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Redo Of Healer Author Says Protagonist Models Their Own Personality!

Keyaru Laugh Redo Of Healer
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Not much is known about the author of Redo Of Healer. Their name is Tsukiyo Rui.

Their gender is unknown.

We do know the author is ballsy considering the anime’s content and the obvious reaction it was bound to get when adapted.

It seems Japanese fans wanted to know more


tsukiyo rui redo of healer author tweet

In a Tweet from 2017 that appeared on a Japanese forum lately, the author says Keyaru is based on his own personality.

A “model” of certain aspects connected to the author. Which is what a model is (aspects on a smaller scale).

That makes a lot of sense. Sometimes authors, be it with anime, light novels, or fiction, create characters who relate to themselves.

Even if that “relate” is only with an aspect of their own personality, as opposed to the character’s personality as a whole.

Nothing out of the ordinary.



“Keyaruga is a fairly easy protagonist to write. That’s because his personality is based on mine. On the contrary, the other characters are very good people. I wrote it knowing it, but Keyaruga is the protagonist who does whatever I want him to do!” – Tsukiyo Rui

Some fans now respect Tsukiyo Rui even more than before, because they have context.

I’m sure there will be those who don’t feel that way though.

Either way, Keyaru was easier to write because of the connection the author has. In their own words pretty much.


YouTube video


Redo Of Healer is an anomaly, meaning it’s one of the first controversial anime to avoid a big controversy.

Only a small one happened from ANN and Twitter to a small degree.

People have been more preoccupied with Nagatoro, Uzaki Chan, and Attack On Titan. And almost every week there’s something new that only gets crazier with Redo Of Healer in spite of it.

What do you think about this news?




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