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What type of news does Anime Motivation share?
Anime Motivation isn't a news site, however: the type of news shared is the type you won't find elsewhere. Here's an example: How Big Is The Anime Industry Compared To Hollywood? Top 25 Countries Who Love Anime The Most, According To Google Trends Any anime news tends to be innovative and industry based (as opposed to news about anime shows).
I LOVE your content and website. How can I show my support?
You're the reason Anime Motivation exists! So if you want to show your support:
  • Share the content on social media (and with friends).
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Customer Support

What happens If I can't contact you?
You can stay updated via our announcements: Company Announcements – Blog Any issues, technical problems or scheduled maintenance will be reported here.
If I contact you by email or social media, how long will you take to respond?
Well, since we move at the speed of light (we wish), you’ll receive a response within 1-5 hours. You’ll never be left waiting for days or weeks like with other anime companies.


Do you offer Free reports, guides, eBooks and downloads for anime collectors?
That’s right. Both for the industry and anime fans. You can see the latest digital products and downloads, created by Anime Motivation here: Digital Products