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Redo Of Healer Is More Popular With Women Than Men, Says Author

If things couldn’t get any crazier, they have. And always do.

Redo Of Healer is a fantasy series that stirred controversy before it even aired. The plot is about REVENGE.

The main character r*pes one of his oppressors as payback for the hellish torture he was put through as a teenager.

You’d assume women, given the backlash, were NOT the main fans, but…


The author confirms female fans are watching Redo Of Healer the most

redo of healer author tweet


“Mr. Fox is surprised to hear that the percentage of female viewers is higher than the average in the redo of Healer’s animation (calculation method is member information of the distribution site).”

In plain English, more viewers are female than male on anime streaming sites.

Or at least the ones, which are very few, who had the balls to air the anime.

HDIVE is one streaming company, especially in the West, run by Sentai Filmworks.

redo of healer tweet more female than male viewers


Apparently, this is more common than we think

elfen lied similar audience redo of healer tweet elfen lied similar audience redo of healer tweet 1

In response to Redo Of Healer’s new data and women being the predominant viewers, a comparison was drawn.

As the Tweet says:

“parallel paradise/elfen lied author had a similar revelation. he said he had a female acquaintance that told him she was a fan, and he didn’t believe her. he thought most of his fans were dudes. actually, he also said “i acted like a total virgin with her”.

Basically, the author of Elfen Lied, a classic horror anime was surprised to know a LOT of the viewers were female.

Especially given the anime/manga content, similar to Redo Of Healer’s situation.


elfen lied author original japanese message twitter elfen lied author surprised female viewers

Redo Of Healer is ending this week on March 31st 2021, just a day before April Fool’s day.

Written by Rui Tsukiyo, there’s a chance a 2nd season will be adapted based on its wild and unexpected reception.

It’s also an anime that’s highlighted biases and double standards we have in society, based on the controversy surrounding it.


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