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30+ Of The Most Masochistic Anime Characters Who Are A Bit Crazy

Masochistic personalities are sexually aroused by pain, verbal abuse, or humiliation.

They enjoy being physically tortured as part of this fetish, and they enjoy receiving punishment from their “master,” or they’re twisted.

In some cases, it is due to traumas from their childhood. Tortured, abandoned, or maybe something worse.

Here’s a list of 30 Masochist Characters who are shameless in Anime.


1.) Grell Sutcliffe (Black Butler)

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Grell is the somewhat clumsy butler of Madam Red. Grell tends to overreact to circumstances and frequently attempts suicide after failing to complete a task.

Grell has a crush on Sebastian and frequently follows him, much to the chagrin and displeasure of the butler.


2.) Darkness (God’s Blessings on this wonderful world!!)

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One of the three main female characters in the KonoSuba series is Lalatina Ford Dustiness, also known as Darkness. She joins Kazuma’s group as a crusader with masochistic tendencies.

While she does desire to protect others, many of her “heroic” acts in the series are ultimately motivated by her masochistic urges, leading many bystanders to see her as a role model for her purported altruism.

Her masochism also extends to verbal abuse, a running gag being how she often responds to Kazuma’s sharp insults, with her reeling back in pleasure.


3.) Nelliel Tu Oderschvank (Bleach)

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Nel once admits to Ichigo that she can be a little masochistic and that he must “make her cry a little or else it’s no fun” for their relationship to be enjoyable.

It’s important to note that she references the straightforward and innocent game of tag. In addition to needing to add tears to the game of tag, Nel Tu later steals Ichigo’s Zangetsu to start a new game of tag while giddily demanding that Ichigo catch her and beat her up.

It is fantastic to see children learning to become fully-fledged weirdos.


4.) Touko Fukawa (Danganronpa)

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For a good reason, Touko is known as the “Ultimate writing prodigy.” Even so, her social qualities are so weak that she considers herself an outcast. She thus has a lack of trust and a propensity to self-victimize.

She is, nevertheless, very submissive when she is with the guy she likes. When she sees him, she calls him “Master.”


5.) Hidan (Naruto Shippuden)

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Hidan reacted “naturally” (that is, he didn’t relish the pain) to being harmed by someone else or when the opponent didn’t share the pain.

In the Anime, Hidan regularly screamed while attacking and grinned maniacally as he approached Asuma Sarutobi.

His actions bordered on insanity. Hidan also gave off the impression that he had a bitter attitude toward his enemies and almost everyone else, telling Shikamaru Nara, “I’ve been waiting for this.”


6.) Tarou Sado (MM!)

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Tarou Sado attended the same middle school as Yuno, who is to blame for causing him to develop masochistic tendencies.

Although his mother and older sister have an overly protective relationship with him, he is not sexually attracted to his family members. Even though he’s a self-proclaimed “Super Masochist,” Taro doesn’t hesitate to help his friends.


7.) Suzuka (Akame ga KILL!)

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Suzuka is a blatant masochist who finds joy in conflict. Suzuka frequently fantasizes about excruciating pain when she isn’t engaged in combat. When locked up in the torture chamber, she even imagines General Esdeath torturing her.

She enjoys her conflicts, like the other Rakshasa Demons, though it is uncertain if this is due to her masochism.

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8.) Ruby Toujou (Rosario + Vampire)

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Ruby sees the main character, who she likes, “punishing” her in her dreams. She is willing to endure some discomfort because she enjoys BDSM. One time after being shocked, the character says that Ruby could not handle it.

She’s obsessed with this desire.

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9.) Iro Gamagori (Kill La Kill)

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He exclaims stereotypical masochist phrases like “Punish me more” or “I’ve been a bad boy!” and is a blatant masochist who thoroughly enjoys the pain inflicted upon him during battles (at least while wearing his Shackle Regalia).

He also has no problem being practically naked, as evidenced by the fact that after Ryko stripped him of his Goku Uniform, he stopped dressing except for his underwear.


10.) Yoshiharu Hisomu (Kiznaiver)

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Hisomu was presented as an eccentric masochist throughout the entire series. As a masochist, he became aroused when in pain or even just thinking about it, and he frequently expressed this arouse quite vocally and shamelessly.

