30+ Of The Best Anime Scenes That Are Unforgettable

vegeta crying namek saga frieza
Written by Theo J Ellis

The best anime scenes is debatable because there’s TONS to choose from.

Either way, anime is full of great scenes that are:

  • Deep
  • Tragic
  • Meaningful
  • Hilarious
  • Sad

And most of all – memorable. To the point of being unforgettable because of the anime scenes impact and even emotional appeal.

I’ll get into some of the most powerful that deserve a mention.


A List Of GREAT Anime Scenes:


#1 Vegeta’s last words (DBZ)

vegeta last words dbz

One of Vegeta’s greatest scenes in DBZ history.

There’s NO debating the relevance of this scene.

#2 Yuuki Konno’s last scene in SAO S2

yuuki konno scene sad

This is during Yuuki Konno’s arc: Mother Rosario.

A tragic scene I’ll never forget.

#3 The Romanian Twins (Black Lagoon)

the romanian twins black lagoon sad

The Romanian twins hit a nerve in Black Lagoon. They’re child serial killers who were raped, violated and worse at a young age.

The SCENE where they get their karma… And even scenes before it, I’ll never forget.

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#4 Akane’s friend held hostage by serial killer (Psycho Pass)

shogo makishima serial killer

This a scene that makes you cringe hard while watching. Especially when he puts the knife to her neck, and Akane loses her nerve and watches the savagery unfold.

Painful scene to witness.

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#5 Ann Magnolia (Violet Evergarden)

ann magnolia violet evergarden sad

This isn’t JUST a scene, it’s almost the entire episode.

Having a letter sent to her future self (and everything else that comes with it) makes it one of the most iconic moments in V.E.

#6 Goku becomes a SS (DBZ)

goku namek ss frieza

No explanation necessary.

This was a moment NO DBZ fan could ever forget.

#7 Ichigo Vasto Lorde vs Ulquiorra (Bleach)

ichigo vasto lorde vs ulquiorra

Bleach has MANY moments. But the WEIGHT of this scene can’t be ignored.

#8 Nagasumi & Sun’s hilarious scene (My Bride Is A Mermaid)

my bride is a mermaid funny inappropiate scene

From a far it looks like…. they’re doing something they shouldn’t (wink wink), but in reality that’s not the case.

It’s so out of context it killed me laughing.

#9 When Anzu’s no longer homeless (Hinamatsuri)

anzu crying not homeless hinamatsuri

After living homeless, bonding with homeless people, seeing and breathing the struggles first hand, Anzu is offered a home and a place to stay with a nice family.

The weight of this situation makes her more emotional and even guilty than she thought. And she’s overcome with pure gratitude and an appreciation for life that most take for granted.

#10 Naruto arrives and SMASHES pain to bits (Shippuden)

naruto toad shippuden
naruto smashes pain to bits

Naruto shows up with the gang and disciplines the bullies who’ve gone unchecked for too long (basically).

Has to be my favorite scene from Naruto.

#11 Welcome home (If It’s For My Daughter)

latina cute moments
latina cute moments with dale

One of the most heartwarming scenes an anime has ever produced!

#12 Sheele vs Seryu (Akame Ga Kill)

sheele vs seryu sad scene

If you’ve watched it you know.

Iconic moment in Akame Ga Kill and a depressing scene as well.

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#13 Mami Tomoe Vs Witch (Madoka Magica)

mami tomoe vs witch charlotte

No words necessary for this scene…..


#14 Maki Oze fight (Fire Force)

YouTube video

Major highlight of season 1.


#15 Granny Chiyo (Naruto)

granny chiyo naruto sad e1595938336428

Granny Chiyo made an impact in Naruto. And the final scene is where it hits the hardest.

Especially when Gaara becomes part of it.


#16 Soma Vs Alice Nakiri (Food Wars)

soma vs alice food wars

Earlier in Food Wars this was one of the biggest battles and most anticipated moments of Food Wars.

The end result was a little surprising as well.


#17 Assassination Classroom final episode

assassination classroom final episode sad

Won’t say too much here to avoid assive spoilers, but this scene wraps up Assassination Classroom pretty well.

One of the saddest of all time.


#18 Revy Vs Roberta (Back Lagoon)

revy vs roberta black lagoon 1

Revy Rebecca and Roberta had “beef” from the beginning of Black Lagoon.

They settle it and it’s one of the anime‘s most classic moments.


#19 Teresa vs Priscilla (Claymore)

teresa vs priscilla claymore

Teresa Of The Faint Smile, an iconic Claymore character. And Priscilla who’s self righteous to a toxic degree.

The scene that follows from the fight is a pinnacle in this anime‘s plot.


#20 Dog scene (Elfen Lied)

YouTube video

Imagine kicking and beating a dog to death to deal with your own pain and insecurities.

A “puppy”, not just a dog. This scene is a vile reminder of reality.


#21 Igneel Vs Acnologia (Fairy Tail)

igneel vs achnologia

The mighty Igneel faces off with Acnologia. It’s an iconic scene, just like the dragon arc itself.


#22 Fingernail scene (Higurashi)

YouTube video

Higurashi is a lot of things when it comes to horror and psychological themes.

The fingernail scene is one of the more famous scenes and cruel of the anime‘s footage.


#23 Goblin Slayer episode 1

goblin slayer episode 1 scene

Goblin Slayer’s most violent episode is the 1st one. So it’s understandable why this scene from episode 1 is so memorable.


#24 Triela Vs Pino (Gunslinger Girl)

YouTube video

Triela vs Pino has to be the best fight in Gunslinger Girl.

Similar to Revy vs Roberta, this is based on vengeance and a “round 2” follow up.


#25 Nagisa sad moment season 2 (Clannad)

nagisa furukawa clannad sad moments season 2

Nagisa has been physically weak since season 1 of Clannad.

What happens next is the reason this scene, and the anime is one of the greatest romance shows to ever be created.

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#26 Shouko Nishimiya (A Silent Voice)

shouko a silent voice tragic moments

Shouko Nishimiya, the main character with a hearing disability (she’s deaf) is bullied in this movie.

The consequences of that bullying lead to a dark scene later on.


#27 Satsuki Kiryuin’s revenge (Kill La Kill)

satsuki kiryuin revenge mother kill la kill

Satsuki Kiryuin’s “scene” later on is a complete 180 and one of Kill La Kill‘s biggest plot twists.

There’s no forgetting the impact of this single episode and scene. It’s one for the history books.


#28 Female Titan (Attack On Titan)

female titan attack on titan episode

When the female titan first shows up, everyone (including fans) went nuts.

The whole scene is unreal.


#29 Owari No Seraph Episode 1 scene

owari no seraph episode 1 tragic scene

Owari No Seraph’s main characters are orphans. Controlled by the vampire race. And used for blood and food.

The 1st episode has plenty of scenes, but this one is one of the most relevant and unforgettable.


#30 All Might Vs Nomu (My Hero Academia)

all might vs nomu scene

All Might’s first display of raw power when Nomu shows up in early My Hero Academia.

It’s one of his best moments showing off his strength in the anime.

Share your favorite anime scenes in the comments…



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