21+ Funny Things Unique To Anime That Only FANS Will Understand

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Written by Theo J Ellis

Every community on earth has something that only the insiders will understand. And everyone outside of the community is always confused by until they choose to learn.

Anime is no different, especially since it’s based on Japanese culture which is nothing like other cultures around the world.

Here are things ONLY anime fans will understand about anime!


1. Jigglypuffs that defy gravity 

YouTube video

2. Loli’s

lolis miss kobayashis dragon maid

3. HENCH kids

gohan hench kid dbz
4. HORSE girls

horse girls anime

5. Girls PUNCHING guys in the name of comedy

anime girl punching guy

6. Guys punching GIRLS in the name of comedy

anime guy punching girl 1

7. SHUT-IN Otaku Neets (not in education or employment)

welcome to nhk NEET

8. CAT girls

anime cat girl

9. Wolf Girls

holo the wise wolf beautiful 1

10. Characters who are born with every hair color in the rainbow

to love ru ecchi girls 1

11. CUTE Idols

love live cute idols 1

12. Characters doing “wrestling moves” on animals

suplex deer nichijou

13. IMPOSSIBLY Cute kids

cute anime kids

14. RACOON girls

racoon girl raphtalia

15. Characters in Kimonos

nisekoi kimonos

16. Teenage Magical Girls

madoka magica girls

17. Cliche harems with “dense” characters

shido itsuka harem 1

18. Inspirational anime speeches that drag on forever

YouTube video

19. That ONE rival who’s always angry at the protagonist

bakugo mha 1

20. That ONE anime girl who’s “waifu” material

emilia re zero cute 1

21. Experiencing Japanese culture through the lens of anime

japanese culture

And the list goes on and on…. Anime is unique for a reason.

This post is mostly sarcasm, but unlike other mediums, you don’t get to see any of this stuff in regular TV shows or western films.

That’s because the animation allows anime to do things other mediums can’t.

Plus Japanese culture is different, so it helps anime stand out from the crowd!


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Alice Harcourt
Alice Harcourt

You forgot to list my favorite anime quirk that only fans will understand: Sibling incest is not only accepted, but EXPECTED, esp between twins. I honestly can’t think of but maybe one single harem show where the girls are human where the MC’s sister is not a contender & most of the time she wins. And if the MC & his sister are TWINS, the entire show is about them getting together. This trope drives all my non-otaku friends batty & is the main reasons they all think I’m some kind of degenerate (this & the lolis you mentioned). As… Read more »

Elle Bent
Elle Bent

Cute anime characters. Nice compilation. Thanks for sharing


I understand all of them

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