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20+ Of The Most Straightforward And Honest Anime Characters (Recommended)

honest and straightforward anime characters
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Anime characters who are straightofrward, direct, and honest, are likeable for the fact they get to the point.

As well as the fact they:

  • Don’t hold their tongue.
  • Don’t beat around the bush.
  • Speak their mind.
  • Speak up for other people.
  • Can be trusted since they don’t hide their intentions.
  • Let others know where they stand.

But sometimes, straightforward anime characters like people in real life can come across as assholes as well. Depending on how aggressive they appear to be.

Here’s a list of characters who fit the bill.


The best straightforward anime characters:


1. Viral (Gurren Lagann)

Viral Gurren Lagann

Viral is one of the villains in the Gurren Lagann series, but things change somewhat down the line of the series.

He’s a character who just doesn’t give a F, and is as straightforward as they come. After all, what does he have to lose?

He doesn’t mince his words and isn’t the soft-spoken type.


2. Renji Abarai (Bleach)

Renji Abarai Bleach soul reaper

Renji Abarai is the red-headed soul reaper and one of the stand-out ones as far as his hair colour and his role in the series.

He’s good friends with Ichigo, and the one thing they share is their desire to protect Rukia Kuchiki (and vice versa).

Not being the type to beat around the bush or soften up his words, Renji is as direct and honest as they get and can be irritated by those who can’t or aren’t willing to speak their mind and say what they really feel.


3. Himeno (Chainsaw Man)

Himeno Chainsaw Man smile

Himeno is the loved female character of the Chainsaw Man series and one who shows up earlier in the franchise for a good reason.

Wearing an eye patch, and a bright smile, Himeno isn’t one to be down or moping. She’s the cheerful one of the group and always has her spirits high enough to impact others.

She’s also not afraid to express herself when it comes to feelings of love and romance, or even when it comes to giving out advice to others.


4. Margery Daw (Shakugan No Shana)

Margery Daw Shakugan No Shana suit red

Margery Daw is similar to Himeno in that she’s attractive, straightforward, but Margery comes across as aggressive. The type of person who can “bite your head off” for saying the wrong thing or saying it the wrong way.

She’s no fan of disrespect, and won’t tolerate it from anyone regardless of who they are.

Revenge is her life’s goal, but this evolves over time and she does soften up a bit but not to the point where she doesn’t dish out “tough love” when she needs to without holding back.


5. Inaba Himeko (Kokoro Connect)

Inaba Himeko Kokoro Connect cute

Inaba is the Tsundere of the Kokoro Connect series and one who’s fairly popular in the anime industry. This is in spite of what happened to the Kokoro Connect franchise which hurt its fame somewhat.

As a girl in love, Inaba can be soft but harsh and stingy. But this is really just her insecurity showing.

In general, she speaks directly to people and says what’s on her heart and her mind, but deeper topics take more courage and confidence for her to let out and share with just anyone.


6. Shizuka Mikazuki (Zom 100)

Shizuka Zom 100 introvert

Shizuka is so brutally honest that it deters Akira a bit when he tries to make conversation with her or tries to get along after seeing her for the first time in the zombie-infested world they’re in.

But she shoots him down to eventually, she starts to open up which takes effort for an introvert like Shizuka.

She’s smart, analytical, intelligent, strategic, and never makes a move without having some sort of plan to tackle problems.

When she’s passionate or serious, she talks a bit too much.


7. Ram (Re:Zero)

Ram Re Zero s2

Ram is the pink haired sister without a horn unlike Rem, the blue haired sister. But Ram has self confidence like no other character and will do whatever it takes to fight for her sister and those she deeply cares for.

Yes, she’s honest, direct, and doesn’t allow anyone to get away with their lack of discipline, dragging others down with their workload if working as part of a team, or with subpar standards.

Ram is someone you can count on.

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8. Inuyasha (Inuyasha)

Inuyasha Inuyasha sword

Inuyasha can be too honest and direct sometimes, to the point of hurting the feelings of Kagome Higurashi at times in the franchise. But that’s just how it is and it isn’t always his intention to hurt.

Growing up as a half-demon makes Inuyasha a bit on edge sometimes, and makes him less trusting of the average person given that even his own full demon-blooded brother was hateful towards him at one point.


9. Tomoya Okazaki (Clannad)

Tomoya Okazaki Clannad smiling

Tomoya Okazaki is a surprisingly honest and straightforward MC for a school/slice of life series. In fact, he’s not just honest, but he’s sarcastic as f*ck and one of the funnier main characters around.

He enjoys having a laugh, sometimes at others’ expense, but deep down always has the best intentions and does have morals despite his actions on the surface.

His honesty is the reason people can trust his opinions.


10. Shino Amakusa (Seitokai Yakuindomo)

Shino Amakusa Seitokai Yakuindomo funny character

Shino can be too honest and direct. She’s the student council president and has a serious amount of work ethic, always working hard to ensure things are in order and running as they should in school.

She handles complaints well and doesn’t slack off.

The one area she’s different is when it comes to sarcasm and making sex jokes that are out of context but end up making the anime a good laugh.

