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KissAnime Officially Taken Down FOREVER By Copyright Holders!

tatsumi shocked akame ga kill
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

KissAnime, the pirate 100’s of millions of fans have been using for the past decade has come to an end.

In the past 24 hours (less) KissAnime left a message on their discord server about it.

kissanime discord announcement

The message reads:

“Our beta servers have been taken down, this could lead to the close of the website. We will make more announcement after we have the decision.”

This message was posted at 5AM, not sure what timezone.

It was assumed by this message that they were gonna solve the problem and be back up and running again.

But then this happened:

“All files are taken down by copyright owners. KissManga and KissAnime will be closed forever. Thank you for your supports 📷 Thank you for those years.” – KissAnime

As the 2nd message on their discord server implies, KissAnime has been closed forever.

All of their files, videos and more have been taken down FOR GOOD.

This is proven by their website:

kissanime ru

When you go to KissAnime.Ru (their website), the message with a white screen pops up.

It says:

“All files are taken down by copyright owners. The site will be closed forever. Thank you for your supports.”

Pikachu nodding gif

So yes – the news is OFFICIAL.

Go to the website kissanime.ru for yourself and you’ll see.

It may or may not show up straight away because of your browser cache, but somehow I doubt it.

KissAnime won’t be coming back. And this is the beginning of similar sized sites being taken down,potentially.

News source: Reddit



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