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All countries except Russia, Equator Guinea, North Korea, and the obvious shortlist of suspects (unless it's a digital product).

This list will be updated to reflect what's happening in these countries or others.

Shipping costs will always be highlighted in the basket and during checkout. As well as on the product pages themselves.

Anywhere from 2-5 days if it's local to your country (USA, Europe, UK), or 5-18 days if international.

Either way, you'll be automatically kept in the loop!

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Yes. A 50% deposit is allowed, with the remaining 50% to be paid 28 days later.

In this scenario, refunds are not allowed since you're paying on a payment plan and the refund policy is void (see policy below).

A currency switcher is available on the product pages in:

  • Euro.
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  • US Dollar.

The refund policy applies only to physical products (merchandise, etc).

As long as you have photographic evidence of the item being damaged on arrival, then you can receive a refund. Or in some cases, a replacement.

Whichever makes the most sense in this unlikely scenario. Photographic or video evidence can be sent via email (contact page), private message via social media, via Google Drive link, or anything relevant.

Be sure to contact us within 28 days for a refund.

Returns and refunds in situations where the product is fine, but you suddenly decide you don't want it are unacceptable.

No returns or refunds are applicable in this scenario, so be reasonable and sensible in these cases.

Also, returns and refunds for choosing the wrong size or colour are also unacceptable if this mistake is on your behalf.

Each product has a measurement in the description to help you determine the right size to buy, even if it's a wall canvas, a t shirt, or otherwise.

As for virtual products, once purchased, it can never be returned or refunded.

Yes. The characters, mascots, and everything in between.

Copyright owned.

If it's not custom-made, it's an officially licensed image, work, etc, or public domain which the latter does NOT include custom designs by Anime Motivation.

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Give it a couple of hours or a full 48 hours max. If it's shop or partnership related, the response will be quicker.

Pease be patient.


Anime Motivation Store is 100% digital, but that won't hinder your service.


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