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The WORST Anime Shows In 2019!

Yesterday I published a list of the best anime shows of 2019.

Before 2019 comes to an end I’ll do the opposite of what I did yesterday: the worst anime of 2019.

Some disappointing anime this year surprised me, as I never expected I’d consider it “one of the worst” but here we are.

But anyway…

Let’s get started.


Worst Anime 2019:


1. Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?

YouTube video

From the title alone you can tell what type of anime this is gonna be.

A mom and her son end up in another world. And the poor jokes “meh” comedy follows from there.

I have no idea what J.C Staff was thinking with this anime.

do you love your mom isekai series

It’s almost as if tons of studios are desperately pumping out Isekai shows. The mediocre type with long titles to chase trends and somehow – make a lot of money off it.

But as THIS anime proves with its awful cliches, cringe comedy, and carbon copy material, it takes more than following trends to make an anime worth wasting your time watching.

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2. Fairy Gone

fairy gone anime characters

Fairy Gone is an anime that LOOKS impressive at first glance.

The animation, the graphics, the visuals, the characters… There’s something about this anime that’s pleasing to the eye.

Even the story seems good enough to at least make you curious to watch more and see what happens next.

But the anime turns out to be the type of show that doesn’t reach its potential.

Katana Maidens in 2018 had the same problem for me: lots of potential, but it never lived up to it.

Fairy Gone is stale, and nothing stands out in particular. Everything seems so average, and that makes it hard for any element of Fairy Gone to “pop” and grab your attention.

I’m surprised it’s getting a season 2 of all things.


3. Girly Airforce 

girly airforce pink hair girl

Girly Airforce caught my attention because it reminds me of Kantai Collection, Girls Und Panzer, or an anime with that type of style.

Girls Und Panzer and Kantai Collection aren’t my top anime, but they’re decent.

Girly Airforce on the other hand is another average action series with cute girls with hair colors plucked from the rainbow.

girly airforce series

As the name “airforce” implies, battles take place in the air with aeroplanes loaded with guns and the typical stuff

Even the aeroplanes are colourful, but that can’t be said about the anime or its ability to keep you entertained.

Pretty basic and run of the mill.

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4. Fairy Tail: Final Series

This one killed me. I’m a big Fairy Tail fan If I had to choose – season 2 (2014) is the best of them all.

The Dragon Arc being one of my favorite Fairy Tail arcs in its history.

I went in expecting The Final Series of Fairy Tail to be even better. Especially since it’s the “final series” and no more will apparently be made after this anime.

lucy and natsu 2019

Fairy Tail‘s Final Series starts off well. The usual comedy, stupidity, good ol’ laughter and great characters is all there.

Once the main characters regroup again things get better and better.

But as you get further into the Final Series of Fairy Tailthe quality jumps off a cliff and kills itself.

FAIRY TAIL final series 2019

Cheap tricks to move the plot, the type that Fairy Tail has never done.Not to this extreme.

And all kinds of bullsh*t start to pop up that makes you wonder if the writers are actually being serious, or are they expecting you to just pretend it never happened.

It’s so bad that I had to drop the anime before finishing it. And that says a lot.


5. High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World!

Didn’t I say a lot of the worst anime have long titles, and they’re usually Isekai?

This anime is again – an Isekai series that tries too hard, is adapted from a light novel, and has no redeeming qualities to give you an excuse to watch it.

It’s bad, dry, beyond mediocre and you can point out every single cliche without spending hours watching it.

High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World

The typical Samurai character who can cut bullets in half and all that jazz.

A journalist who’s a ninja and acts like a Ninja. And many other laughable character types.

One episode is all it takes to see the future of where this anime is going.


6. Isekai Cheat Magician

isekai cheat magician series

Isekai titles these days, give off the impression that it might be a little better.

But It’s not.

Isekai Cheat Magician is one of the laughingstocks of the Isekai genre. Especially in 2019.

Let’s start with the main character and the designs…

isekai cheat magician protagonist

The protagonist strikes me as the cliche “bland” character, who in a subtle way looks like a rip off version of Kirito.

Getting through the first few episodes is like walking through thick mud with a pair of heels. It’s f*cking exhausting.

This comes down to the bland and boring characters and the uninteresting plot that doesn’t give you much to expect or be excited about.

Or in other words – Isekai Cheat Magician is BAD at storytelling, and writing characters worthy of praise.


7. Why the hell are you here, Teacher!?

YouTube video

The ironic thing about this AWFUL Ecchi series? The studio behind it vanished without a trace.

The drama surrounding Tear Studios might have played into the quality of the series since both happened in 2019.

Either way – Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher? Is another play on tired fan service to the point of stupidity, and strange fetishes that make me question who this anime is aimed at.

Why the Hell Are You Here Teacher series

I love Ecchi shows. Kill La Kill, Food Wars, and Saekano are great. They all have something behind the fan service that makes it appealing.

Why the hell are you here, teacher? on the other hand, has nothing.

It’s the saddest type of comedy I’ve ever seen. Comparable to Dog & Scissors.


8. After School Dice Club

after school dice club series

If you can imagine the anime: Gamers from 2018, and how high energy it is, well, After School Dice Club is the opposite.

I make the comparison because they’re both anime-based on the “game” genre. But After School Dice Club lacks something.

  • Is it the typical characters who have nothing more to offer than your average cliches?
  • Is it the basic comedy that doesn’t do anything to feel fresh?
  • Or is it something under the surface that doesn’t have anything unique enough to get you hooked?

I don’t know. But it wasn’t anything special.


9. Demon Lord, Retry!

If you can imagine what Rem looks like with yellow hair and a little smaller in height, that’s exactly what the main female character of this anime looks like.

Even the hairstyle is the same as the maid sisters!

demon lord retry series

The best way to describe how bad this anime is is by calling it a “bad” version of Tensei Slime. In the sense that both anime have OP protagonists, but Demon Lord, Retry lacks flavour or a relevant plot.

Unless you wanna see a harem of Loli’s and another average Isekai, there’s not much to see here.


10. Are you willing to fall in love with a pervert, as long as she’s a cutie?

Are you willing to fall in love with a pervert as long as shes a cutie panties 1

The main character receives a love letter from a girl with panties attached to it.

You can already see where this anime is going based on that ONE sentence.

Besides the obvious harem that comes later and the anime, all you get is a fest of female characters talking about each other’s “bazookas” and other naughty female parts.

And of course – tasteless fan service with cutesy animation and bright colours layered on top of it.


11. Wataten! An Angel Flew Down to Me

Wataten An Angel Flew Down to Me series

This anime is about what’s wrong with double standards in the society we live in.

When it comes to Men – the idea of being a “pedo” is real when a man likes little kids. And is attracted to them.

That’s to be expected, right? That kind of thing is f*cked up.

So when a woman is in the same predicament? She’s not considered a pedo.

That’s what this anime is all about!

Wataten screenshot

The female main character is a pedo who’s attracted to her little sister’s friend.

Touching her hands, being creepy, and other weird sh*t takes place in this series. But it’s painted as “comedy” and the double standard is overlooked.

Even without this fact – it’s a bad anime series and it has nothing that makes it worthwhile.