This Is Why SJW’S Will NEVER Ruin The Anime Industry With Their “Toxic” Beliefs

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Written by Theo J Ellis

Social Justice Warriors never used to be a “negative” thing until the 21st century came around. And the internet took over everything.

Since then – and in this generation in general, people have become “weak”, overly sensitive and so politically correct it’s dangerous.

It’s like everyone is acting like 6 year old children, even if they’re GROWN adults. Men and women…

YouTube video

Let’s take this video above as an example.

When Goblin Slayer aired last year, social justice warriors took to Twitter to bi** about it. Claiming the reason why men watch it is because we enjoy rape and we’re violent LOL.


download 63

Or how a bunch of SJW’S claimed it “should be banned” just because they don’t agree with the premise of Goblin Slayer.

Almost as if they’re coddled and living in their own version of a “fantasy”.

I only found out about these things recently. And I can’t even take any of it seriously.

But this is the world we live in today.

A world full of insecure children who’ve got nothing going on.


With that said, here’s why SJW’S will never ruin the anime industry:


1. Social Justice Warriors is “only” a problem in the WEST

deal with it levi ackerman meme

Let’s get ONE thing straight:

  • Social Justice Warriors is a term used in the WEST for all these SOFT little cry babies, extremists, so called “feminists” and everyone else who acts like a 6 year old.

Japan doesn’t give a damn about all that “SJW” bullsh**.

And since Anime is inherently Japanese, this “minority” group is irrelevant and holds no power or influence over anime’s designs, messages, themes or whatever else.

naofumi sama

The Rising Of Shield Hero.

Can you IMAGINE this anime was attacked by a mob of SJW’S online????

I only found this out recently (it’s old news now) and I couldn’t even believe what I was seeing.

sjw triggered rising of shield hero

SJWs Triggered Over Rising Of The Shield Hero Showing Damage Of Fake Rape Accusations

Seriously? (I wanna point out the problem isn’t this website, it’s the SJW’S they’re talking about).

Here’s a snippet of what ONE website, run by a SJW had to say about the first episode of Shield Hero:

“The first and most important thing worth mentioning is that false rape accusations of this nature aren’t really a thing (think about the social consequences for women even when their accusations are extremely credible; people don’t do this kind of thing for fun).”

nani cat meme


False rape accusations of that nature aren’t “really” a thing?

These people live in a fairy tale. The proof is evident.

This is what the man behind “The Rising Of Shield Hero” had to say in response:

download (61)

My point in mentioning all that is:

  • None of delusional opinions by SJW’S have affected the Shield Hero AT ALL.
  • Because as I’ve already said – they hold no power.

And it’s not just The Rising Of Shield Hero that’s “unaffected”, it’s also anime like:

  • Goblin Slayer.
  • Zombieland Saga.

And every other anime SJW’S have tried to “ban” or “censor” with their political BS.

download (62)

With Zombieland Saga – a minority of people complained about a “transgender” character. Making an issue out of something that wasn’t really a problem to begin with.


2. Japan doesn’t care about the west’s SJW bullsh**

Anime is Japanese, and made in Japan. That’s obvious to anyone who watches it.

I don’t have to tell you that.

But that’s an important point.

  • Anime is Japanese.
  • It’s made by the Japanese.
  • And it’s produced within Japan.
  • Targeted towards Japanese culture (first and foremost).

Japan doesn’t live by the same political rules, SJW nonsense, and so called “political correctness” that’s become a major issue in the west.

Especially in the US, followed by the UK these days.

That’s why anime itself, or as an industry, will never bow down or become victim to all the nonsense perpetuated by people in the west.

Whether it be fans, or people with influence like Journalists.

anime pedophile claims goboiano

These people are only proving what kind of society we’re living in, and what kinds of people are being raised in it.

But that’s a story for another day.


SJW’S won’t ruin anime, Manga, or anything of the sort

They’re just a bunch of losers who “think” they have more power than they actually have, trying to enforce their “delusions” on other people, as if they themselves are respectable people with ethics and morals.

I’m tired of seeing all this hypocrisy and foolishness try to “invade” the anime industry (and entertainment in general).

As long as anime remains Japanese, it’ll never happen. And that’s for the best.

We don’t want “art” being ruined by a bunch of idiots who have no appreciation for it, or people who disagree just because they’ve been coddled and socialized like the good little sheep they are.

And that goes for any man or woman hiding under the false notion of a “feminist”, which in 2019 is more about “bashing” than it is about the “equality” these roaches preach about.

YouTube video

I have nothing else to say. Except that people NEED to grow up and stop being spineless.



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Yeya Anime
Yeya Anime

“A world full of insecure children who’ve got nothing going on.” Quote worthy towards SJWs hehehe.


You’re a f*cking legend.


lmfao you’re a fucking whiny clown


Well i hope your right in the future.

Lefty Throckmorton
Lefty Throckmorton
Reply to  Theo J Ellis

It won’t die out unless social media (Facebook and Twitter) go out of business.


And sorry but you’re wrong. The anime industry is starting to implement more and more woke sh*t in their stuff. It’s only a matter of time.


You covered pretty much everything. Amazing work!

Cock Man
Cock Man


Kei Winston
Kei Winston

Hi. I’m kind of sick of the sjws ruining anime. Animes like All the greats around 2010 have stopped being produced. I really want to believe you. But how are u so sure that the increase popularity of anime in westerner society won’t change anime as whole. Won there be profit for going that route. For example there’s a thing where yaoi has become popular. And people have started shipping anime characters as gay or bi. It kind of makes me uncomfortable. Do you think Japan will start to accomondate their ideology so that they can make profit? Cuz I… Read more »

Kei winston
Kei winston
Reply to  Theo J Ellis

Thank you for responding. Don’t u think that the popularity of anime through Crunchyroll and Netflix which are American corporations will increase its popularity and create revenue which in term creates revenue for Japan, to the point where they can influence Japan anime. Have u heard, Netflix has already started to make its own animes. My problem is that with that, sjws will be able to influence and force the forced representation of their culture into japans culture. I have no problems with diversity, but thing is it won’t be representing Japanese culture anymore but instead USA, since it’ll all… Read more »

The B.
The B.
Reply to  Theo J Ellis

well don’t think netflix will succeed for a bunch of complicated convoluted reasons same reason there crappy live action adaption of anime bomb horrible Netflix is stereotypical top-down american company just like disney Manga adn anime are bottom up , and the rights and ownership are fragmented across multiple companies and people (The Manga is owned by the artist straight up ) The anime is owned by the anime studio , Merchandise right are owned by the merchandiser . The entire production ecosystems is home grown . The only way for netflix to control an anime is for everyone (Including… Read more »


Great article as an American. Respect the hell out of Japan and love the work that they produce.

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