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21 Anime Opening Songs That Will Entice You To Watch Each Series


It’s literally the gateway drug to watching an entire series. Or at least the first episode.

What would you consider a good opening soundtrack? Whatever your thoughts, share it in the comments.

Try these 21 anime opening intro songs that will spark your curiosity. 


1. A Certain Scientific Railgun

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The transition from the first 10 seconds hits you with a bang. This is still one of my favorite soundtracks to date.


2. Tamako Market

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Chilled, mellow, and very energetic. Which describes the kind of anime show Tamako Market is!


3. Barakamon

YouTube video

Nice sound and a calm set of instruments. Again, this reflects the type of show you’ll be watching.


4. Higurashi: When They Cry

YouTube video

Slightly deceiving soundtrack, at least compared to what you’ll see once you start watching. But it’s a nudge in the right direction at the least.

Higurashi differentiates itself in this aspect more than others.


5. Akame Ga Kill

YouTube video

Action packed, nice visuals, with a slightly dark undertone. And when you watch Akame Ga Kill, that dark undertone will start to expose itself within the first episode.


6. It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Popular!

YouTube video

Hardcore soundtrack with extreme visuals and hard hitting instruments.

This is by far one of my most favorites. The anime is every bit as depressing and extreme in its own way.


7. Chobits Opening

YouTube video

Regardless of whether you like the anime or not, this IS a sick intro. They just don’t do intros like this anymore.

The vocals are so soothing.


8. Fate Apocrypha Opening Intro

YouTube video

Powerful intro. Beautiful vocals. And the anime is a powerful addition to the fate universe.


9. D.Gray Man

YouTube video

An opening song that starts out with a slow pace and then slightly speeds up and gets louder.


10. Sakura Quest Opening Song

YouTube video

When you combine the visuals of Sakura Quest with its intro music, you realize how perfect it is for a slice of life.


11. Bodacious Space Pirates

YouTube video

“Bodacious” is a good word, because that’s what the opening song is like. Full of flair, impact, while moving at a fast pace.


12. Fruits Basket

YouTube video

Like I said about Chobits, they don’t do opening songs like this anymore.

There’s so few anime intros as good as Fruits Basket. Especially for romance shows.


13. Tanaka Kun Intro

YouTube video

Want to relax? Then you’ve found yourself the perfect opening song. And trust me – the anime is even more relaxing, mellow, chilled and care free.


14. Alice To Zouroku Opening Song

YouTube video

An underrated opening song if you ask me. Again – it’s chilled, care free and gentle. But once you start watching the anime, this might change a little bit.


15. Jormungand Opening

YouTube video

Jormungand has 2 opening songs. This happens to be the first one to kick start the series.

Like Black Lagoon, it’s a powerful soundtrack.


16. Black Lagoon

YouTube video

Black Lagoons intro focuses on Revy Rebecca mostly. And the vibes portrayed reflect Revy’s hardcore personality, which the show itself represents.


17. Elfen Lied

YouTube video

You might not know what to think with this one. But if you think anything it’ll probably be sadness.

That’s only the beginning, because the anime is full of sadness and depressing scenes.


18. Canaan

YouTube video

Canaan’s action packed intro is one of the best I’ve come across. But I’ll leave that up to you And whether it’s enticing enough to watch the series at all!


19. Dragon Ball Z

YouTube video

One of the most original, old school classics in anime history. Millions of fans like myself were hooked by this intro, and the rest is history.


20. Black Bullet Opening Song

YouTube video

I don’t know what it is about this intro, but it’s a nice blend of softness and something else I can’t describe.


21. Slayers Opening Intro

YouTube video

And lastly – slayers. A classic show with a classic opening song loved by many.

If you’ve yet to watch this legendary series – now’s the time to do it.


What anime openings would you recommend?

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