Russian Anime Twitch Streamer Can’t Collect Money From Paypal, Thanks To Ukraine War (1)
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Russian Anime Twitch Streamer Can’t Collect Money From PayPal, Thanks To Russian Conflict

There’s more to what the eyes can see when talking about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the ongoing war that’s happening to protect the country.

One thing that’s for sure is how this war is affecting the citizens of both Russia and Ukraine in visible ways.

One of those ways can be seen on the internet with Russian streamers, influencers, and the like.


Blocked from PayPal

hakumai twitch streamer paypal russia

As a result of the sanctions and direct attacks on Russia’s financial resources, one streamer called Hakumai, who has 140K followers on Twitch can’t make money from PayPal.

This is no accident. Sanctions and things along those lines with Russia is directly affecting the PEOPLE of that country.

Banks and financial institutions have pulled out or are pulling out as we speak, and that means Russians whether in the anime industry or otherwise who depend on these institutions can no longer make money.

They’re basically being punished for the actions of the government which they had no direct involvement or support for.

Many will go bankrupt, literally. It’s only a matter of time unless things get better.


Who is Hakumai?

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Hakumai is an anime Twitch streamer from Russia. She plays the piano in particular doing various anime or gaming music.

Her last saved stream was 2 months ago with her live stream being 3 hours ago to he 140K followers.

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