Pirate Sites 4Anime & Simply Moe Have Shutdown PERMANENTLY

Pirate Sites 4anime & Simply Moe Have Shutdown Permanently
Written by Theo J Ellis

4Anime and Simply.Moe pirate sites have shutdown. It’s been recently reported.

Many on Twitter are talking about it.

It seems like since KissAnime first shutdown back in August 2020 (for reasons unrelated to copyright), more pirates have been shutting down.

Whether this is all connected, coincidental, or otherwise is a mystery.

A lot of the time no concrete reason is given, so it’s hard to say whether things like the new Japanese copyright law is responsible or not.


4Anime statement after shutting down

4anime twitter screenshots

“Sorry for ending things this way. Due to certain circumstances we have to close the site. All the bookmarks will be available via login in the next week or two so don’t worry. However, all the videos and content is deleted and we encourage you to support the industry by viewing on legal alternatives or something.” – 4Anime

Whatever “certain circumstances” means we’ll never know. But it’s enough for the site to shutdown.

I guess one of those things can’t be anything money related. Pirate sites make money to easily given the unfair advantage.

Piracy pressure could be a reason, but it’s hard to say without hard evidence.


Reddit statement about 4anime and Simply.Moe

4aniem reddit statement thread

“Hey, weebs of 4ani!

While we haven’t received any specifics from the owner, we can confidently say that Simply.moe and 4anime are both shut down for good. From here on out any sites, apps, servers you see with the 4anime.to branding are fake.

Our Discord server will, however, not be shut down. Although we are still talking it through, it will most likely be turned into a community discord and be fully separated from the 4anime.to site.

The subreddit will, unfortunately, become effectively obsolete, though I will still remain as it’s sole active moderator and make sure you can feel free to discuss anime here. I have restricted it for the next two or so days to prevent a flood of obvious questions.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in this journey.

See you later space cowboy.”

As you can see, as far as Simply Moe, there’s no statement or explanation as to why it shutdown.

As for 4Anime, it’s not coming back. And like KissAnime, any site you use in future will be FAKE.

Murder she wrote.


Conversations on Twitter

4anime tweet screenshot

4anime tweets shutting down

tweets 4anime

4anime deathnote tweet

4anime tweets flooding in

4anime shutdown for good tweets

4anime tweets trending


Now that 4anime and Simply.Moe are GONE, what’s next?

Again, the reasons aren’t known, so it may not even be the case of what people think it is.

That said, we can expect more of this on some level since there’s a predictable trend. Regardless of why.





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Alice Harcourt
Alice Harcourt

Japan needs to realize that the one & only reason practically all people who use pirating sites use them is because there really isn’t a practical legal alternative out there, yet. I believe I can speak for most, if not all, of us in saying that if there suddenly appeared a legal, affordable, high-quality Netflix-style streaming site out there that had the same selection (or even better. Even they didn’t have literally EVERYTHING) as Kissanime.ru had, but without the hentai ads, we’d all be begging them to take our money YESTERDAY. I don’t believe anyone out there actually WANTS to… Read more »

Reply to  Alice Harcourt

They’re didn’t cut off anyone from anything. It’s the internet, they have no power here. They close one site, ten more will appear. This is a fight against windmills.

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