The Appeal Of Yanderes, And Why Anime Fans LOVE This Trope So Much

What is the appeal of Yanderes exactly, and why do they get so much recognition and attention in the first place?|

When you have news stories like this about Yanderes who stab their boyfriends, almost killing them in the process, you have to wonder what the appeal of Yanderes are exactly.

Or what anime fans “see” in Yanderes to find them so attractive. That’s the initial thought, right?

Yanderes can be argued to be the most famous anime trope there is (as far as character types). They’re popular, loved, appreciated, entertaining, and considered by many fans “waifus”.

That last part is also debatable but not that’s beside the point here.

Let’s talk about why Yanderes are appealing for many reasons that make a lot of sense.


1. They’re 100% committed to their partner (to a fault)

When analyzing Yanderes you can see they’re always committed to whoever it is they’ve fallen in love with. They’re committed to a fault, and would never even think or dream of breaking that commitment.

This is an appealing trait for obvious reasons. Many people desire relationships where their partners commit to the relationship wholeheartedly, without hesitation, and without any of the BS involved with dealing with those who are half-assed.

Yanderes fulfils this desire to the fullest.

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2. They know what they want

In your average anime series, romantic partners can be wishy-washy, not know what they want (in life or in their partner), and in the case of harem-driven romance, nothing ever comes of it because of indecisiveness.

Yanderes are different, and maybe that’s part of the appeal since they know what they want, who they want, and will pursue that type of person relentlessly.

They’re shameless about their pursuit, and that’s refreshing when compared to seeing characters who are cowards, or just indecisive to the point of ridiculousness (even if understandable).


3. They shower their lover with compliments and reassurance

Yanderes are so deeply in love with their partners that they don’t hesitate to compliment, uplift, or shower their partner with words of encouragement or compliments of their personality, etc.

They do it even if they’re embarrassed or hesitant, meaning they have courage and nothing stands in the way of their feelings. Not even their own self-doubt or insecurities.

You see this with characters like Yuno Gasai, despite the madness that comes with this package.


4. They tend to be “Ride or die” girlfriends

The idea that a girlfriend is willing to fight for you or alongside you, as well as have your back, and refuses to bail out when shit hits the fan – this is one appeal of Yandere characters.

After all – the worst thing you could ever want is for your girlfriend (or friends even) to do a runner the moment you’re in trouble, are in danger, or your life is being threatened.

Yanderes will ride or die not just until the wheels fall off, but until the car itself is blown to bits and there’s nothing left of it.

That alone is appealing because it shows trust and companionship to the highest level (if you see the bigger picture).


5. They get “lost” in their love for their partner, no matter where they might be

You can see this with characters like Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill. The moment she realizes she loves Tatsumi (at first sight), and right after she starts blushing, she does the unthinkable.

In the middle of a ring where Tatsumi and other characters battle it out in a colleseum-style fight, she walks right down to the ring, confesses her love, and shamelessly drags him back to her “lair”.

Extremes aside, this shows how “lost” Yanderes get in their partner. They let nothing get in between their desires, despite who or what might be happening around them.


6. Yanderes have a wild side (or dark side)

People like fantasizing about the opposite sex with a “wild side” or a slightly dark side to their personality because they associate it with “fun” and being more interesting.

It’s the whole “bad boy/bad girl” type of thing.

In reality, this never plays out the way people expect, but in the context of anime, it’s what gives appeal to Yanderes.

A girl with a dark side that happens to be cute, a bit wild only for you, and will ride or die on your behalf? This plays into the appeal of Yanderes.


7. Undying loyalty

A follow up from the last point, above all else – Yandere’s are loyal. Their loyalty is unmatched. It’s the truest definition of loyalty we all want either in a partner, friend, or family.

A Yandere would never think of cheating, backstabbing, intentionally destroying your trust, or doing anything that would break their loyalty to you. It would be the equivalent of suicide to them.

I’d say fans project that desire onto Yandere characters, understandably, because it is one of the most attractive traits a person can have if genuine.


8. They’re submissive and accommodating

This is in spite of their somewhat “domineering” personality.

It doesn’t matter how strong a Yandere might be, they’re submissive when it comes to their lover. Esdeath is a perfect example of someone who’s submissive despite being so overwhelmingly powerful, dangerous, and bloodthirsty for battle.

Other Yandere characters like Rem from Re: Zero or Yuu Ibara from Ryuugajou are more examples of Yanderes who are submissive but powerful and capable when the time is right.

They’re able to swing between these two dimensions, naturally, and that’s what makes them appealing since their femininity is still in tact.


9. Yanderes are attractive and aesthetically pleasing

Anime does a good job of making Yanderes more attractive than necessary, which is a magnet for everything else.

Attractive, loyal, committed, loving – it all sounds good and makes for an “ideal” character or person. But that’s only if the consequences are taken into account.

Still, with Yanderes being eye candy, beautiful, or whatever word you use to describe them – this is what makes their appeal shine like no other type of anime character/trope.


The obvious downsides of Yanderes

Yanderes are violent, crazy, unstable, have mental health issues, can be deeply insecure, possessive, and jealous.

All the so-called “good” traits that are appealing overshadow this, or at least they do to some degree. Still, as people do, we focus on the positives rather than the negatives.

One more thing: Yanderes are only appealing in anime, not in real life.


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