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The HYPOCRISY Of Japanese Fetishizing Weebs When It Comes To “Black” Anime Characters

If you’re not a hypocrite when it comes to the anime community, the industry, what you see on social media, and everything else in general, you’ll know exactly what hypocrisy I’m talking about.

It’s the elephant in the room for a couple of reasons:

  • Very few platforms dare to call it out or talk about it.
  • Even some black creators choose to remain silent (some, not many).
  • Asian and western creators hardly have anything to say (some Asians to be fair).
  • And whenever the racism towards the black community is brought up, the gaslighting begins.

kimberley anne campbell nagatoro dub voice actress |

Take the anime voice actress for Nagatoro’s DUB for example back in 2022 January. When she was announced to be the voice actress for Nagatoro’s dub by Crunchyroll, Twitter exploded.

All for the wrong reasons of course.

  • The racism.
  • Prejudice.
  • Negative comments.
  • Trolling.
  • Backlash.

And everything else was in full swing.

They weren’t holding back and few ever said a word despite many times claiming to support “black lives matter” and various other buzzword BS of recent years.

It’s only supportive when it hurts them (meaning anyone who supports trends), or when they can make money off it.

All the bullshit YouTubers who clickbait the life out of Twitter controversy… They said nothing also because it’s a real situation that requires thought and care.

The same goes for all the other profiteers who virtue signal when the time is right but consistently stay quiet unless it’s some dumb shit unrelated to racism (like someone saying they hate MHA or whatever).

Whyt Manga Clock Striker Black Female Protagonist Shounen

The examples are endless.

One recent one is when the manga author and co-founder Whyt Manga made a tweet about “the first black female shounen protagonist”.

After about a day the Tweet did more than catch steam. It blew the f*ck up and went on to be retweeted so many times, with thousands of likes, and positive comments. Which also leads to trolling, sneaky racism, and gaslighting.

Almost 96K likes so far.

This is the perfect example of how the double standards and hypocrisy of anime fans come into play when it comes to racism towards black anime fans, black representation, inclusion, or “black” of ANY kind.

Common gaslighting comments include words like:

  • Woke.
  • Politically correct.
  • Diversity.
  • It’s not “real” manga or anime.

And things of that nature.

It’s not all anime fans, but the ones who continue to stay silent are complicit and half as bad as a result.


The process of toxic fans exposing their racial hypocrisy:


1. When black representation is promoted, they say “create your own characters”

Create Your Own Black Anime Characters Make Your Own Manga Tweet

On the surface this makes a lot of sense and here’s what I mean.

  • If someone else won’t do it for you, take it upon yourself to create it.
  • Take the future into your own hands.
  • Solve a problem by being the solution.

Etc. This is how businesses are built, how products are created, how industries are changed, and how the best websites are built. They start because someone rejected the owner or the owner had trouble getting someone to do something for them, etc.

As a result, they take it into their own hands and do it independently and so on.

THE PROBLEM: this statement is hypocritical at its finest when it comes to anime fans who consistently make this argument, as we’re about to find out.


2. When you create your own black characters, they say “this isn’t real manga/anime”

And this is the next step that completes the hypocrisy and gaslighting.

The argument is to create your own instead of complaining about black representation. Then someone does exactly what, and they then say “it’s not anime or manga, we don’t need this, this is appropriation”, and all kinds of hypocritical, double standards nonsense.

You see the real point here is these so-called anime fans who say this, most vocally on platforms on Twitter, this is their cowardly way of being racist without being straightforward about it.

It’s a sneaky way of showing your racism and prejudice towards a certain group of people without outright saying “f*ck you” because you’re built like a woman’s southern parts.

If a black anime creator makes their own character to get the representation they want, and those same critics reject it on the basis of it “Not being anime”, the point is clear to anyone with a brain.

Avatar And Rwby Anime

These are also the same fans who have NO problem with anime like Avatar or RWBY, except when an anime or manga equivalent with black creators is made only then is it an ISSUE.

I never see anyone saying “Avatar isn’t real anime” whenever it’s brought up or recently when there was a new announcement. Same for RWBY when it’s talked about.

Let’s not play dumb, the reason is clear.


3. The loud minority has no problem with “other” races having their own anime or manga

YouTube video

Trese Comments Youtube

Take the anime for example called Trese which was announced in 2020 and released sometime after. That anime during the pandemic is a Filipino series.

It’s adapted from a Filipino manga. TOXIC anime fans pay close attention to what gets released, what comes out, and what makes headlines and yet I never saw any backlash at all. In fact, I covered it.

The same is also true for India which has been working on various anime, with videos on YouTube, and again – something I’ve talked about and no one took issue with.

Karmachakra And Betwitching Empress

This stretches even further when talking about the fact China has been working on MANY dozens of anime over the years. Some of which a niche portion of western fans like.

How come I’ve never seen any of these people, western fans especially since they’re the most vocal when it happens, how come they’re OK with this?

This isn’t a problem so it shouldn’t be an issue anyway. But when you copy and paste this same scenario to black characters or “black” anime or manga, all of a sudden it’s a controversy, an issue, a disease, a threat.

It’s not just the loud minority of toxic fans who expose their double standards with this, it’s everyone else who’s complicit in this behaviour and silent as a mouse.


The truth is they don’t want ANY sort of black inclusion, representation, or whatever you wanna call it. They don’t care to see black people in anime as it stands.

They’re more comfortable fetishizing the Asians and seeing themselves in the anime they watch. Or any other race who gets included from time to time that they approve of.

If that weren’t the case the outrage wouldn’t be so predictable, obvious, irrational, prejudiced, and visceral. Which it never is when it happens to anyone else of any other ethnicity (only in extremely small doses and isolated cases).

Anyone not talking about this at length or ignoring it but then complaining when the shoe is on the other foot should hang themselves in shame.


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