17+ Card Based Anime Shows That Are Similar To Yugioh (Recommended)

Fantasista Doll anime series
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Have you ever wondered if there’s other anime series that are like Yu-gi-oh? Or maybe you’re just bored and you want to try something new or be either complex or fun?

Well, look no more! There is more anime out there that is like Yu-gi-oh that you could watch. However, not all the anime is suitable for the audience, double check to be sure so that you and your family can have fun watching the series and playing the trading card game.

Here is a list of anime you should look into, and you might find something that catches your eye.


1. Selector Infected WIXOSS

Selector Infected WIXOSS protagonist

The anime is based on a card game and school girls. However, you’re trapped inside the game where they become the cards, but it’s not all fun.

Either they will have their desire come true or their lives destroyed after three defeats.

The series isn’t complicated for someone to understand but it is an intriguing anime that one could watch if he/she has nothing to do. The series is a bit slow, but you’ll understand it more once it progresses.


2. Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin

Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin anime

The card game is a bit difficult to understand but is understandable if you have watched the anime series from beginning to end. A boy named Bashin tries to be his best and to be the top card game player as he tries to get the cards to get to the king himself.

The anime plot isn’t all that different from other card game anime series. The card game in real life isn’t much known by many, but there are tournaments, and people do play the game.

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3. Watashitachi, Luck Logic Bu!

Watashitachi Luck Logic Bu anime series

The series is short but about a card game where the girls are playing it. Each of the short few-minute episodes aired before the Luck & Logic anime series.

It’s a fun and cute series showcasing how to play the card game and being able to understand how to play.

If you are going to watch Luck and Logic, watching these short episodes is something you shouldn’t miss out on even if you might not be playing the game.


4. Duel Masters

Duel Masters anime old school

The Duel Masters anime series is one of the oldest anime card game series. The animation of the monsters summoning is good to see being 3D animation.

Since it’s a long series and a new series is just released called: Win, one wouldn’t be tired of watching Duel Masters and playing the card game. Duel Masters is still quite popular, even online and many players play the game.

If you want to play the game, just watch a couple of beginning episodes; it might help you understand more and get you hooked.


5. Build Divide

Build Divide anime 2023

If you want to play a card game that’s new, the anime series Build Divide is one that you should look into. The trading card game and anime series started recently, and the series just ended a few months ago.

It’s a new anime and game, but its popularity isn’t very high, as not many people are talking about it.


6. Cardfight Vanguard

Cardfight Vanguard anime

The Cardfight Vanguard is popular, and like many anime, the series is continuing as it has just premiered the sequel series Cardfight Vanguard Wil+ Dress. A boy name Aichi Sendou fought against Toshiki Kai for the first time, and Aichi have won the duel.

If you watch the series, Cardfight Vanguard trading card game will be easy for you to play if you’re willing to play a new game.


7. Future Card Buddyfight

Future Card Buddyfight anime

If you like 3D animation, Future Card Buddyfight has a few scenes of 3D animation. However, unlike other card game anime series, the trading card game is unpopular, but you can always watch the series to pass the time and try to enjoy it along the way.

Playing Future Card Buddyfight may be a bit more difficult than other card series games.

If you’re up for it, you can still buy the cards and play a new game if you have nothing to do.


8. Mix Master King of Cards

Mix Master King of Cards anime

The anime series is underrated, and if you have seen the card game series, Yu-go-oh it is mostly like it. The one thing that it doesn’t have is a real-life trading card game where you can actually play the game.

The series isn’t that long, and anyone could watch the series, even if it is underrated.


9. Weiss Survive

Weiss Survive card anime

It’s.a short series where it introduces the new card game Weiss Schwarz. If you heard about the anime and card game: Yu-gi-oh, Weiss Schwarz gameplay is almost the same. However, the gameplay is harder than Yu-gi-oh or the style of it once you watch the anime series.

The anime series Weiss Survive is only a 2-minute episode where each episode will show the viewer how to play the game. It’s a fun short series to watch, and maybe you’ll be able to understand it more for the gameplay of the card game.


10. Fantasists Doll

YouTube video

Uzume Uno, a champion card player, became a master of five Magical Girl dolls. Once she encounters the magical girl dolls, Uzume has to play against the other players who want their wishes granted.

Anyone could watch the series; it isn’t mainly for girls but for otaku who are interested in card game series.

Fantasista Doll has a card game in real life, but it isn’t that popular among otaku, and the card game has limited cards that are only in Japanese.


11. Aikatsu

Aikatsu anime series

This anime series is a bit confusing but also intriguing. You can use the Aikatsu cards to dress up for either performances or auditions.

Aikatsu also has CGI, if you like CGI, this anime may be for you, but it doesn’t really have card game battles.

There are cards involved, but it’s more like dressing up. In the series, you can even collect the cards. In real life, there’s an arcade game of Aikatsu and a few 3DS games.

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12. Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Many otaku fans have heard about the anime series: Bakugan Battle Brawlers.

The series is like a crossover with Digimon and Yu-gi-oh with capsule monsters being released. The old Bakugan is so popular that the creators made a reboot. However, the rankings of the reboot weren’t as much as the old series, as the reboot animation style wasn’t quite good.

Bakugan seems easy to play than the other card anime series that otakus have possibly seen.


13. Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura cute card anime

One of the oldest anime card series out there that otakus know about is Cardcaptor Sakura. Sakura releases a set of Clow Cards by mistake. During her mistake, Sakura discovers that she can do magic, and her mission is to find all the Crow Cards.

As of today, Cardcaptor Sakura is still popular with otaku fans. For those who want to watch a new anime, Cardcaptor Sakura, is worth seeing, even if it’s older than others.

It’s a classic anime, and the series is long and has developed characters that you might like throughout.


14. Chihayafuru

Chihayafuru cards

The anime series called Chihayafuru is based on a popular card game in Japan called: Karuta. Chihaya is determined to be the best Karuta player after meeting a boy named Taichi one day.

If you have heard of Karuta in real life in Japan or anywhere else, Chihayafuru is a must-see anime for you.


15. Z/X Ignition

Z X Ignition anime card

If you want to watch a short series, the anime Z/X Ignition is one that you should look into. It’s about these monsters that come from different worlds to invade different timelines.

To defeat them, the cards are the ones that can be able to do so, as well as the wielders of the cards.

The anime is an interesting concept.


16. Shadowverse Flame

Shadowverse Flame anime 2023

A new card series anime that actually has a new trading card game on the switch! If you like new anime series, this one is something to consider.

Tenryu is a transfer student to Shadovar College, where he meets new friends and rivals.

The card game, if you look closely, is almost like the anime series: Yu-gi-oh and Magic the Gathering card game. In real life, the trading cards are still in Japanese, as the series is still new.

If you have a Nintendo Switch, the Shadowverse game lets you play the game in English, where you’ll be able to understand the game more.

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17. Zenonzard The Animation

Zenonzard The Animation anime series

Sadly, Zenonzard became unsuccessful with the trading card game and has been shut down in Japan. Even if the series has ended abruptly or is cancelled, you can watch it and even still play the card game with other friends if you can get the cards.

The anime has CGI within the short time episodes, but it is a good anime to watch to pass the time and barely has ten episodes.

Not all anime series have a real-life trading card game, and it’s either collectables or just for the anime.

Some trading card games are hard to understand, but it could be easy, but it depends on the targeted audience for the anime.

If you like trading card games, hopefully, you’ll be able to have fun and make friends along the way.


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