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20+ Of The Most Loyal Anime Characters Who Deserve Respect

rukia kuchiki loyal anime character
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

Loyal anime characters are easy to find depending on the genre of the anime. And many of them are the kind of characters you can relate to on a personal level.

After all – who on this earth doesn’t like or want someone who:

  • Is loyal.
  • Down to earth.
  • Respectful of others.
  • Has a strong moral compass.
  • And is willing to trust us?

That’s what loyalty is. And it’s also why finding someone worth being loyal to can be a worthy pursuit.

Here’s a list of relevant anime characters.


Best loyal anime characters:


1. Touma Kamijou (A Certain Scientific Railgun)

Touma Kamijou A Certain Scientific Railgun

Touma Kamijou is the protagonist of INDEX, and one of the side but important characters of RAILGUN.

He has no special talents or smarts as a person in general, but he does know how to fight, has a strong right hook, and an ability that allows him to reject or destroy whatever he touches (like a curse).

He’s an example of what loyalty is supposed to look like in this anime series.


2. Chichi (Dragon Ball Z)

Chichi Dragon Ball Z

Chi Chi is seen as irritating, annoying, and other negative comments commonly seen by DBZ fanboys who argue and talk shit.

In reality, she’s a wife, a mother, and one whose thought process is reasonable given the circumstances of the anime and what it’s involved with.

She holds down the fort, is loyal, has been for decades, and only a fool wouldn’t see these qualities and more in Chi Chi’s character.


3. Maru (Heavenly Delusion)

Maru Heavenly Delusion

Maru is one of the duo protagonists in Heavneyly Deluson, and the guy who knows how to fight especially well. He’s the physical aspect of the anime, with Kiriko being the one who uses a laser gun to blow away monsters.

His loyalty (Maru’s loyalty) to Kiriko is obvious. He’s not one to betray or break his promises to those he cares for.


4. Miyo Saimori (My Happy Marriage)

Miyo Saimori My Happy Marriage

Miyo is the sad, depressed, and definitely tragic character of this series. After being moved into another household to marry off with another man, to her surprise this man is kind, compassionate, and the perfect marriage partner.

It’s here where Myo finds true happiness, and in spite of her past experiences with her own family who made her life hell, she’s still naively loyal. But more importantly, loyal to those who now deserve it the most (like Kudou, the husband).


5. Akira Tendo (Zom 100)

Akira Tendo Zom 100

Akira is like the Natsu Dragneel of the summer season of 2023. He’s cheerful, happy, chipper, smiling, and full of energy. But he wasn’t like that after being at his miserable job for more than a year.

Once the pandemic hit and everyone turned into zombies, he, among others, quit their jobs, and he starts to live out his life by setting goals for himself.

If nothing else, Akira is loyal as F.


6. Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

Lucy Heartfilia Fairy Tail cute

Lucy Heartfilia has been loyal to Natsu and Fairy Tail right from the beginning. They gave her a place to call home, which she never had before, hence why she ran away from home.

Born into a rich family, she never inherited any of the money and didn’t care for it because of her relationship with her father.

Lcy’s story is unique for a so-called “privileged” background, and her loyalty is more like that of a person who didn’t grow up with the world at their feet.


7. Subaru Natsuki (Re:Zero)

Subaru Natsuki Re Zero emilias knight scaled

Subaru Natsuki is the most loyal anime character on this list in my view, but either way, that’s not the only quality he has.

He’s stubborn, persistent, and in the context of the anime, has a high threshold for pain and suffering unlike anything most anime have been able to portray.

Returning by death, and repeating it over and over until he gets it right makes his struggle genuine and relatable. And his loyalty that much more sincere to those (like Emilia) who he fights for.


8. Violet Evergarden (Violet Evergarden)

Violet Evergarden Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is an orphan girl who grows up to be more than she could ever have imagined she’d be. Especially since she was brainwashed and used as a tool for war in her childhood.

She delivers letters and writes them for people wanting to get their message across through words, and her loyalty to the man who saved her life speaks for itself.


9. Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)

Rukia Kuchiki Bleach

Rukia might be the most loyal of all Bleach characters. She may not end up with Ichigo, but her attitude towards him never changes as far as loyalty and support.

She’s the one who always uplifts Ichigo and knocks him out of any depression he might find himself in. And vice versa.

Rukia is in a league of her own.


10. Tsukishima (Golden Kamuy)

Tsukishima Golden Kamuy

Some characters are too loyal for the wrong reasons. And this guy is one of them without a doubt.

Tsukishima is loyal to a man with we’ll say, bad intentions. A man who’s bloodthirsty and underhanded.

Still, he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care even if he’s being used. Tsukishima is loyal to death, and the reasons are deep-rooted.


