch Man isn’t Shounen, but it’s weaved its way into the Shounen genre because of the themes it portrays.

One Punch Man is exactly that: a protagonist who crushes his opponents in ONE punch. This fact has given birth to dozens of memes and heated arguments online.

saitama 2015

The main argument is of course bias, because the logic is Saitama can defeat anyone. Including characters like Goku because he’s “designed” that way.

I’m not here to get into the politics, but I’ve run into so many social justice warriors in the OPM community to know how toxic it gets.

Surely we can all argue with each other, WITHOUT being a d*ck and acting like a spoilt little sh*t. Or is that too much to ask?


8. My Hero Academia

deku and bakugo kids

My Hero Academia is one of the most accomplished anime of the last decade. And I don’t say that because I’m a fan of it (which surprised me), but because the success speaks for itself.

Ever since it dropped in 2016 the hype, the following, and its ability to convert NEW fans to the industry is special.

It’s a breath of fresh air for the Shounen genre.

my hero academia deku and kachan

And even though I say that the MHA community CAN be one of the worst at times.

Blame it on passion. Blame it on ego. But whatever you blame it on, we can all agree bashing each other over the head is stupid in the grand scheme of things. Especially when your argument holds no value or logic.

Or in other words: you’re being a fanboy for fanboy’s sake.


9. Neon Genesis Evangelion

YouTube video

Neon Genesis Evangelion is the last Naruto.

NGE is a pioneer in the anime industry, no different to Steins Gate. But Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the reasons the MECHA genre blew up in the early days of anime.

neon genesis evangelion characters listening to music

Gundam came first, but Neon Genesis Evangelion made Mecha “famous”. And not for reasons that are obvious or related to robots necessarily.

Either way – the anime fanbase for this reason (not everyone) gets bent out of shape when you don’t praise it for being a “good” Mecha series.

But I guess this is a thing with anime shows like this.


10. RWBY

rwby volume 7

RWBY is an American anime that’s been accepted by people in the Japanese anime industry. It’s solidified.

As an anime outside of Japan that’s managed to build up a massive fanbase, it comes with TOXIC fans.

On November 6th 2019 – someone in the RWBY community made up a “suicide” story for the sake of attention, likes and retweets.

Her intent was to “sh*t” on other people in the RWBY community.

It worked.

On November 7th 2019 it was proven to be a HOAX.

The sad thing is – it fooled a LOT of people. But what’s worse is how someone was even willing to go to these lengths in the first place.

YouTube video

RWBY’s toxic fandom is well documented, so it’s unsurprising why I’ve added it to this list of the WORST anime fanbases.


Have you noticed the trend yet?

The more “religious” the fanbase is about an anime they love, the more sensitive, emotional and senseless they become.

It’s always with the type of anime that is supernatural, Shounen or has some type of “deep” element that makes it shine. For one reason or another.

Romance, slice of life or comedy doesn’t have fanbases half as bad as the anime on this list. If at all.

So I guess it’s a result of passion for an anime series running deeper than usual.



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