These 11 Educational Anime Shows Will Teach You Something Brand New

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My first anime was Dragon Ball Z. And that taught me a lot about life and things in general.

Like how important work ethic is,  and thinking outside the box to achieve big results.

Or how approaching life with a care free attitude makes the difference in performance, and “how” you feel.

goku smiling

But I won’t talk about the obvious types of anime shows (or shounen). Instead I’ll share some of the most educational anime I’ve seen. Most of which isn’t too popular or famous.

With only a few being well-known but still worth mentioning.


Educational Anime Shows:


1. The Royal Tutor

the royal tutor characters

The Royal Tutor is an educational series in a literal sense, where 5 princes have their own private tutor in the castle. This is to prepare each prince for “the throne”, should they ever become king.

Heine Wittgenstein is the main character (and tutor).

Heine wittgenstein tutoring

He’s such a witty, logical guy it’s kinda hard not to learn something from him, which is why this anime is educational at all.

By the end of the series, each prince is educated formally, and they go through tons of personal development to overcome their individual flaws. And that turns into life lessons along the way that you learn from.

Like learning how to communicate with people, without being intimidating (especially if you’re tall).

Or learning how to tame your ego so you can become more confident as a person.

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2. Jormungand

jormungand anime koko and jonathan mar e1551094779432

Jormungand is an  “educational” dive into the world of arms dealing. Which is even uglier than it sounds.

Arms dealers sell weapons to drug lords, kingpins, politicians, war lords and anyone living a similar lifestyle.

And Jormungand is a dark, but realistic depiction of that truth (that happens under the surface in our society).

jonathan mar holding gun

By the time you’ve finished watching, you’ll have a realistic world view of what actually happens in the underworld, and how it all works across dozens of countries.

While it’s pretty grim, it’s still educational and you learn something from it.

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3. Cells At Work

cells at work anime characters cute

This anime is self-explanatory. 

It’s a preview into how the cells in your body “get to work”, protect you, and run on a biological level.

This is shown early when you get to see white blood cells fighting off germs and viruses. Not to mention “red” blood cells (responsible for oxygen in the body) running from danger…

cells at work white and red blood cell

The thing about Cells At Work: it’s educational while still being a lot of “fun” to watch.

And for that reason – it’s one of the most fun educational anime you’ll run into.

Just don’t expect to get an A* in Science by watching it, it’s entertainment after all.


4. Death Note

death note ryuk and light

There are some fu*** up people in this world. The kinds of rotten scum bags that will do anything for power, control, manipulation, corruption and the list goes on.

All to satisfy their greed and insecurity.

That’s the type of themes you see play out in Death Note.

It’s not an educational series, literally. But you do learn about strategy, tactics, “street smarts”, how to deal with stressful situations, and look beyond the surface to find the “truth” in a world full of people who lie to your face.

l lawliet death note

This is only an anime, obviously, but it’s no less educational than Cells At Work.

It’s just a different kind. And you get “educated” on deeper topics.


5. Golden Kamuy

golden kamuy asirpa and saichi

Golden Kamuy is littered with historical references to the Japanese race, called Ainu.

All 2 seasons of this series is sprinkled with facts, trivia and almost everything about the way Ainu lived, hunted, and the kinds of beliefs they had as people.

Not to mention their habits and chants used for each “good” meal (like “Hinna Hinna”).

saichi sugimoto hinna hinna

To top it off – you get ta taste of entertainment while still learning. Getting them “both” right is not an easy task to pull off.

So if there’s one anime you choose from this list – Golden Kamuy is a must!


6. A Silent Voice

shouko nishimiya deaf girl

A Silent Voice is a story about bullying. The victim being bullied is a girl with a hearing disability (she’s deaf).

Bullying is a huge issue in our society. 100’s of thousands of kids avoid going school because of bullying, everyday.

But what A Silent Voice does is take that concept, highlight it as much as possible, and portray the dark side of how it affects people later in life.

a silent voice shouko e1551117056314

A Silent Voice is a lesson in personal issues, regret, and desperately wanting to change.

And you can learn something by reading in between the lines.

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7. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

kenichi and miu

Kenichi is the main character who’s bullied by most people in his school.

He’s weak, fragile, and scared to face his fears head on. That’s why his bullies give him the nickname: “weak knees Kenichi”.

kenichi boxing gloves

But after coming across a dojo, thanks to a blonde girl from Kenichi’s school, martial arts “saves his life” in more ways than one. And he becomes strong enough to stand-up to his bullies, and be a leading example.

  • Martial Arts.
  • Moi Thai Boxing.
  • Karate.

Kenichi learns how to use these fighting skills to defend and protect others, not just himself. Building self-confidence, self-esteem and courage in the process.

If there’s anything you learn from this anime, it’s about facing your fears and becoming a better person.

Not to mention how to deal with and put a stop to bullying, once and for all.


8. Bamboo Blade

kirino chiba subtitles

Bamboo Blade is strictly about Kendo. And nothing else. You can think of it as the “broader” version of Kenichi: Mightiest Disciple.

tamaki kawazoe cute

The main character is shy, introverted, with a surprising amount of confidence when it comes to “doing the right thing” and helping others in need.

And once all 5 characters join the kendo team, that’s when the educational life lessons roll into the story.

bamboo blade characters

Watch all 26 episodes, and there’s no way you won’t learn something new about Kendo. You might even wanna get into the sport yourself because it’s that inspirational in itself.


9. Takunomi

tokunomi anime girls

Takunomi is a simple series. In the slice of life format between 4 main female characters.

The main character: Michiru Amatsuki moves to Tokyo in a shared flat with other women. And that’s where the education begins in this relaxed, chilled TV series.

draft beer tokunomi

If you’re a fan of beer or alcohol by any chance, you’ll learn a lot from this series. And not just ordinary beer, but drinks made in Japan.

You could argue it’s nothing but an “advertisement”, which I’d agree, but that doesn’t change the meaning behind the message. And the fact it teaches you something new.


10. Kantai Collection

fubuki and kongo kancolle

Kantai Collection is a simple slice of life/military series about a fleet of “battleships”, in the form of female characters.

And that’s where the anime‘s educational lessons begin.

kongo sisters kantai collection e1551117881581

It’s not the most comprehensive or detailed series for learning about battleships, but it’s the most prominent among any you could watch in the industry.

And similar to Cells At Work: you get to learn something new without it being boring or uninteresting.

It’s the perfect blend of entertainment and a little education to go with it.


11. Girls Und Panzer

girls und panzer crew

Girls Und Panzer is another military series, with a “slice of life” feel to it.

The main goal is to save Oorai High School from being shutdown, by participating in “Tankery” games.

girls und panzer characters and tank

Besides the obvious military references about tanks and weapons, Girls Und Panzer is a lesson in:

  • Strategy.
  • Tactics.
  • Leadership.
  • Creative thinking.

And of course – fun to make the anime entertaining enough to carry you through to the end.


Honorable Mentions:

  • New Game!
  • Sakura Quest.
  • Lucky Star.
  • Re:Zero.
  • Hanayamata.
  • Little Busters.
  • Dagashi Kashi.

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