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What type of news does Anime Motivation share?

Anime Motivation isn't a news site, however: the type of news shared is the type you won't find elsewhere.

Here's an example: 

How Big Is The Anime Industry Compared To Hollywood?

Top 25 Countries Who Love Anime The Most, According To Google Trends

Any anime news tends to be innovative and industry based (as opposed to news about anime shows).

When did the blog begin?

June 2016. Publishing predominantly quotes, recommendations and life lessons.

I LOVE your content and website. How can I show my support?

You're the reason Anime Motivation exists!

So if you want to show your support:

Anime Marketplace

How do I get paid as a seller?

You NEED a PayPal account with your email address added to your profile.

Or if you're not a fan of PayPal:

You NEED to sign up for a Stripe account.

Whichever payments provider you choose, any payments will go straight to you (90%) when each sale comes through.

Sign up here: Stripe Register


Sign up with Stripe

What products can be listed?
  • Anime Art.
  • Digital (and physical) prints.
  • Custom T shirts and merch.
  • Canvas pieces.
How much do I get paid as a seller?

Each seller is paid a 90% commission for every sale.

10% goes to Anime Motivation.

How long does it take to receive payment?

Sellers are paid within 24 hours or less.

This happens automatically so you don't need to do anything other than create a stripe account to receive payments.

Or a PayPal account with your PayPal email attached to your account.

Are there any other fees?


Listing is FREE. There are no fees involved (except for processing fees).

How can I promote my shop and generate sales?
  • Learn the basics of SEO.
  • Use your strengths across the social networks you know how to use
  • Share each product with everyone.
  • Create QUALITY images.

Beyond the basics, Anime Motivation takes care of everything else.

The rest is up to you, because we're a team!


What Happens If I Purchase An Item That's Not In Stock?

If an order has been placed with our provider that’s not in stock, then we’re expecting stock arrival at our warehouse. Which takes 2 days to arrive to us. And is then shipped immediately to your address.

Is my credit card information safe?

Absolutely. This site uses SSL encrypted technology, so your information is safe. Also, all payments are handled by trusted providers, such as – Stripe. So your details are further encrypted and secured.

How do preorders & backorders work?

For preorders, upfront payment is required. Cancellations before release date are forbidden by distributors and manufacturers.

For back-orders, we’ll simply ship out your product once we’ve ordered it in, it becomes available, and we have it in stock.

If for some reason we can’t ship your preorder (stock issues, manufacturer cancels product, etc) then you’ll be refunded before/by release date. You’ll be notified by email in all instances.

Can I Make A Deposit And Pay Later?

Absolutely. You can make a small 10% deposit on any product in our store. You’ll then have 30 days to complete your purchase, then we’ll ship your item to you.

if it’s a preorder, we’ll hold it until release date.

You’ll receive a reminder email throughout the process.

Note: Deposits are non-refundable after 30 days.

Can I shop in my own currency?

Yes. Use the widget in the side of any shop page.

Countries supported:

  • India.
  • Philippines.
  • UK.
  • USA.
  • Europe.
  • Indonesia.

And more.

Do you have a registered company address?

83 Ducie Street,

Manchester M1 2JQ

United Kingdom

Who is the founder of Anime Motivation?

Theo J Ellis.

You can learn more by reading the latest articles: Blog Posts by Theo Ellis

There’s a product I’ve seen for sale from another retailer. Can you get it in stock?

If it’s officially licensed, the answer is yes. Just get in touch with us about the product it is you’ve seen, and we’ll let you know if we’re able to stock it or order it in for you from our distributors!

How long do refunds take to process?

Refunds are processed within 28 days (depending on location). Sent directly to your bank account, or whichever method of payment you used.

Are your products officially licensed?

All Anime merchandise sold on are officially licensed by manufacturers, directly from Japan. If it’s not official, we don’t stock it. We intend to make a difference in the anime community, not ruin it.

Does Anime Motivation have an official store front?

No. Anime Motivation is operated online-only.

As stated here: Does Anime Motivation Have A Physical Store Front?

This is one of the most “asked” questions by customers, so it’s being considered for some point in future.

Do you have your own anime mascot?

Yes indeed! Our anime mascot is known as: Hikari Yorokobi.

Hikari means “light” and Yorokobi means “Joy”.

You can learn more here:  Meet Hikari Yorokobi – Mascot Character

I need my order by Christmas. When is the latest I can order?

You’re best off ordering before the 18th-20th of December in the UK, and before the 10th of December internationally.

If you order later than that, there’s a chance your order could be delayed due to busy times, or end up being delivered in the new year. So keep that in mind.

Delivery & Returns

I haven't received my order. Where is it?

If your order hasn’t arrived within 14 days in the UK, get in touch with us immediately and we’ll get you a refund or a replacement.

For international orders, if your item hasn’t arrived within 25 days, get in touch and we’ll assist you. If you don’t get in touch within 60 days of your item not arriving, refunds or replacements won’t be accepted. In any case, just Tweet us or send an email and we’ll gladly help you out!

Is there a minimum spend for FREE UK Delivery?

All UK orders are shipped FREE when you spend more than £59.99! If you spend less than £59.99, you’ll never spend more than £3.99 for shipping.

How much is international shipping?

For international anime collectors, shipping costs range from £9.99 – £19.99. You’ll never pay more than that!

What countries do you ship to?
  • UK.
  • France.
  • Germany.
  • Hawaii.
  • Brazil.
  • India.
  • Australia.
  • Italy.
  • USA.

And many more countries and states across the globe!

What delivery services do you use?

All orders are sent by Royal Mail. Both in the UK and internationally.

Do I have to pay for returns?

Returns are paid for by the customer.

Items must be in their original condition. Used items can’t be returned. If returning a product, you’ll be refunded for the cost of goods once it arrives.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Here’s what the delivery estimations look like, depending on the circumstance:

For UK Customers, orders are shipped by Royal Mail and may take 2-5 days.
International orders take between 5-10+ days.
All items are dispatched within 48 hours if we have it in stock. And in busy periods (Like December), it may take a little longer to ar

When will my items be dispatched after placing an order?

Items are usually dispatched within 48 hours.

If you place an order close to the weekend (like Thursday or Friday), your item will either be dispatched Friday or the following Monday. As couriers (and items) generally don’t ship/arrive on weekends.

I’m an international customer. How does the Royal Mail deliver my package to my address?

Royal Mail, the biggest local courier in the UK has delivery partners across the world. When delivering internationally they’ll hand over the parcel to a courier based within your country. So for example – if you’re based in the US, then Royal Mail will hand over your parcel to the USPS (United States Postal Service). And then the USPS will deliver your package to your address.

This is generally how it works no matter where you’re located in the world. Your local courier will end up with your package, and then will deliver it to you.

Customer Support

What happens If I can't contact you?

You can stay updated via our announcements:

Company Announcements – Blog

Any issues, technical problems or scheduled maintenance will be reported here.

If I contact you by email or social media, how long will you take to respond?

Well, since we move at the speed of light (we wish), you’ll receive a response within 1-5 hours.

You’ll never be left waiting for days or weeks like with other anime companies.


Can I become an affiliate for your store?

It's closed for now. But when it's back, this'll be the link:

Become An Affiliate at Anime Motivation

Do you offer Free reports, guides, eBooks and downloads for anime collectors?

That’s right. Both for the industry and anime fans.

You can see the latest digital products and downloads, created by Anime Motivation here:

Digital Products

Do you accept sponsored posts/advertising?


For everything about how advertising works, and sponsored posts: --> Start Advertising