When it comes to sex jokes, she’s unhinged.


11. Bakugo Katsuki (My Hero Academia)

Bakugo Katsuki My Hero Academia smirking

Bakugo Katsuki is straightforward but in the beginning, it’s for the wrong reasons. He’s aggressive, disrespectful, an absolute asshole, and the kind of guy who ends up getting whacked in the mouth for yelling too much.

But even then, the one thing you can expect from Bakugo is he’ll be honest about his feelings for the most part, and he won’t kiss ass or suck up just to dampen his opinions or soften his honesty.


12. Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist)

Rin Okumura Blue Exorcist fangs

Rin Okumura grows up rough, tough, gets in a lot of fights, and for reasons unknown to him, he’s feared by other kids. As he learns later, it’s because he has demon blood in him and is in fact the son of Satan himself.

Unlike his brother, Rin’s life has been a little more hectic in some ways, making his attitude rough around the edges but also making him more straightforward, honest, and loyal to those who are deserving of it.


13. Balalaika (Black Lagoon)

Balalaika Black Lagoon soldier

Balalaika is a leader, a Russian who served in the army and has a military background like many characters in Black Lagoon.

She’s not to be messed with and she gets her respect even from the toughest soldiers, gangsters, and dealers around. Making her an important future in the underworld.

Beating around the bush with an aggressive female character like Balalaika is not the way to persuade or get her to trust or like you.


14. Misaki Ayuzawa (Maid Sama)

Misaki Ayuzawa Maid Sama maid

Misaki Ayuawa is the student council president and one who is biased towards men. She treats women in the school fairly, but men badly because of her past (her father ran away from home, leaving them with debt).

She softens up as the serious progresses and her character is developed, and she becomes less ignorant and more open-minded and nicer as a person.

Still, her straightforwardness will never change and that’s for the best.

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15. Mugen (Samurai Champloo)

Mugen Samurai Champloo badass

Mugen grew up rough and never had anyone to rely on to live his life, survive, and get by, giving him a hard-ass attitude and a more aggressive persona.

He doesn’t take bullshit from anyone, and he dislikes those who are full of shit and refuse to be honest or direct about their feelings or what it is they want, etc.

He calls people out on their BS a lot, getting him into fights sometimes, and while he has a foul mouth, Mugen’s honesty can be refreshing and his character is likeable.


16. Kaname Chidori (Full Metal Panic)

Kaname Chidori Full Metal Panic cute

Kaname is the Tsundere of the FMP franchise and one of the earliest Tsundere’s ever seen in the anime industry (early 2000s).

Blue hair, big eyes, bright smile, but can snap at the drop of a penny. She’s actually a lot tougher than she looks and is much smarter than most people or characters could ever be for a reason related to a spoiler.

Kaname lets people know where they stand and doesn’t lower her boundaries.


17. Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Edward Elric Fullmetal Alchemist hero

Edward Elric is the blonde brother of the Elric brothers. He’s smaller, so he has an attitude and is always trying to overcompensate for his height as he’s insecure about it.

He’s also straightforward and honest. He has a habit of not holding his tongue or keeping quiet because that’s just not in his nature.


18. Umiko Ahagon (New Game!)

Umiko Ahagon New Game brown skin

Umiko Ahagon is the support character in this series and is the one who does the programming for the games made by the company Eagle Jump.

She’s not military equipment, guns, or bullets, and enjoys FPS games to an extreme. It lets her de-stress from life.

In work and outside of it, she’s straight-talking and always holds others accountable as well as herself. Even if she’s dealing with someone new she doesn’t know.


19. Mine (Akame Ga Kill)

Mine Akame Ga Kill cute e1697906396921

Mine is the pigtailed female character of Akame Ga Kill and one who teases Tatsumi at the beginning of the series with her snarky and sarcastic attitude.

For someone who’s a professional assassin, she has a surprising obsession with cute things, outfits, and cute things in general, which goes well with her aesthetic.

Mine always speaks her mind and gets her point across, and she can do it without being an asshole as well which takes a certain skill and emotional intelligence.


20. Setsuna (Yashahime)

Setsuna Yashahime hero

Setsuna from Yashahime is the sister of both Moroha and Towa. All sisters are the daughters of Sesshomaru or Inuyasha.

She has a similar personality to Sesshomaru and is a bit of a lone wolf and introvert. Setsuna is also powerful and arguably the strongest of the 3 sisters in physical combat.

Being someone with experience and one who is less forgiving, she’s better suited for battle as she won’t let her emotions cloud her judgment.

Setsuna can be a pleasant person contrary to her appearance or personality, and she’s talented with instruments.


21. Chuuya Nakahara (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Chuuya Nakahara Bungou Stray Dogs moments

Chuuya will remind some people of Natsu or Gray from Fairy Tail. He has a similar relationship with a character called Dazai from Bungou Stray Dogs.

Being straightforward, direct, and a guy who can sometimes let his emotions get the better of him, Chuuya is entertaining at the very least but is a guy who can back up his mouth with his abilities and effort.

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