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My Opinions On Redo Of Healer, And The Anime’s Reputation

Keyaru Sama Redo Of Healer Smug
Avatar of Theo J Ellis

Every year needs at least “one” trashy anime that pisses people off or makes people play the game of double standards.

Or has people putting themselves on a moral soapbox to act like they’re righteous and angelic.

Redo Of Healer is THAT kind of anime, and I love it for that reason.

Despite streaming services (except Sentai) denying the anime, its managed to dominate the charts. And still make a name for itself.

Even the DVD‘S and light novels have been selling out.


But is the anime worth the hype?

YouTube video


Putting the controversy aside, let’s focus on the anime’s quality.

THAT is what’s most important, especially from a logical point of view.

This is my opinion (and review) for Redo Of Healer.


The story

Redo Of Healer is about Keyaru, the guy with the evil grin.

He initially starts out as a normal “healer”. A kind person with goals of saving his village and becoming a hero.The typical Shonen stuff.

That is all ruined by Flare (pink hair) as she tricks him through lies and deceit.

She then:

  • Tortures
  • R*pes
  • Drugs
  • Abuses
  • Enslaves

And almost every other form of savagery you can think of.

She gets men to r*pe Keyaru against his will, and women, while he’s high out of his face from drugs and chained in a prison.

If we’re talking about the story of this show, or at least the basis of the story, It’s f*cked up.

Episode 2 is disturbed, and definitely isn’t something to be made light of or joked about. BUT it is part of the story, so it’s necessary to drive forward the evil in this anime.

It’s no different from a horror series, with the exception of how it’s laid out. And the dark/fantasy element is too extreme for you to not feel the pain of what the characters are put through.


Replay value

keyaru setsuna freiya crylet 1

If we’re talking about if the anime is interesting, well written, or anything of the sort, the answer is NO.

It has no real replay value and is far from a masterpiece. The only one’s saying that seems to be horny teenagers on Twitter.

if the writing was similar to Shield Hero after the fact, the potential of the show would have been better. As far as world building, action, abilities, or the adventure aspect.

norn and her pet redo of healer 1

The constant sex scenes (it is an Ecchi, but still) becomes stale and predictable. And the plot follows a predictable pattern.

Given how big the world is, and the amount of strong warriors in it, as well as how corrupt and dark the kingdom is, it should have been more dynamic.

This is what makes Shield Hero so much better as a comparison of quality. Or even Goblin Slayer.

Goblin Slayer had the adventure aspect to build on, as well as the character development of its awkward MC.

Shield Hero had Naofumi’s path to justice, and his personal progress despite feelings of vengeance.

Redo Of Healer might have a few episodes left, but it fails because the quality hasn’t consistently risen in ways it could have.

A 2nd season could change that though.

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Characters and art

The anime’s art is decent, but nothing mind blowing like Violet Evergarden Fire Force, etc. But it’s pleasing enough to look at.

The characters themselves are one of 2 things:

  • An addition to Keyaru’s crew to bring his goals to fruition.
  • Evil b*stards Keyaru plans to kill.

Of course Keyaru himself is now evil, but he still manages to have a few drops of morals when it counts. Meaning he hasn’t completely lost his mind.

He’s an interesting protagonist though. He’s frank, diligent, cunning, but fair to anyone who’s loyal and hasn’t done him any wrong.

You can think of Keyaru like a mature Kazuma with pure confidence and evil layered on top.

Crylet, with the white hair, is the ONLY character who seems to have any morals or standards at all. Despite her broken past.

She’s the Erza Scarlet of the series.


Double standards

keyaru raped in prison

My favorite aspect of the anime is the double standards it exposes, and HAS exposed in the anime community.

I even highlighted it in an article, and the responses I got on social media was nuts.

The article exploded.

Back to my point through, it does highlight a double standard and exposes ways in which people think in society.

keyaru being raped by bullet redo of healer

Take the main character for example, KEYARU.

Almost everyone focuses on the fact that he did what he did in the 2nd episode (he r*ped Flare as revenge).

What’s funny though is no one pays attention to the fact a MAN was r*ped, drugged, tortured, abused, and enslaved before the fact.

No weight is given to the idea that a man could (and has) been r*ped in the most evil ways imaginable.

That’s why Keyaru dishes out the same treatment to Flare, and as immoral as it might be, given what Flare did to the guy his treatment was tame (without downplaying it).

R*pe is BAD no matter what the gender is. Because the ACT of doing it is sick, twisted, and one of the most barbaric things a human could do.

But critics ignore this fact and demonize the MC even more than the woman who put him through his trauma.

Hence double standards.

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Should this anime exist, or is it too extreme?

keyaru revenge

What people seem to forget, even anime fans who understand that fiction isn’t reality, is that from the MC’S perspective this is justified.

None of us as watchers of Redo Of Healer has ever been through the insane hell he was put through.

Judging the anime as if it’s real is already a false equivalence. Especially when you can’t relate on a mental level since you haven’t experienced it.

A lot of people in society do bad things without even experiencing any level of trauma as it is, so the high moral ground critics have is just silly.

My point is yes, the anime is extreme. But most anime fans know that fiction and reality are separate.

The anime is trashy, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist for its own merit. The true definition of art is when art can be fully expressed.

There are exceptions, but Redo Of Healer isn’t it.

That’s my opinions on Redo Of Healer.

Not a masterpiece or anything of the sort like I said, but it does highlight double standards. And that’s the anime’s most important trait.

Even if it had to be extreme to show it.

I would NOT recommend it if you’re queasy or easily triggered (for relevant reasons).



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