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This Is Why You NEED To Watch Magical Girl: Spec Ops Asuka (And Why It Has Potential)

If there’s one anime I’ve been looking forward to since 2018 – it’s Magical Girl: Spec Ops Asuka.

It’s adapted from a Manga, with the anime produced by LIDENFILMS.

The same studio behind:

  • Rokudenashi.
  • Yamada Kun And The Seven Witches.
  • Boarding School Juliet.

This magical girl series is the FIRST we’ve ever seen in the Seinen/military style of anime. With tons of action and violence comparable to Akame Ga Kill.

Let’s talk about that, and why it matters.


Why Magical Girl: Spec Ops Asuka has potential In 2019:


1. It’s a NEW approach to the magical girl genre

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The magical girl genre started in the 1960’s. With the most popular shows being in the 90’s.

Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura are probably the biggest pioneers that drove the genre forward.

And then we had Madoka Magica which changed the definition of what a “magical girl” series is capable of. With its dark themes and deep story.

Since then, a lot of magical girl shows have been copy-cats of Madoka Magica. All of them failed except Yuki Yuna Is A Hero.

And now, after so many years, we have Magical Girl: Spec Ops Asuka.


What makes this “dark” magical girl series different?

  • There’s a strong “military” theme running throughout this new series.
  • The main character: Asuka, along with other magical girls, are part of a “universal alliance” to protect earth.
  • There are terrorists, criminals, and other interesting themes thrown into the mix.
  • And let’s not forget the violence. We’ve never seen a magical girl series with genuine brutality before.

The “Seinen” aspect of this series makes it a little more “mature” in how it portrays itself. With “military” being an interesting dynamic that helps it stand out.


2. It’s a magical girl series with plenty of potential

asuka episode 1 spec ops asuka anime |

The only modern magical girls series I feel is “worth” mentioning is Madoka Magica.

It’s an anime that did the same thing as Neon Genesis Evangelion in the 90’s.

That’s why it’s a stand-out anime series, with no rivals ever since its release.

I feel like Magical Girl: Spec Ops Asuka could potentially pull off something similar to Madoka Magica.

It has all the right ingredients and differences to make it happen. And do something refreshing for the magical girl genre.

But that all depends on how LIDENFILMS decides to tell the story. Not to mention how well they execute on the action and violence as the series progresses over the next few months.

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3. It’s a new approach to the common enemies of magical girls

disas magical girl spec ops asuka |

In almost every magical girl series, the enemy is either some type of monster, beast, or an evil mage.

But this time around there’s more to it than that.

The main enemies are called Disas, a type of creature the magical girls fight to protect the earth.

But beyond that – there are terrorists, criminals, and other character types to mix things up and introduce new types of enemies to shake up the story.


4. If done right – the “Military” aspects could enhance the story

asuka from spec ops asuka anime 1 |

Military is a boring genre in general. Other than Code Geass or Full Metal Panic, few military shows are really worth shouting about.

And the last thing you’d expect to see is a magical girl series with militant themes burned into the main plot.

On the surface it doesn’t make any sense, but when you look at Spec Ops Asuka, it’s actually a part of the main story. With relevance to the characters backstories.

As long as it doesn’t get too crazy or out of place, the blend of military and magical girl-action could “take off” and create a niche of its own.

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5. “Seinen” anime character designs with backstories that add “depth”

magical girl squad spec ops asuka anime |

An anime like Sailor Moon is a classic. Magical Girl anime wouldn’t exist without it.

But unlike a “Sailor Moon, Spec Ops Asuka takes things further, giving the characters backstories with a deeper meaning and purpose.

The world each character fights in is filled with pain and despair. There’s nothing righteous about it.

And that’s exactly how it’s painted. The anime doesn’t try to hide it with cute looking magical girls who look like they’re young enough to be playing with dolls.

That’s a trope we’re likely to see less of, assuming Spec Ops Asuka turns out as good as it has the potential to be in 2019.


Have you watched Spec Ops Asuka yet?

Here’s a trailer for the series if you’re interested.

YouTube video

There’s only 1 episode so far. So it’s too early to guarantee anything.

But this anime has so much going for it (like Darling In The Franxx in 2018) and I don’t wanna see it go to waste.

So LIDENFILMS – don’t disappoint me!

It’s about time we had a NEW magical girl series that’s actually WORTH paying attention to.



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