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Top 30 Countries Who Love Demon Slayer The Most (Kimetsu No Yaiba)

Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba) dropped in 2019, Spring time. And has been on a consistent roll ever since.

In 2020 the anime managed to hit unseen before sales in such a short space of time. And is now solidified in the anime industry.

So…. with that in mind, let’s talk about the top countries who love demon slayer the most.

kimetsu no yaiba google trends statistics |

This is based on popularity and interest for Demon Slayer online, sorted by statistics. According to Google.

Let’s get this sh*t started.


Top 30 Countries Where Demon Slayer Is Popular:


1. Japan

japanese flag japan |


2. Taiwan

taiwan flags |



3. Hong Kong

hong kong flag |



4. South Korea

republic of south korea flag |



5. Philippines

philippines flag country |



6. Thailand

thailand country flag |



7. Malaysia

malaysia flag



8. Vietnam




9. Singapore

singapore flag



10. Chile

chile flags



11. Indonesia




12. Kazakhstan

kazakhstan flag |



13. Costa Rica

costa rica flag



14. Peru

peru flag red white



15. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia



16. Ecuador




17. Venezuela

Venezuela flag



18. Mexico




19. Morocco

morocco flag



20. Brazil

Brazil Flag Logo



21. Russia




22. France

flag of france



23. Algeria

algeria flag medium



24. Colombia

Colombia Flag



25. Belarus

Flag of Belarus



26. Argentina

Argentina Flag



27. Hungary




28. New Zealand

Flag of New Zealand



29. Ukraine

ukraine flag 1 |



30. United States

Flag of the United States


Honorable Mentions:

  • United Arab Emirates (31)
  • Canada (32)
  • Australia (33)
  • Portugal (34)
  • Spain (35)

demon slayer google trends popular countries |

Data: Google Trends.


If your country made it, leave a comment.

If not, share your country as a demon slayer fan!



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