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20+ Anime Shows That Fit The Mood For Valentines Day

There are different story-lines of romances within the anime world.

It could be cute, funny, scary, and even forbidden. However romance always has one thing in common: confession of love.

Valentine’s Day is part of being romantic and confessing to the one that you love.

If you have nothing to do on Valentine’s Day, why not binge watch an anime series?

Check out the list below and find a series that may intrigue you.


Valentines Anime:


1. Your Name

Your Name e1612693226319 |

This is a sweet anime and what better way to spend Valentine’s Day than by watching this anime movie?

It’s about two teens who switch bodies and they have to find each other to be able to switch back.

The movie has a bit of romance within and the movie isn’t too smooshy to be watched by both.

It’s not lengthy either as it’s just a sweet movie and beautiful music to listen to.

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2. Kuzu no Honkai

kuzu no honkai anime series |

The anime is really like a drama romance where the friend is in love with her childhood friend but the childhood friend is in love with another.

However, that person is in love with someone else!

The drama is still a bit new and only has twelve episodes.

The art is beautiful and the music is quite good.

If you want to watch a lot of drama on Valentine’s Day, Kuzu no Honkai is an anime to watch besides being romantic and quite sad really.


3. Junjo Romantica

romantica e1612694627907 |

Why did I choose Junjo Romanica?

Well, for one thing: it is romance as the title is translated to ‘pure romance.’ Besides being romantic, it’s BL meaning Boys Love.

If your other half doesn’t mind watching BL, this is a good series to watch on Valentine’s Day.

The series is based on about three couples and how they get together, but the main couple is Misaki and Akihiko. Akihiko gets jealous whenever someone is with Misak and Misaki denies that they’re together.

Junjo Romantica is a popular manga and anime series, with a total of three seasons so far.

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4. Weathering With You

weathering e1612694661764 |

A high school boy meets a girl one day who can change the weather and at the end of the film, the two meet again after a few years apart.

This is a recent anime movie with beautiful art and a good storyline.

There’s clearly a hint of a romance going on between the two throughout the movie as the ending hints at it.

The movie isn’t even two hours long and is a must-see movie if you haven’t got anything to do anyway.


5. Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita: Kokuhaku Jikkou IInkai

zutto anime series |

It’s a short anime movie where the romance has you thinking: who will confess first?

The story is about high school friends who are struggling with their love.

The story-line is a simple one where anyone can understand what’s going on within the short movie. It’s quite emotional.

if you like to watch sad movies or series, you may need to have tissues. It’s a good movie to watch with your other half on Valentine’s Day and it is fairly still new.


6. Vampire Knight

vampire e1612694748219 |

It’s an old anime but still enjoyable if you want to watch it on Valentine’s Day. A girl named Yuki was attacked by a vampire one day, years later, she protects her crush from finding out.

Yuki lost her memory when she was attacked and thus she has to find the truth and if the truth may be worse.

It’s a short series and you can binge watch this series in one sitting as it has 13-episodes.

The music is just awesome.


7. Gravitation

Gravitation e1612694813752 |

Gravitation is a popular BL anime that has music, romance, determination, etc.

It’s about a boy named Shuichi who was walking at the park one day with his song lyrics in his hand. The wind made the paper in his hand fly off as it landed in front of a man as Shuichi chased after it.

The man criticized Shuichi’s song lyrics and from there, Shuichi has been chasing the man named Eiri Yuki.

The anime isn’t too long to watch as it has thirteen episodes along with an OVA.

Not every episode of Gravitation has romance, and Shuichi finds out that Yuki has a dark past in the middle of the series.

If you don’t mind BL as well as your other half won’t mind it, this is a good series to watch during Valentine’s Day.


8. Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

kaguya e1612694853551 |

President and Vice President of the student council of the school, the two characters: Kaguya and Miyuki don’t admit their love to one another until senior year.

The music is a bit different but snazzy.

There are two seasons so far with a third one coming this year, 2021.

Besides a new season, there will be a new OVA as well. Besides the obvious romance between the characters, there’s also comedy within the school life of these two.

If you don’t want to watch something sad during Valentine’s Day, this series could make you laugh.


9. Bloom Into You

bloom into you protagonists |

It’s a Yuri anime so girl/girl romance if you don’t mind the Yuri part, this anime is a good choice for Valentine’s Day.

Touko was the first one to confess her love to Yuu as Yuu was still figuring this out.

The anime is short and only has thirteen episodes, not only that, but it only has been three years since it aired.

The animation is good and if you want to watch something different, this anime may be the one for you.


10. Say “I Love You”

love |

A girl named Mei becomes alert to other people after an incident until she meets a classmate and Yamato becomes friends with her.

Later on, their friendship became something more. It’s another short anime with thirteen episodes.

The story-line is cute and caring, if you don’t want something sad or even scary romantic,


11. My Wife Is A High School Girl

My Wife Is A High School Girl anime |

Forbidden love: a teacher and student are secretly married as they try not to tell other people since they go to the same school!