The Kiznaivers were very upset by this, especially Yuta, who was pretty frustrated and offended by the inappropriate behaviour.


11.) Inugami Yachiyo (Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san)

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With a clear nod to her masochistic tendencies, Inugami explained her love of cats by stating that she prefers “getting disciplined” over “disciplining others.”

In one particularly hilarious example, Inugami drools in anticipation of being forcibly silenced by Sarutobi Sora, the school committee chairman.

After infuriating Sarutobi, Inugami jokingly advises her to express her annoyance in a way that will make her “hot and bothered.”


12.) Virgo (Fairy tale)

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Virgo demands to be “punished” by Lucy and dresses provocatively to get what she wants.

On one occasion, she calmly said that she was torturing herself in her free time by tying herself up in ropes. It’s funny when she says things with a straight face, like “ecchi.”


13.) Tio Clarce (Arifureta: From a Detour to the World’s Strongest)

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Tio is originally strong-willed, kind, and wise. After her first contact with Hajime Nagumo, Tio becomes a pervert and a masochist dedicated to him due to being bested by him in combat and kindling this new sensation for her.

As the series progresses, her perversion only intensifies, as evidenced by the time she licked the handle of the used spoon after feeding Hajime. Tio finally realizes that Hajime is more than just a master to her.


14.) Inugami (Gugure! Kokkuri-san)

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Inugami is a pervert and masochist because he gets giddy or experiences nosebleeds whenever he imagines Kohina Ichimatsu detesting or punishing him. He despises everyone, including himself, except Kohina.

The only person he despises more than anybody else is Kokkuri-san since Inugami has a book about why he despises the man.

Every action he takes draws criticism from Inugami, and the two frequently argue over Kohina and his feelings for her. However, he enjoys spending quiet time alone, especially over coffee.


15.) Hiiragi Suzuna (Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou)

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Hiiragi is an extreme masochist who enjoys all kinds of abuse, especially from Natsuno Kirihime. When presented in the series, Hiiragi’s eccentrics are rapidly introduced but followed by her masochism, underlined when in one of their arranged meetings,

Hiiragi comments about Kirihime’s small breasts, triggering an angry slash with a pair of scissors from Kirihime. Instead of being terrified or retaliating, Hiiragi answered with an exuberant “Thank you! “saying, “Lovely as usual, Kirihime’s scissors,” implying that Hiiragi had previously relished similar attacks.


16.) Road Kamelot (D. Gray Man)

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Instead of enjoying the pain, she finds enjoyment in the reactions of others to her being tortured.

She even goes so far as to torture and impale herself to accomplish her goal. Road Kamelot believes that the struggle they are going through is worthwhile.


17.) Isaac (Castlevania)

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When Isaac’s master cruelly tormented him, his first master, a human priest, disproved his loyalty. Isaac developed a yearning for a society where all share love and loyalty due to this experience.

He is fanatically loyal to Dracula, the only one who values him and appreciates his duty. Isaac considers Dracula both a master and a true friend.


18.) Shirosaki (Bokura wa Minna Kawaisiu: Hajimete no)

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Shirosaki can be a bit silly at times and a true masochist. He prefers it when people hurt him because he is completely harmless. Aside from his masochistic tendencies, he’s generally pretty friendly and relatively normal.

He invents various plans to pass the time and, primarily, to keep Mayumi Nishikino happy. In addition, he also has a rigid rule about being only interested in girls 18 or older. Honourable, to some extent.


19.) Kanbaru (Bakemonogatari)

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One such female is Kanbaru Suruga, who is outgoing and very social. Kanbaru and Araragi frequently engage in lighthearted banter, which always has provocative and occasionally masochistic undertones.

Kanbaru is a very open-minded individual regarding her sexuality and identifies as a lolicon, a fujoshi, in addition to being a masochist.

At one point, Kanbaru jokingly answers Araragi’s phone call and introduces himself as his “love slave.” Kanbaru has no problem flirting with Araragi and perhaps other men, although she is gay.

This incredibly liberated nature is what makes Hanekawa Tsubasa uneasy. Nevertheless, we love this athletic pervert and mixed with deep envy, Kanbaru’s masochism makes her one of the darker characters on this list.


