Since KissAnime Shutdown, Crunchyroll Has More Traffic Than Anime Pirate Sites

Since KissAnime Shutdown Crunchyroll Now Has More Traffic Than Anime Pirate Sites 2

KissAnime shutdown in August 2020. I covered the madness, and #KissAnime trended on Twitter at some point.

Then all the puritans, anime dubbed voice actors and the entitled started preaching about piracy and how evil it is.

That went on for a few weeks and died down soon after.

During all that controversy….


I never thought Crunchyroll (a legal site) would surpass a pirate

kissanime traffic
kissanime traffic

KissAnime had so much traffic they regularly hit 100-130M+ estimated visitors.

It’s obvious why. It’s a pirate site. Piracy has its problems outside Japan and the US, so anime fans flock to it in droves.

If they were still around, no legal site would have ever touched it. And I always said that without hesitation.


Things change

9anime similarweb

9anime hit 72M+ visitors in January 2021. Almost no anime site, legal or otherwise, can vouch for that.

Especially since KissAnime shutdown.


gogoanime similarweb

GoGoAnime, another big anime pirate site is only at 17M in comparison, January 2021. Nowhere close to 9Anime.

Funny thing is both have been surpassed by Crunchyroll.

Here’s the stats:



crunchyroll similarweb 2021


Crunchyroll reached over 80M+ visitors (estimated) in January 2021.

As far as January goes, it seems like Crunchyroll has started to crack the egg that seemed impossible to crack.

It makes me wonder if KissAnime getting shutdown, and the conversation afterwards has played into this.

It’s hard to say with just statistics or data. But it’s clear something is going on. To the degree that it seems less anime fans are using pirate sites.

Or at least a massive portion of fans who used KissAnime is for some reason not using pirates like 9Anime. Otherwise Crunchyroll or any legal site would never ave had a chance.

Can’t speak for Non-English pirate sites but the gap has gotten shorter ever since KissAnime shut its doors.


What’s your take?


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