Asami tries to get closer to Kyosuke but many things stop her from getting closer. Asami even tries to cook Kyosuke dinner but fails.

If you don’t mind being in a teacher/student relationship, this short anime series could be fun to watch during Valentine’s Day.


12. Inuyasha

Inuyasha |

After freeing Inuyasha from a spell, the two go on a mission to find the Shikon jewel shards before evil descends on it.

There are so many episodes that are romantic in the Inuyasha series.

Just like the picture above, the Inuyasha and Kagome kiss is from the movie Inuyasha: Castle Beyond The Looking Glass, as Kagome has to stop Inuyasha from transforming into a full demon.

Inuyasha is a series with 7 seasons, the final act plus the four movies. You don’t have to watch the entire series as there are a lot of romance episodes that you can go through to be able to understand what’s going on.


13. Naruto The Last Movie

naruto hinata kiss |

Naruto Shippuden is a long series but the movie Naruto The Last Movie could be understandable if you want to see how HInata and Naruto get together.

The romance was building up in Shippuden till the movie and the kiss finally happened.

The movie is almost two hours long and it takes place before the end of the Naruto Shippuden series. If you want to watch more romance in Naruto Shippuden, there’s also episode 191 where Kakashi accidentally kisses Hanare.


14. Pokemon

Pokemon e1612695242726 |

Pokemon may be watched by a lot of kids, but for adults, there are subtle hints of romance.

For instance, in the classic episode titled: The Misty Mermaid, when Daisy was narrating as she says “A handsome prince saves the day,” Ash jumps into the water followed by Brock and Pikachu to save Misty and the other Pokemon from Team Rocket.

It was supposed to be Misty’s other sister to jump into the water but with Team Rocket disrupting the show, chaos happened.

There are many hints at a possible romance episode in a couple of Pokemon episodes throughout the series.


15. Fruits Basket

fruits basket characters new 1 |

If you have seen the old Fruits Basket, another Fruits Basket has been remade back in 2019.

This reboot has beautiful art, music and the same storyline except it’s more modern and a little bit different in some places.

Twelve members of the Soma family are cursed and are turned into animals by their Zodiac, Tohru learns the unfortunate fate after meeting Yuki and the others.

The story-line is a bit complex and there will be a season 3 this year.

Besides being complicated, there is still romance going on between the characters and Fruit Basket is something to think about to watch on Valentine’s Day!


16. Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal

Rurouni Kenshin Trust Betrayal e1612695359770 |

The story is about Kenshin, a swordsman who has a relationship with someone named Tomoe.

It’s quite sad and you might have to have tissues near you if you get saddened quite easily.

The anime is old and the animation style may not be to your liking as it is now. You have to watch the Rurouni Kenshin series prior to watching the OVA to be able to understand it more.

There are four episodes with 30-minutes each, it’s like a movie and you can watch it in one day if you have nothing to do on Valentine’s Day.


17. Your Lie In April

Your Lie In April characters beautiful |

It’s a sad anime and you need tissues if you want to watch this during Valentine’s Day.

It’s about a boy named Kosei who is into the piano, he quits for a while but gets back into it after meeting Kaori one day.

Kosei begins to start liking Kaori.

It’s been six years since the anime has aired and its become a classic in the romance genre.


18. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

sekaiichi e1612694593997 |

If you liked Junjou Romantica, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is the spin-off series that takes place in the same place.

Just like before, it’s about three couples but the main couple is Ritsu and Takano.

Takano becomes Ritsu’s new boss and Ritsu has to figure out his career and his love. It’s a cute and sweet anime, it only has two seasons with twelve episodes.

There is an OVA as well as an anime film that was just released but it’s short.

If you want to watch something that’s a popular romance, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is the one.


19. 5 Centimeters Per Second

5 Centimeters Per Second movie |

Takai meets Akari and the two become friends right away and even share a kiss when they were in middle school, however, Akari marries someone else while Takai remains single.

It’s a sad anime but really a romantic one as it is a movie. It has beautiful music and animation throughout, it’s a bit old but the animation makes up for it.


20. Kokoro Connect

kokoro connect anime romance 1 |

High School Students are a part of the cultural club, and strange things start happening.

It’s quite cute really with the romantic scenes between the main characters.

It’s also hilarious in some parts and if you want to watch something funny with romance, Kokoro Connect is the one to watch for Valentine’s Day.

The anime’s art is still beautiful, with only twelve episodes.

Other valentines anime to watch:

  • Chivalry of a Failed Knight.
  • Ai Yori Aoshi.
  • Lovely Complex.
  • Toradora.
  • Sword Art Online.

Having a romantic date on Valentine’s Day could be inexpensive, binge watching anime could save you trouble.

There are some anime romance series that aren’t suitable for kids and you have to check the ratings beforehand.

That said, Anime isn’t just for kids, any age of adults could watch anime.



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