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8+ GREAT Anime Like Akebi Sailor Uniform (Recommended)

Akebi Chan Girl Cute Kawaii 2022
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Akebi chan no Sailor Fuku is an anime series airing in January 2022, or Winter 2022 if you wanna say that.

It’s an anime by CLOVERWORKS, a studio that’s been making great anime over the years.

It’s about Akebi who’s attending a new school with sailor style outfits. She wans to make 100 friends and that’s the basis of how this wholesome slice of life starts off.

With its art style taken into consideration, and the themes and characters, this list will cater to that.

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Here’s some anime like Akebi Chan no Sailor Fuku.


1. Hitoribocchi

Hitoribocchi cute funny anime moments

Hitoribocchi is an obvious choice. Just like Akebi Chan, Hitori is attending a new school where she has no friends to rely on.

Worse of all she’s an introvert in this case with a STRONG case of social anxiety.

She made a promise to a friend from another school that she’ll make new friends, and that’s what she sets out to do.

This is portrayed comedically, as she fails, struggles, and makes an awkward effort to achieve her goals.

Hitoribocchi is wholesome, fun, and even relatable when all is said and done!


2. Non Non Biyori

Non Non Biyori countryside anime

Non Non Biyori is just like Akebi Chan when it comes to the visuals and the fact the characters live in the countryside.

Renge, the youngest of 4 characters is the most eccentric and fun. Natsumi, the orange haired girl is 2nd to Renge and often plays with her.

Komari is the older but smaller sister of Natsumi who’s more mature. And Hotaru, the brown haired girl is also mature but tends to hide sides of her personality she finds embarrassing.

They all go to school in the countryside in an extremely small class, and have mini adventures in the rural countryside together.


3. Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends

Haganai I Dont Have Many Friends gaming

Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends is an anime series about loners who coome together to make friends, basically.

Kodaka and Yozaru form the neighbors club, a group with the purpose of attracting members who will all become friends and do activities together.

Gaming, going swimming, chilling in the clubroom, or whatever else “friends” are supposed to do.

Haganai is an Ecchi series as well as a school series, so it’s different to Akebi Chan in that sense. But the friend element is relevant.

Bullying and other topics are also explored in this anime, but do expect fan service at times.


4. Komi San Can’t Communicate

Komi San Cant Communicate question mark

Komi San Can’t Communicate is another CLOSE similarity to Akebi Chan no Sailor Fuku. Bu with a twist.

Komi has a speech disorder. She struggles to speak on social situations, and instead appears to be a mute in social situations.

In spite of this she wants to make friends, and the male MC helps her do exactly that. And she learns to become more confident, especially when it comes to speech and getting her words out.

Just like Hitoribocchi, Komi San is portrayed in a comedic style with wholesome elements wrapped over it.

It’s a stand out anime with a popular manga.


5. My Dress Up Darling

My Dress Up Darling marin cute

My Dress Up Darling is also by the SAME studio which is Cloverworks. And is also airing during Winter 2022 (January).

Marin Kitagawa is a girl who loves cosplaying as anime characters. She’s an Otaku, an open minded girl, and one who’s popular with others and the center of attention in school.

She wants to make clothes to cosplay in, but she doesn’t have the skill.

Gojou on the other hand is a male MC who makes dolls and knows how to make clothes, and both characters form a friendship which blossoms into romance as the series picks up.

Easily one of the most wholesome anime of 2022.

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6. Mitsuboshi Colors

Mitsuboshi Colors cover kawaii cute

Mitsuboshi Colors is a more child friendly version of Akebi Chan, even though the latter is also child friendly.

In this anime there are 3 kids in elementary school. They work together to protect the “peace” of the city, in their own words.

The anime is a reminder of what it can be like to be a child with a wild imagination, tons of creativity, and a time when everything in the world seems bigger and more exciting than it may be.

The adventure aspect is different but it’s an anime Akebi Chan fans can warm to and appreciate.


7. Oregairu

Oregairu snafu anime

Oregairu is a slice of life anime with romance and comedy, but it’s also an anime with a strong focus on friendships and what they mean.

Hachiman Hikigaya can be considered the real main character of the series. Followed by Yuigahama, and Yukinoshita.

Like myself, Hachiman wants something genuine when it comes to friendships or even relationships. He has no interest in the fakeness and hollow types of relationships so many are a part of.

He’s a thinker, and thinks a lot about the world around him. It makes the anime intricate and philosophical.

It’s a good anime to transition into from something more light and cheery like Akebi Chan. It’s based in a school setting.


8. Hanayamata

Hanayamata cute moments funny

Hanayamata is a school/slice of life style of anime. It’s made by Madhouse studios.

In this anime it focuses on a type of freestyle dance called Yosakoi. It’s based in Japan. Hana, one of the main characters wants to form a group to pursue this interest in school.

This is where most of the energy goes to in this anime, and it’s just as wholesome as Akebi Chan but in a different setting, visually.

It’s also an anime that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves.

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