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9+ Of The Best Anime Like Battle Game In 5 Seconds!

Battle Game In 5 Seconds has to be the most underrated anime of summer 2021. Even as far as MAL ratings go, it’s not doing too bad.

On top of that, the anime’s plot which is basically a “survival” game feels fresh with a lot of thought put into it.

If you’re a fan and have been watching so far, here’s some:

  • Supernatural
  • Action
  • Superpower

And fantasy/shounen type series you can start getting into… That are similar.

Let’s get to it.

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Similar anime to battle game in 5 seconds:


1. Btooom!

Btooom episode 5 screenshot |

Btooom is an anime with similarities to SAO, Akame Ga Kill, and of course: Battle Game In 5 Seconds.

The plot is about a set of people who are thrown onto a remote island. They wake up not knowing what the F is going on, and are forced into a death match style game against their will.

It gets violent, ugly, and even graphic at times with the things that play out in this anime series.

It’s a good transition anime for anyone watching Battle Game In 5 Seconds.


2. No Game No Life

No Game No Life sora screenshot |

No Game No Life is a classic that will always be appreciated by its large fanbase. It’s made by Madhouse studios.

In this anime there’s Sora and Shiro, two characters, two protagonists. And they’re also siblings.

In this “other” world they find themselves in, they work together to beat the game. Using their smarts and intelligence.

Both of them happen to be good chess players, so this kind of thing is right up their alley as far as the challenges.

Like Battle Game In 5 Seconds, it’s an anime with thought put into it. With a female and male protagonist duo.

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3. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland white hair girl |

Deadman Wonderland wasn’t my favorite anime, but it’s relevant for this list for comparison.

It’s an anime about a set of people who are thrown into a type of facility. Once there, they’re forced to fight it out in a stadium type of environment (some episodes into it).

The main character being a kid is traumatized and struggling with this lifestyle that’s forced upon him, as any normal kid would.

There’s excessive violence in this series, and some anime characters who’ve more than lost their marbles.

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4. Danganronpa

Danganronpa monofukma teeth |

Danganronpa is an anime series adapted from a video game. It’s in the psychological genre, but has many similarities to Battle Game In 5 Seconds.

In this world a bunch of students are invited to a so called school. Once there, they find out they’ve been tricked, and it’s actually a facility for sick, twisted games at their expense.

Monokuma, a metal teddy bear is the sadist running the show and has a similar role to the main villain in Battle Game In 5 Seconds.

Both characters are annoying, yet, sarcastic and have a sense of humor. Even if twisted.

Each character is forced to play a set of games, with those who fail being thrown in the grinder (not literally). But they are killed off and slaughtered for all to see.


5. A Certain Scientific Railgun

A Certain Scientific Railgun mikoto misaka s2 |

A Certain Scientific Railgun is an anime about Academy City. A place where there’s millions of espers and people with special abilities.

Everyone comes to academy city in order to discover their own potential esper abilities, and rise up the ranks to become useful and strong.

The level range is between 1 – 5. Only 7 espers are ranked level 5, one of the main characters being one of them: Mikoto Misaka.

Just like Battle Game In 5 Seconds, Railgun takes a dark turn and we see the more sinister side to academy city. And the agenda’s operating in the background.

Some of these agenda’s involving experimentation, and even murder if necessary to make it happen.

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6. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia trio protagonists |

Boku No Hero Academia is now on its 5th season as of August 2021. And it’s still managing to be at the forefront of the anime community.

This anime tells the story of the world’s greatest hero, Deku, and how he gets to be a hero from scratch.

After being bullied by his so called best friend since childhood, he still manages to believe it’s possible to attain a quirk. A type of power.

He gets his wish after coincidentally running into All Might, his childhood hero.

While this anime is much longer than Battle Game In 5 Seconds, many elements are similar. Including the darker parts of what’s happening within the society.

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7. Talentless Nana

nana hiiragi talentless nana face |

Talentless Nana is about Nana Hiiragi, a seemingly cute, pink haired girl who’s innocent and kind hearted.

In reality, she’s a savage and continues the trend of “pink haired” anime girls not being so cute after all (Yuno Gasai, etc).

The overarching theme is students who are sent to an island to enhance their abilities so they can fight off an incoming threat.

That “threat” is called enemies of humanity. As the story plays out, the truth of this threat is eventually revealed.


8. Taboo Tattoo

Taboo Tattoo jusice akatsuka fist |

Taboo Tattoo, an anime by J.C Staff, is about cursed tattoos that are showing up all over the place.

Once the mark is embedded on a person, they gain mysterious powers. And end up being targeted because of it by other Tattoo users, usually.

Justice Akatsuka is the MC who’s a martial artist. Each episode becomes darker, and more violent than the last.


9. Charlotte

Charlotte yu otosaka eyes |

Charlotte is a superpower anime about Yu Otosaka, who originally uses his powers to cheat in school. That is until Nao Tomori, the female MC becomes involved in his life.

As a group, they search out teenagers across the city who are misusing their powers, but there’s a bigger plot twist happening in the background.

The most similar elements in Charlotte compared to Battle Game In 5 Seconds, is the use of abilities and how much thought is put into it. Not to mention the limitations.

Each ability in Charlotte comes at a cost. If you can control one person, it means you can’t control 2 people simultaneously.

If you can become invisible to one person, it won’t work on others, etc. There’s a logical aspect and no power is OP as a result.


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