11. Yor Forger (Spy x Family)

Yor Forger Spy x Family

Yor Forger is the wife of Loid and the mother of Anya, and the assassin of the anime series in secret. Though Anya being psychic, she already knows since she can read minds.

Yor is a bit of a clutz, can be airheaded, and makes mistakes, but above all, she tries her best and doesn’t slack off when making her best effort and has the best intentions.


12. Yunyun (Konosuba)

Yunyun Konosuba scaled

Yunyun might be the nicest character in the Konosuba series, and definitely one of the more feminine innocent, and kind-hearted characters of all Isekai anime shows.

She holds Megumin accountable and in the pre-season of Konosuba, she wants to be friends and hang out with Megumin but isn’t honest or brave enough to say it out loud because she’s so shy and introverted.

Her loyalty is crystal clear.


13. Goddess Hestia (Danmachi)

Goddess Hestia Danmachi

Goddess Hestia is known for a lot of things, one of them being her oppai (tiddies) and physique. Yes, fanservice is clear here.

Still, aside from these obvious traits, Hestia is a character whose loyalty doesn’t waiver. This comes from her ability to trust in others, even in circumstances where most would do the opposite.


14. Yoshino (Masamune Kun No Revenge)

Yoshino Masamune Kun No Revenge

Yoshino has always been the quiet, introverted, and calculated character of the Masamune Kun No Revenge anime series. And she’s one who’s always been good at hiding her true feelings.

In season 1 she’s shown helping Masamune Makabe, despite being harsh at times. And in season 2, a lot more is revealed and we see things that may not have been obvious the first time around.

Most of all, Yoshino is loyal and this is one of her most obvious traits besides her introversion, quietness, shyness, and not being a woman of too many words.


15. Sousuke Sagara (Full Metal Panic)

Sousuke Sagara Full Metal Panic

Sousuke Sagara is comical when not trying to be because of his odd personality and military habits he carries with him even in school settings.

He was a child soldier after all and has more knowledge as a 17-year-old/18-year-old than most should when it comes to guns, bullets, military equipment, strategy, murder tactics, and more.

At heart, he’s a good person and his loyalty is not surprising.


16. Miyako Saitou (Oshi No Ko)

Miyako Saitou Oshi No Ko

Miyako is the mother who stepped up when no one else could. After all, as we see in the first episode of Oshi No Ko, the mother is brutally murdered and that’s where Miyako steps in to take care of the damage.

She raises both Aqua and Ruby and does a good job of it. She deserves an MVP for her actions.


17. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto)

Hinata Hyuga Naruto

Hinata Hyuga is waifu material, considered by many, and is one of the more gorgeous anime characters who people continuously put on a pedestal.

She’s the wife of Naruto and the girl who always pursued Naruto from the beginning and always had the best intentions not just for him, but for others around her even if they didn’t necessarily deserve compassion.


18. Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin)

Kenshin Himura Rurouni Kenshin scaled

Kenshin Himura is the ex-man slayer who’s starting over, living a new life, putting his past behind him. and carries a sword with a reverse blade so he can’t kill anyone should he need to use it.

He’s one of the most skilled anime swordsmen there is, and his personality is iconic for some of the unique lines he has that makes him one of a kind.


19. Shiori Goshiki (A Galaxy Next Door)

Shiori Goshiki A Galaxy Next Door

Shiori Goshiki is the “weeb” of sorts who’s obsessed and becomes obsessed with Japanese culture, though more accurately, manga. This is how she starts tod raw manga and gets into it.

This leads her to meet the man she falls for called Kuga, a guy who’s a manga author, gets paid royalties, and inherits real estate from his father after passing.

Shiori is not just loyal but well rounded as a person,


20. Rem (Re:Zero)

Rem Re Zero

Rem’s loyalty knows no bounds and no serious Re:Zero fan can deny this trait of Rem’s. Even I can’t deny it despite my views of her vs Emilia during the time when the fandom was toxic.

As the blue-haired twin sister of the Roswaal mansion, she’s a battle maid when it counts, and she’s fiercely loyal to those she cares about. That being SUbary Natsuji more than anyone else.

Rem’s initial problem was being too sceptical of others, but her mind opened up a lot while still keeping some of that savage energy for her enemies when the time is right.


21. Yotsuba Nakano (Quintessential Quintuplets)

Yotsuba Nakano Quintessential Quintuplets

Yotsuba Nakano is the oranged haired ditzy girl from Quintenslletiona Quintuplets, a harem romance that happens to be a GOOD harem series.

She’s always been the most loyal of the bunch of sisters and is the one who always puts others’ needs before her own, which is why she’s easy tot ake advantage of.

Still, these flaws make her strengths more profound. One of them being loyalty, and the others being compassion and empathy.


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