20.) Eto (Tokyo Ghoul)

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Ghouls are monsters who can renew their bodies at an astounding rate. Eto, in particular, is the most extreme as far as masochism among ghouls.

She grinned joyfully and stated her love for Kaneki as he split her in half.


21.) Momou Inugami (Good Luck Girl!)

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Momou is a masochistic dog god that Momiji usually summons.

He possesses keen senses of smell and hearing and can morph into a chihuahua. However, he is forced back into human shape if he enjoys too much pleasure, masochistic or otherwise.

For example, when Ichiko tickles Momou in the water, he mistakenly turns back into a human shape.

Due to his masochistic character, Momou can bear terrible agony. He urges Ichiko to keep going even after she beats him with a bathtub.


22.) Creed Diskenth (Black Cat)

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The first and foremost thing to remember about Creed is that he is utterly insane! He is a brutal and vicious killer who enjoys slaughter and violence and kills as naturally as he breathes. He is unable to feel empathy towards even his closest followers.

Although he tends to be cool-headed, courteous, and playful most of the time, he has a very short fuse and is prone to violent outbursts or, worst cases, blood-crazed frenzies.

He became misanthropic due to his childhood hardships, but he does not seek vengeance or anything similar; instead, he hates, snaps, and kills.


23.) Ullmina Bagliore (Radiant)

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Ullmina comes across as a kind and sincere young woman who is driven by the desire to commit crimes against mankind but justifies them with her unwavering belief in God.

She hasn’t spent much time on screen yet, but her desire for suffering is evident in her attempt to absorb the MC’s evil energy into herself. That event was undoubtedly a delight for her, based on her facial expression and sexy voice.


24.) Azusa Mukami (Diabolik Lovers)

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Azusa is a clinging, faint-hearted do-S (extreme sadist) and do-M (extreme masochist) (extreme masochist).

Since he adores being harmed, he even harms himself. He may be timid in his speech and demeanour, but he never hesitates to pursue his desires. Talking slowly is his style.

When he wounds Yui by cutting her, sucking her blood, or pushing spicy food on her, it is usually because he’s attempting to help her feel good (since he regards her as a masochist) (because he sees her as a masochist).

He feels physical pain is the ultimate pleasure; it makes him feel alive and gives his life purpose. Azusa believes that being rejected by anyone is worse than dying due to the trauma he experienced as a child.

He feels useless and unwanted, aside from when he is in pain.


25.) Leon (Ixion Saga: Dimension Transfer)

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Another one of ED’s lieutenants working for Incognito.

Leon, though he claims otherwise, is a masochist. His unusually positive reaction to physical pain serves as constant proof of this.


26.) Midari Ikishima (Kakegurui)

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Midari is masochistic and suicidal to an extreme, as mentioned in one of the chapters in the manga, where she stabs her eye with an ink pen to pay off the debt to the president.

She does this while smiling.

Midari is demonstrated to be highly persistent and overbearing, intimidating, or acting strangely toward the other students.

She also has little self-restraint, causing her to focus more on instant satisfaction than any long-term effects.


27.) Yashiro (Twittering Birds Never Fly)

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He refers to himself as a “public toilet” and speaks openly about his countless sexual encounters with just about anyone he meets.

According to the series’ author, Yoneda-sensei, he is a great talker aside from being flirtatious, a pervert, and so on.


28.) Yuri Kamanosuke (Brave 10)

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The leader of a band of brigands that ambushes and robs people after trapping them on a bridge is Kamanosuke Yuri.

Despite repeatedly insisting that he is masculine, Kamanosuke’s feminine appearance generates much uncertainty regarding his identity.


29.) Hana Katsuragi (The Qwaser of Stigmata)

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Hana often teases other students despite appearing to be an average person. To hide her true self, this is primarily a mask, though. She is a lesbian and a submissive masochist.

She is surprisingly kind and caring despite all of that.


30.) Rose (How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord: Omega)

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As she is overly eager to have her master physically punish her for any wrongdoing she may or may not have committed, Rose appears to have a masochistic side. She is cold and insensitive about everything that is not related to Diablo.

She has a highly sensual side and is alluring yet inexperienced as Diablo. Her behaviour with Diablo, while acting kind and sympathetic toward everyone else, is quite Yandere-like.

She rejects Shera even though she was named a friend because she only has a master to serve and no other friends.

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